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March 10, 2018


Five TV Shows That Helped Me Get Through Puberty

WKRP in Cincinnati

Solid Gold

General Hospital

The Facts of Life



Five Rarely-Used Twitter Hashtags







Five Rejected Monopoly Tokens

A dozen Grade A eggs


Half-eaten box of Fiddle Faddle

An inflamed duodenum

Bucket of chum


Five Forgotten Tourist Attractions

Jimmy Carter’s birthmark

Largest Merkin West of the Mississippi

Old Indiana Pacers burial ground

Dolly Parton’s first training bra

Iowa corn maze in the shape of Mamie Eisenhower


Five Dr. Seuss Pickup Lines

Horton hears a hottie!

Wanna hop on pop?

I’d like to get this fox outta her socks.

Oh, the places you’ll go.

There’s a wocket in my pocket!



December 13 Trivia Rankings

December 14, 2017

A lovely crowd for a chilly December eve – but in all honesty it would be a lovely crowd for any month or weather condition. Thanks for coming out to play!

Remember: trivia every Wednesday into the New Year. And in that aforementioned New Year there is a Gift Basket Raffle on January 3rd. Get a raffle ticket every week just for playing. You can also get an extra raffle ticket for bringing a newbie (one per week). And you can get your share of FIFTY tickets by posting a flier – post a Tomato Jake’s Trivia Night flier (an official one, please) on any bulletin board where people can see it, take a picture of the posted flier and show me. Post as many as you like – each flier is one share of that 50 raffle ticket pot. Also – for next week only – wear a tacky holiday sweater or tie and get an extra raffle ticket … but you must wear it the entire time you’re at trivia!

This week? It was all about Time covers and Netflix tweets and Elton John’s almost EGOT. And then there was this flashback to the decade of Reagan:

Now here are this week’s trivia rankings. See you next week, Quizlings!

Screw You, Moore, And The Horse You Tried To Ride In On 72
Just Like California, We’re On Fire 64
Moore Time For Horseback Riding 64
Roy No Moore  64 (more than 8)
Is Prince William The Last Jedi? 64
This Is My Step Ladder (I Never Knew My Real Ladder) 63
Freedom Avengers 63
No Moore Alabama Jokes 63
Poor Ole Sassy 62
Write-In 60
Santa’s Giant Sack 60
The Caboose (Will Be Last) 58
I Was From Alabama Before It Was Cool 57
Tomato Jake’s: The New HQ 56
‘Bama, Magenta Tide 56
Oh, Hi, Mark 54

April 5 Trivia Rankings

April 5, 2017

It was a rainy evening but the trivia was warm and dry inside Tomato Jake’s for the Quizlings who came out to play. But where was Glen? Spring break? Getting a nip and tuck and at clinic south of the border? Following Cher on her latest world tour? I’m sworn to secrecy but feel free to visit the Tomato Jake’s Facebook and Twitter pages and wish him well and/or the ability to make bail.

Meanwhile here in the hypotenuse of the Triangle we answered loads of questions, most of them easier than last week. Along the way we learned Doris Day is still alive (for the moment), UNC basketball has a lot of Twitter followers (although much less than many thought) and the Tasmanian tiger may have just moved a few zip codes away (it may have to be renamed).

Plus there was this lovely young woman…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See you next time, folks!

Kendall Jenner Solves Race Relations With Pepsi 71
Headline News: Barry Manilow Is Gay – Also, Water Is Wet 70
Bannon Booted, Apocalypse Delayed Two Days 67
I’m Trying To Eat But I Keep Seeing Glen In A Speedo 67
Barry Manilow, Who Knew? 65
April Gladness 65
E Pluribus Anus 63
Give Us Lemonheads (April Fools!) 62
Sophie’s Second Choice 62
Jack Of Hearts 58
Julie’s Good At It 56
Spring Break Swimsuit Ready 52
March Madness Ends With April Sadness 52
Can We Offer You A Pepsi? 44
Piece Of The Pi 37

October 5 Trivia Rankings

October 5, 2016

Our Seventh Anniversary continues – ALL MONTH LONG!!

Thanks for being there to help us celebrate. It was a great night of trivia and some awesome drawings of dinosaurs fighting (I’ll post a few later). Along the way, we talked about hurricanes, breakups and dead birds.

Oh, and there was this …

Don’t forget – all month long you get a raffle ticket just for playing trivia with us (one per adult Quizling per week) and you can get extra raffle tickets for bringing an adult newbie (one per adult Quizling per week) or posting a Tomato Jake’s Trivia flier and snapping a pic of the posting (one per adult Quizling per week). Email me with the pic (in context, please) or show me at trivia. Also, follow me @SparkyMacMillan on Twitter for other ways to gain the system.

Now here are this week’s trivia rankings. See how your team did.

Two Dinosaurs Enter – One Dinosaur Leaves 67
Go Away, Matthew. And Take The Candidates With You 65
Whip Out That Mexican Thing 64
Who Won The Trivia Debate? Us, Of Course! 63
Hurricane Party 61
I’m Doing Whole 30 So Don’t Give My Team A Brownie 57
I’d Rather Someone Steal The Timeslot From The Kardashian Show 57
Donald And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week 56
Bread, Milk And Toilet Paper 54
Between Hillary and Trump, We’ll Take Matthew 53
I Got Nothing 52
We Know Who’s Holding The Kardashian Family Jewels 51
5 Girls And A Baby 51
Godzilla For Prez: The Suffering Ends Quickly 50
Pence’s nO-Face 50
It’s Alena’s Birthday! 47
Take Me, Matthew, I’m Ready 44
Autumn Lite 44
Derek Zoolander’s Team Of People Who Look Good And Want To Learn To Read Good Too 39

September 14 Trivia Rankings

September 14, 2016

A great night for trivia, Quizlings. Some of you brought your copper and wool offerings and we had a scavenger hunt and some Dunkin’ Donuts found deserving bellies.

Along the way, we learned about sitcoms of the 00s, days of the week and how to really play UNO. Oh, and there was this guy…

Remember to bring a newbie and get an extra raffle ticket all September long (one noob per Quizling per week). Also, follow me on Twitter for more seventh anniversary opportunities.

Now, here are the trivia rankings for the week.

Basket Of Deplorables, Pantsuit Of Stupidity 66
We Got Nothin’ 62
Loki Or Lochte – Coincidence? We Think Not 62
Do YOU Know Where The Rest Of My Team Is? 59
Uuuuuhh… 57
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Basket 56
We [heart symbol] Cats 56
Ladies Night And We’re Feeling Right 55
Orally Fixated 54
If You Haggle Over An Answer It’s A Trivial Pursuit 53
Dem Bones 48
Stephen Hawking School Of Dance 47
Mensa-Pause 47
H2 Oh! Not The NCAA 45
Are We Really Still Talkng About This? 38
I Guess We Did Need Jack After All 36
Trivia Newton-John 31
Periodic Table Dancers 30
Triangle Clown Posse 30


August 13, 2016

Five Druid Complaints

Smelly Ceremonial Robes

Mistletoe Shortages

That Stuck Up Know-It-All Pliny The Edler

Casual Pagans Who Only Attend On Solstices

An Untidy Henge (if you know what I mean)


Five Rarely-Used Twitter Abbreviations

ROTFS – Rolling On The Floor Spasming

DIAFCA –Die In A Firefly Cosplay Accident

NSFP – Not Safe For Perth (Australia only)


ICYBMI – In case You BMed It


Five Extreme Sports





Ace Of Base Jumping


Five Bad Choices For Ringtones

Someone chewing tinfoil

The screams of the damned

A loud fart

Utter silence

John Cage’s full composition of Organ²/ASLSP (look it up)


Five Hillary Clinton Fears

An unmotivated electorate

Vladimir Putin’s hardline politics

Bill will figure out how to remove his tracking monitor


Someone will discover where the bodies are actually buried

Last Chance! Vote TODAY!

March 2, 2016


It’s that time of year again – the time when I politely request (read: beg openly) for your vote in the Best Of The Triangle. Go to and click on Best Of The Triangle 2016 in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. It’ll only take a few minutes and I’d love your nomination for:

Tomato Jake’s – Trivia Night in Durham County (under “Out & About”)

@SparkyMacMillan – Local Twitter Feed (under “Local Color”)

SAFE Haven For Cats – Place To Adopt A Pet (under “Services”)

You can vote in as many or as few categories as you like, as can all your friends and family (all it takes is a unique email address). Nominations close March 6 (final balloting will begin a few weeks later; I’ll let you know when).

Please take a few minutes to show some love. If I win, I promise to build a wall around Donald Trump.

Ten Random Things That Have Kept Me Awake At Night

August 7, 2015

My student debt

The 2016 election (seriously, one of the jokers will be our next president)

How can I get more Twitter followers?


My doctor’s appointment next week.

Why does somebody keep paying Adam Sandler to make movies?

Blue bell ice cream is back.

Ronda Rousey kicking my ass

Will I get into a decent fantasy football league this year?

Some scientists think the universe is not real and that our reality is just a simulacrum created by robots. Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to sleep when I think I could be watched by a bunch of omniscient robot gods?