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March 13, 2017

To the idiots who thought it was a good idea to bring a fussy 2-year-old to the 10pm showing of Logan last night – sleep peacefully knowing that although you were rude, distracting and thoughtless you were NOT the most annoying moviegoers in the auditorium merely because the drunken stoners who loudly stumbled in about 1/3 of the way through (and left just as ninja-like about 20 minutes before the end) edged you out of that dubious honor. Nevertheless, I salute you and your brazen lack moviehouse etiquette and hope some other cinema patron with less of a sense of humor than myself visits you in the night ready, willing and able to shove a large box of popcorn shoved up your backside.


May 31, 2016

Five Dog Songs

Collar Me

Walkies On Sunshine

Harlem, Shake! Good Boy!

You Can Call Me Alpo

Who Let The Us Out?


Five Lesser Known X-Men

The Toolverine


The Breast

Charlie Pryde



Five Really Stupid Conspiracy Theories

The moon landing was real but the moon was fake

Squirrels can read the minds of nuts

The documentary “Inside Job” was, in fact, an inside job

Chemtrails are really lines of coke for God

ED drugs were created by the government to mind control the flaccid


Five Historical Game Shows

Let’s Make A New Deal

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Columnist?

Battle Of The Network Tsars

Beat The Hippie

Vlad, Vlad … Don’t Impale Me!


Five Ways To Defeat Donald Trump

Introduce a viable Conservative third party candidate

Expose the underlying fallacy of his campaign

Stab him in the heart with the Sword of Truth

Destroy all his horcruxes

Trick him into saying his name backwards so he has to return to his home dimension

April 27 Trivia Rankings

April 27, 2016

It was a beautiful evening for trivia, Quizlings. Thanks to my Greg Fishel voodoo doll, the thunderstorms were kept at bay and we managed to get through five rounds of awesomeness, including one bonus round that deceptively had very little to do with Cher. But if I could turn back time,  I believe I might do things differently and make it all about Glen’s favorite dark lady. Sigh. If only I were strong enough.

Please vote for Tomato Jake’s for Trivia Night In Durham County in the Indyweek‘s Best Of The Triangle 2016 (in the Out & About category). Screen cap that balloting goodness and send it to me and I will reward you. Promise!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in buying the X-Mansion, lemme know. I’ll go halfsies.

Now, here are this week’s trivia rankings. See you next time, Quizlings!

Sometimes It Snows In April 70
Woman Card, Your Order Is Ready 65
Prince For President – Still Better Than Anyone Who’s Running 64
Fear The Fiorina 63
Sam’s Back! 59
Let’s Go Crazy! 59
The Bathroom Signs 58
Chandler Bingo Was His Name-O! 57
The Team Formerly Known As Prince 55
Tanzaynia 53
I’ll Have The Twisted Curry 52
The Great Northern 51
Put Prince On The $20 Bill And Call It $19.99 48
Hillary says,”Love Trump#####” 47