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February 15 Trivia Rankings

February 16, 2017

Best In The Triangle nominations are up and running. Please take a moment to nominate Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County. Go to and click on the banner at the top right. Follow the instructions and show us some love, please.

Thanks to all those who came out to play this week. The rest of you were missed. Don’t stay away too long, okay? I love all my Quizlings but I think I love the regulars a little bit more.

We sprung forward, made cereal talk and translated French fairy tales. Oh and there was a bloke that broke the plaster ceiling at American Girl…


Now here are the week’s rankings…

Roses Are Red, Ah, Who Gives A Crap 70
Dear Canada, Can We Trade? 67
Moana Goes To Guantanamo 66
Spice Up Your Wardrobe At Nordstrom 66
Any Name That Will Win Us Candy Except For Zagnuts 65
SCROTUS, So-Called Ruler Of The US 63
Tip Of The Iceberg 59
Cupid’s Broken Arrow 58
Every Parking Space Is A Pull Through If You Try Hard Enough  58
You’re A Quizard, Harry 54
Hello. It’s Me 46
Guerras 45


February 1 Trivia Rankings

February 2, 2017

Disorganization aside, it was a fun night of trivia, Quizlings. At least, I hope you had fun. We learned about rich dudes, famous deaths and trendy French. I could tell you more but Winona’s face says it all…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings…

There Are More Black People Inside Beyonce Than In Trump’s Cabinet 70
Where’s The Bacon? 62
Winona’s Face Sums Up 2017 62
Sexy Piccolo Players 61
3 Years: 11 Months: 2 Weeks: 4 Days 60
I Thought This Was Speed Dating 59
Awkward Turtles 58
I Shih Tzu Not 58
Is Anybody Here A Marine Biologist? 57
Humpty Trumpty Fell Off The Wall 56
Nowhere To Go But Down From Here 56
Drowning In The Tears Of Senator Schumer 56
The Incredibles 51
Girl Power + Dylan 51
Hey, You Guys! 49
The Degenerate Distribution 45
Pun Stars 33
Taking Bets On Puppies 31
Better Late Than Pregnant 28

January 25 Trivia Rankings

January 26, 2017

A lovely night of trivia, Quizlings. Thanks to everyone who came to play (especially to the new faces – hope you’ll be back). We talked of the inauguration, cocktails and some unfortunate cinema. There’s more next week. We’ll see you then.

Meanwhile, there’s this …

Now here are the team rankings for the week.

Who Do You Have To Screw To Get A Table Around Here? 65
Mary Tyler No Moore L 65
Glen Is Not In Love With Cher – Alternative Fact 64
You’ve Got Spunk… I Hate Spunk 64
New Jobs And New Babies 63
We Are Getting All The Answers Right Tonight Because #AlternativeFacts 63
Oh God! No, No – Just No 61
Badlands? More Like Badass National Park 60
99 Problems But A Poncho’s Not One 59
Do You Deport Your Daughter If She’s Registered In Two States? 59
We’re Gonna Make It After All 58
Melania, Blink Twice If You Need Help 52
They Stole Our Name 52
My Crowd Is Bigger Than Your Crowd 50
Grayson’s Straight Trippin’ 49
We Need A Team Name 46
Mulatto 35

January 18, 2017 Trivia Rankings

January 19, 2017

Another week, another 55 questions. So what did we learn, Quizlings? We learned that baby Luna has some pretty awesome parents and that Dr. Phil is full of bull. Also, there was this guy…


Now here are the rankings for the week…

Grizzlies Have Rights Too 70
48 Hours Of Democracy 70
Sugar Babies 66
The Putin Tangers 65
Our Mommies Think We Can Win 65
Life Was Better Before Twitter 63
Proficiency Versus Growth? 63
Noodle Squad 63
Guns For Grizzlies 62
Obama Pardons H. Lector 58
Yeaaaah Boyyyyyy 53
New National Bird – The Toupee Eagle 52
Well, Hell 44
Clueless 43
Inaugalypse 40
Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? 34

1/11/17 Trivia Rankings

January 12, 2017

Do you know who these people are?


Then you weren’t at Wednesday night trivia this week.

Sorry for the stumpers, Quizlings, but we did learn a little bit about children’s books, vanishing wildlife and the Golden Globes, so it wasn’t a complete wash.

We’ll do it again next Wednesday. Meanwhile, here are the rankings for the week…

Sweta’s Sick, We’re Doomed 65
Trippin’ With Grayson 63
Our Constitution Is About To Get A Golden Shower 61
Hidden Fences Starring Samuel L. Fisher 60
Sicilian Brazilian 60
Nothing Fake About Jake’s (Holla!) 58
Fake News Doesn’t Get A Question 58
Enter Team Name Here 56
Ice Ice Baby 56
Gaslighting America 54
If Only Russia Could Hack Our Trivia Team 52
That Bitch Cut Off The Dramatic Reading 51
Y’all Know Michelle Don’t Play 51
The Fast & The Furious: Trivia Drift 48
The Hot Ones 46
Stuck In La La Land 39
Gluttons For Punishment 31

December 21 Trivia Rankings

December 21, 2016

Happy holidays, Quizlings! And many thanks to those who came out to share a pre-Yule triviaganza with us. I guess if you could have made a meal off of the trivia this week it would consist of sufganiyah, provolone, salt, liver, Captain Morgan, Monster Energy Drink and, uh – candles. Not sure if that’s palatable but the trivia sure was fun. We’ll wrap up 2016 next Wednesday with some year-in-review questions and the December raffle (bring those newbies, wear those sweaters and post those fliers).

Here are the team rankings …

Fugly Sweaters Are Our Business And Business I Good 71
A Lump Of Coal For Pat 70
Naughty By Choice 64
Our Elector Voted For Jake’s 64
My Yule Log Is Yuge 63
2016: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like $#!tmas [poop emoji] 62
Phishing For Access 62
Hoping We Do Better Than Last Week 57
Yule Fools 56
The Know-Nothings 52
Elf On the Shelf 52
Now Accepting Donations For The Human Fund 51
Los Tres Amigos 48
Trump Trivia Advisory Council 47
Inflatable Pimps 44
The Chocolate Cherries 37

November 23 Trivia Rankings

November 24, 2016

A fun pre-Turkey Day triviaganza. Thanks to the Quizlings who made it out. Thanks for all the hand turkeys. And thanks for taking that hefty Butterball off our hands (seriously, he was beginning to bum out the other poultry).

What did we learn? Something about turkey protuberances, escaping the Nazis (I hate those guys) and how it’s a nice day for a royal wedding.

Hey, can I tell you a secret? There’s more trivia next week. (Okay, not much of a secret but spread the word nonetheless.)

Here are the team rankings…

Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes 64
Save A Turkey, Eat A Vegetarian 64
Fantastic Breasts And Where To Find Them 61
Take Your Turkey And Stuff It 60
Jake Gives Someone The Bird 56
Vandalay Industries 51
Stuffed Turkeys 42
Trivia Turkeys 39
Snoopy Makes Toast 39
The Troubled Turkey 39
Wolf Pack 38

November 2 Trivia Rankings

November 2, 2016

A fun night of trivia, Quizlings. Some might even say “intimate” but I don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment. Thanks to everyone who came out to play. If you missed it, you’re obviously a fan of the CMAs. That’s okay – there’ll be more leftover Halloween candy to be had next Wednesday.

Along the way, we learned about pumpkins, presidents and pet costumes. Plus, there were these fine fellows…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See how you did…

It’s Techni-can Not Techni-can’t 60
Still Waiting For The Great Pumpkin 58
So I Hear There’s Some Sort Of Sporting Event Tonight 57
6 Days Til No More Political Ads 55
Someone’s Losing Streak Willl End Tonight … It’s Not Ours 55
No Shame 52
The Kit Kat Club 47
Deez Nuts & Johnson 2016 46
The Three Musketeers 44
We’re Late 43
Not Putin Up With Microsoft 38
Nameless 32

And so, my Quizlings, I’ll leave you with Mr. Rip Taylor on the Letterman show…

October 26 Trivia Rankings

October 26, 2016

Seven years! Wow! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to celebrate with us. Here are a few…


Lots of prizes, lots of trivia and lots of fun. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Oh – and keep posting those fliers! Spread the word and share the love.

Here are this week’s team rankings. (more…)

Raffle On

October 25, 2016

Hey, Quizlings!  This is it – the culmination of Tomato Jake’s Trivia Night’s seventh anniversary celebration. Join us Wednesday night for the usual trivia awesomeness, capped off with a raffle for a night’s stay for two at the Hyatt Place & dinner for two at the Angus Barn. All it takes is one ticket to win but why not better your odds?

Here are the four ways Quizlings can get a raffle ticket for this week’s drawing:

  1. Be there. Yep, just bring yourself. Everyone 18+ gets a raffle ticket just for playing Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia.
  2. Bring a Newbie. Know a Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia virgin? Bring ’em along. Heck, they don’t even have to play for your team. Any Quizling who brings a Tomato Jake’s Trivia newbie gets an extra raffle ticket. (Only one extra ticket per Quizling. Quizlings and Newbies alike must be 18+ for insurance purposes.)
  3. Post a Flier. If you picked up a Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia flier, then all you have to do is put it on a bulletin board somewhere it will be seen. Work, community center, campus – any place there’s a bulletin board begging for a flier. Next, snap a pic of the posted flier in context (so we know it’s been posted) and show me Wednesday night. I will divvy up 25 raffle tickets between anyone who shows me a pic of a flier posted on a bulletin board. Get that? If 25 people do it, that’s one extra ticket each. If five people do it, that five each. If only one person does this – 25 extra tickets to this lucky Quizling. I’ll always round up so if more than 25 folks show me posted fliers, each will still get one ticket.
  4. Dress up for Halloween! Okay, granted, trick or treat is a few days away but you can field test your costume by wearing it Wednesday night. And I’m talking about really dressing up (not simply putting on an eyepatch and calling yourself a pirate). If you want the extra ticket, put some effort into it. The scarier, the better. Bonus points for creepy clowns!


Spread the word, Quizlings! We’ve loved bringing you Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia for the past seven years and want to keep doing it for at least seven more. We couldn’t do it without you fine folks, so our mega appreciations.

See all you Quizlings Wednesday night!