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Trivia Rankings: 4 December 2019

December 5, 2019

Thanks to those who made it out to play on this fine December night. It was a light turnout, to be sure, but the competition was fierce and it was an extremely close game.

Remember to get a raffle ticket every Wednesday this month (except 12/25) and on January 1st when we will hold our New Year’s Raffle (must be present to win)! Get an extra ticket for bringing a newbie! Get an extra ticket for wearing an ugly holiday sweater (keeping in mind that beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder). That means you could get three tickets next Wednesday if you show up, bring a newbie and wear an ugly holiday sweater. (Get me: I’m giving out raffle tickets!)

This week, we chatted about balloon hoaxes, Tar Heel State parallels and Cold War toys. Plus there was this musical movie memory:

Now, let’s see how the teams stacked up this week…

12 Subpoenas of Christmas 69
AC No Moore 68
All I Want For Christmas Is Brandon Routh In A Superman Suit 67
Baby Yoda 2020 67
Hoping We Don’t Yuletide for Fourth Place 63
Cider Monday 60
El Presidente 59
No Team Like The Present 57
From Freedom Fries To Traitor Tots 56
Red Hot Trivia Peppers 47
Trudeau’s 2nd Face 40
Gordo’s Crew 40
Smarti Pints 34

9 October Trivia Rankings

October 10, 2019

Where’d the people go? Seriously, a lot less Quizlings than last week. I have to assume we have a large Jewish contingent that was away atoning. G’mar Hatimah Tovah!

For those that were there – wow, a very close game and the second four-way tie for first place this year (perhaps, ever).

What’d we talk about? Some Down Under geography, some filthy rich US Americans and some burger chain role playing. And there was this seasonal song …

Now, let’s see who did what to whom and when …

Pumpkin Spice Spam … Too Far? 69
And The Award Goes To La La Land 69
U-Kraine’t Always Get What You Want 69
New Car Smell 69
Kurds Miss D-Day Landing Due To Bone Spur Epidemic 67
Be Kind 66
The Mandate Of Heaven 64
Shofar So Good 63
Give Us A Dot, Dammit Please 61
Saturn Just Mooned Jupiter 60
Disco Didn’t Die; It Was Murdered 55
All My Friends Are Late 49
Gordo’s Crew 48
Uncooperative Crusties 46
Trump’s Tiny Hands 46

October 10th Trivia Rankings

October 11, 2018

Another light turnout, Quizlings. Not that I’m taking it personally or anything but let’s fill those seats, okay. Get your friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives out to play as we groove on into our tenth year!

Note: Halloween Triviaganza is still on! Prizes for our favorite costumes (including that Golden Ticket) so dress up for a night of treats only (no tricks) this October 31st!

This week, we talked politics with Tay Tay, stood on the Four Corners and chowed down on some spinach courtesy of our pals in Asia. Plus there were these two songs – yet one title:

We’ll do it again next week, folks. Now, let’s see how the teams stacked up…

Flo Lowered My Expectations For Michael 67
Good Thing We Hung On To All That Bread and Milk From Florence 64
Brett Kavanaugh Blows Harder Than Hurricane Michael 64
Michael Meet Florence 61
Michael, Just Beat It 60
Something Topical: Aloe Vera 58
Don’t Take Me Down To Panama City 57
Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore 54
Homegirl, Drop It Like The NASDAQ 53
Not Enough Estrogen 52
It’s Just My Face 51
RBG’s Got Herself A Toy Boy 50

October 3 Trivia Rankings

October 4, 2018

What an amazing night of trivia, Quizlings. A light turnout but a bright turnout (check out those scores!) nonetheless. Remember our Halloween Trivia Bash in just a few weeks – prizes for costumes that move us.

This week? We got finicky with Morris, trusted our intuition with Jewel and lost an eye in the NFL.  Plus there was this bit of pop culture reference…

Now here are the week’s team rankings with the highest ties I think we’ve ever had (seriously, check those out).

Presidential Alert: Tomato Jake’s Trivia Every Wednesday at 8 71
You Can’t Sit With Us ‘Cuz We’re First Place 71
Attractive Magnets 70
News Is Bad For You 70
It’s October 3rd 68
Devil’s Pentagon 65
Bart Ralphed On Me 63
Blue Screen of Death 62
Ace Of Spades, Your Order’s Up 61
Perjury: It’s A Drinking Game 58
The Most Unethical Sham 56
On Wednesdays We Play Trivia 44
Women Are Doing Great 44
The Aggies 26

July 18 Trivia Rankings

July 19, 2018

I love my Quizlings! Honestly, you lot need to understand that. Wednesday night trivia is the highlight of my week (sorry, family) and all of you kind folks who come out to play each week make that happen. Many thanks for that.

What happened this week? We learned how long it takes to get to the moon, who really invented the telephone and how quickly we forget losing running mates. And then there was this boxing moment…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings. See you next time, Quizlings, as the Dog Days of Trivia continue.

Flip Flops: The Official Trump Footwear 63
Will Do Wayne Lapierre For Bail 61
Pickle Packers International 60
Grab ‘em By The Putin 58
Putin Is The New Shaggy (It Wasn’t Him) 57
Putin On The Ritz; Trump’s Brain’s On The Fritz 57
Eating Pizza On National Hot Dog Day 56
We Said False When We Meant True 55
Trump! Stop Putin Your Foot In Your Mouth 54
Keeping up With Anton 52
The Flaming Falcons 50
Most Horses Have Mullets 50
Take Two 47
Charlie Brown And The Deepwater Jews 47
Quantum Rubble 46
Our Other Teammates Ran Off To Canada 46
Brittany Went To Home Goods 45
Vlad’s Boys 44
100% Of The Time We’re Right 50% Of The Time 41
Space Army 37
Drop Bears 36
Humor is Not Our Strong Suit 35
We’re NOT Gonna Be Last Place 34
The Extra Large Peanuts 34
The Sandals 33
Tomato Town 29

July 11 Trivia Rankings

July 12, 2018

It was great to see folks out again for an evening of Tomato Jake’s Trivia after a week off for America’s birthday. We got some cool ice cream to offset the heat and some cool trivia to satiate our brains.

The Dog Days of Trivia continue all summer long so bring those pooches out to the patio to get entered in our gift basket raffle (date: TDB, at the end of the season – you must be present to win). I will offer opportunities next month for those who don’t have pets to proffer for prizes.

What did we learn this week? Dinosaurs are cool (except when they sing and dance). Sparky has a lot of Tay Tay on his MP3 player. And corn pone is not what you think. Plus there was this incredible Kentucky-fried guest appearance…

Now here are this week’s rankings. See you next Wednesday, Quizlings!

Rescue Diver Fan Club 66
More Pizza For Us, I Guess 65
The Pasty White Stay-at-Homes 64
How Many Navy Seals Does It Take To Secure Free Ice Cream? 61
Send In The Divers, America’s Sinking 61
Trivia Newton-John 61
Clooney In Sequel To Gravity 58
Trivia 1 56
Putin’s Pocket 54
2 Guys, No Girls, And A Pizza Place 54
Threat Level Midnight 53
The Only Thing Coming Home Is England’s Futbol Team 53
The Wild Bores 52
Jack of Diamonds, Your Order Is Ready 52
MTV’s The Real World Cup 47
Sun’s Out, Pun’s Out 46
Forgot My Flask 45
International House of Pizza 45
Freaky Wednesday 43
What’s My Name Again? 38

June 20 Trivia Rankings

June 21, 2018

What a great night for trivia, my Quizlings! I sure hope you were part of it all – the fun and the ice cream and the Dunkin Donuts gift cards. If you missed it, we’re doing it again next week (the trivia, that is – I can’t speak to the ice cream or the donuts).

This week, we were all about Big Apple big wigs, LEGO maniacs and shake, shake, shakey pop music. And, of course, there was this forgotten television – um, gem?

Now here are all the teams, ranked from highest to lowest (someone’s gotta occupy the end bits). See you next week!

The Felonius Baby Squad 52
It’s Always 8 O;Clock Somewhere 52
Come To Canada: Keep Your Pot And Your Babies 51
Came All the Way From Georgia For The Free Ice Cream 51
Not So Topical 50
Feckless Trump 50
Triple Threat 49
Who Is Tae Kwon Do Sally? 49
Chaco Taco 47
We Like Beer 45
Two Girls One World Cup 42
Wet Bandits 42
We Scream For Ice Cream 41
Tahoe Family 41
The Big Boys B3 37
I Don’t Know How To Pronounce This 35
High Wire Act 35

January 3 Trivia Rankings

January 4, 2018

Wow! What an evening of triviawesomeness! Some fantastic new faces, some lovely returning faces and so much white stuff. I hope everyone made it home safely. We’ll see you next week.

Meanwhile, one lucky Quizling made off with a gift bagsket full of goodies* (congratulations, Vince). More raffles and surprises as the year progresses so stay tuned and keep playing.

This week? We talked about islands, phonetic alphabets and triangles (the math kind, not the musical kind). Plus there was this cinematic parody…

Now let’s see how your team did. Here are the weekly rankings:

‘Bama Are The Yankees Of College Football 68
Eric Snowed-In 64
Our Trivia Answers Are Bigger Than Yours 62
It’s Colder Than A Melania Trump Stare 58
We Ain’t Afraid Of No Snow 56
Put It On Dick’s Tab 56
Nature HATES Them 56
Snow Way 56
I’m Afraid Of My Next Heating Bill 54
Good God, It’s Snowing Outside 50
Z Is For Zzzzzelda 48
Budweiser? I HardlyKnow Her 44
Our President Is A Bigger Buttonhole Than Yours 42
Baby, It’s Cold Outside 41
Cyclone Bomb Is What Happened In My Toilet Today 31

*the gift bagsket includes a Re-Gift Leftover, a Rogue One Collector Cup, a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card, Celebrations Candy in Wine Bottle, AMC Gift Cards, Centerpiece Magazine, Trivia Night Fliers (Share the love), Ready Player One Book, Doublemint Gum, Sour Patch Kids, a Tomato Jake’s Gift Card, a Tomato Jake’s Can Koozie, a Pokemon Watch, an Inflatable Crown, a Guess Who Said That? Trivia Calendar, Chapel Hill Toffee, Baby Wipes, a Starbucks Gift Card, Airheads, SweeTarts, a Framed Picture of Danny Devito as the Penguin, Ring Pops, and a Cassette of Chumbawumba’s 1997 album Tubthumper.


November 3 Trivia Rankings

November 16, 2017

Hey, Quizlings! Before we get to the wrap-up and rankings, three things I wish to impart:

1) There will be trivia next week and every Wednesday into the new year. Don’t miss a week of the triviaganza!

2) NEWBvember continues! Bring a newbie next week and the 29th and both of you get into a raffle for cool prizes.

3) I miss you when you’re gone. If you can’t make it next week due to the holiday or haven’t been around for a few weeks, please come back as soon as you can! My Quizlings are my family.

What happened this week? There was the Citizen of the Year, some cartoon magpies and Aquaman’s stepdaughter. Plus there was this snack treat …

See you next week, Quizlings! Now here are the rankings for the week. How’d your team do?

Knuckleheads 66
It Was The Busta Rhymes It Was The Worsta Rhymes 64
Hawkins A.V. Club 63
The Team Who No Longer Says “Ni!” 56
Where’s Spot? 54
GOP Plan: Both Death and Taxes 55
Shameless Panderers 53
Why Would Sparky Insult Me By Calling Me Old When I Would Never Call Him Short and Fat 52
Make America’s Malls Safe Again 52
‘Tis The Season For Treason 52
We Haven’t Been Here in Six Months – Are Brownies Still a Thing? 48
Team Ramrod 48
Tar Heels Made Us Late 43
Three Girls And A Guy 42
Cards Against The Presidency 41
Overplayed and Overrated 36

October 4 Trivia Rankings

October 4, 2017

A lovely night of trivia for all who came to play (missing some regulars – come back soon). We got the Nobel prize for physics, sang the body electric and realized Clint Eastwood is old. Plus there was this loveable scamp:

Now here are this week’s team rankings…

For Once We Can All Agree With Rex Tillerson 68
Brownies: The Viagra of Trivia 66
Eating Pizza On National Taco Day 64
We Wanted A Funny Team Name But The World’s Too Depressing 63
Hurricane Bigmouth Strikes Again 63
Tom Petty and the Heartbroken 59
Lettuce Turnip the Beet 54
Seb Stood Up Allison ‘s Parents 53
The Wee Monsters 52
865-919-7815 52
So You’re Saying There’s A Chance 48
Toxic 46
The Four Labateers + 1 46
Los Narcos 33