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October 31 Trivia Rankings

November 1, 2018

What a great crowd! For those who stayed home to keep the trick or treaters at bay, you missed a fine night of All Hallow’s Eve triviawesome. Some great costumes* worn by some fantastic Quizlings and along the way there was candy and a few tricks and treats all our own.

Next week, it’s the beginning of Newbvember™ so bring out someone who’s never played our brand of trivia and you and your guest will get a raffle ticket. What’s the raffle for? Cool stuff! When’s the raffle? Last Wednesday of Newbvember™! (Must be present to win!)

What happened this week? We braved blood, fire and Satan, we faced down a cadre of monsters and things got Erie in New York. Plus there was this Wonder Woman moment…

Now let’s see how the teams stacked this week.

Nosfertrivia 66
Trivia is Better Than Kids In Cute Costumes 65
Spook Her Right in the Costume 56
Par For the Corpse 56
2 Bees Or Not 2 Bees 55
They’re Saying “Boo-Urns, Boo-urns!” 55
Our Teammates Wore Invisibility Cloaks For Halloween 54
Trivia Or Treat 54
Gonna Get Slaughtered 53
Batgirl & Spider-Oldman 53
Jake Says, “Blonds Have Mor e Fun” 48
Dynamite Duo 36

*Costumes included 2 witches, a beekeeper & a bee, a polar bear, David Letterman filming a remote segment in the early 1990s, Batgirl, Spider-Oldman, Ariel & Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Mama Imelda & Hector & Miguel from Coco, God’s Gift to women and Bluto from Animal House (forgive me if I missed anyone).


October 11 Trivia Rankings

October 11, 2017

What a great night for trivia! The rain stayed away despite Accuweather’s predictions and Greg Fishel’s curse (it’s personal, I tella ya!). We learned a plethora of things such as The Weeknd is not a rapper (nor apparently a good speller), McDonald’s only thinks it gets the joke (more Szechuan sauce, please) and some people think Wonder Woman eating candy is a pretty damn awesome sight (guilty). Plus there was this:

FYI – 23 million and counting.

Spread the word, Quizlings! See you next week.

Now here are this week’s team rankings. How’d you do?

J Is For Genius 71
Executive Pro-Douche-er 69
Trust The Coin 68
Finally! Moron Is An Acceptable Term For Someone In Office 68
Donald’s Daycare 66
I Was Gonna Order Szechuan Sauce Instead I Ordered Worcestershire Sauce 62
Black and Tan 60
Baby’s Day Out 60
Where’s Fall, Y’all? 59
Shelby 59
The Szechuan Incident 58
Jim Mattis, John Kelly For The Block 56
Flannel and Boots 56
Dove Retro Edition 56
Fall Breakers 55
Quick! We Need A Baby Name! 54
The Gang’s All Here 52
Four Squares 50
Bill’s Mafia 50
Our Casey’s Always Late 50
Trivia Game Strong Like US Soccer 45
Trivia Newton-John 27
174 22

June 28 Trivia Rankings

June 28, 2017

Another fantastic week of trivia and another close game (a tie for first and a tie for third) but some familiar faces were missing. Quizlings, I’d better see some pics of your summer holiday or hospital stay because those are the only reasons to miss the fun!

There will be trivia (and some fireworks) next Wednesday so come out and celebrate 241 years of ‘Murica.

This week, it was all about an Amazon princess, a Russian invasion and a billion dollars worth of tequila. And then there was this special appearance:

Now how’d your team do? Here are the weekly rankings…

We Won … Wait, That’s Fake News 64
20 Years Since Tyson-Holyfield Bite Fight 64
They Can Take Our Health Care But They Can Never Take Our Trivia 62
GOP Healthcare Plan = Don’t Be Sick or Poor. Duh! 62
Opie Wan Kenobi 61
The Soggy Mints 60
Russian Dolls Are So Full Of Themselves 58
Phil’s Been Knicked 58
The Qwizarding World Of Harry Potter 55
Winnie The Pooch 54
20 Years Of Avoiding Harry Potter 53
Stone Cold Jane Austen 52
Cliff Paul To Houston 49
Purple Trolls 49
The Losers Without Fidget Spinners 48
Kid Free 44
I Thought You’d Be Taller 43
Dear Mister President, About That Fake News – Love, Time Magazine 42
Rounders Starring Matt Damon 32

October 26 Trivia Rankings

October 26, 2016

Seven years! Wow! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to celebrate with us. Here are a few…


Lots of prizes, lots of trivia and lots of fun. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Oh – and keep posting those fliers! Spread the word and share the love.

Here are this week’s team rankings. (more…)