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February 21 Trivia Rankings

February 22, 2018

Thanks, Quizlings, for making it a great evening of Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia! The weather was cooperative, we learned about the Winter Olympics and we had the first dog of the year in attendance (yay, Woodley!).

Along the way, we sussed out some cephalopod species, found Friends follow-ups and gobbled gross gaming agates. And there was this celluloid masterpiece of yesteryear…

Now let’s check out the rankings for the week and see how your team stacked up against the competition.

Off The Podium 67
Salchow Nip Slip 66
We Started This Cher S#!+ 65
The Crew Crushes Trivia 61
Sparky Still Won’t Follow Me On Twitter 59
Clothes Aren’t The Only Thing Being Stripped In Louisville 58
Army Of Two 57
We’re Hoping To Do Better Than Fergie 56
Two Kids In An Overcoat Posing As An Adult 55
Francis Scott Off-Key 54
The North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders 53
Destroying Trivia Like Fergie Did The Anthem 51
Pyeong F. Chang’s 51
I Can’t Explain Witchcraft 51
Trivia Athletes From Russia 51
Mr. Musk: Mars Magnate 48
No Collusion 47
Periodic Table Dancers 47
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 43

February 14 Trivia Rankings

February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, Quizlings! It was a lovely evening of love-themed questions and one lucky Quizling gets to go to Angus Barn! We’ll do it again next week, folks, so spread the word and come back for more Wednesday Night Trivia.

What happened? There was talk of Winter Olympic gold medals, popcorn products and the sweetest game on Earth. Plus there were these two examples of seventies gold…

Now here are the rankings for the week. See you next time!

I Gave Up Lent For Valentine’s Day 71
Cher Is Glen’s Valentine – She Just Doesn’t Know It 70
Ashes To Ashes, Crust to Crust 68
Florida Bobsled Team 67
USA – Worst Place To Watch The Olympics 60
Ali Misses Her Mom 60
Gregory The Big Purple Dinosaur 59
Will You Kiss My Monkey? 57
Over 250 Years of Knowledge We Can’t Remember 54
Another Little Pizza My Heart 54
We’re Stoked For Trivia 52
Something Olympics? 47
It’s Not Valentine’s Day – It’s A Tide Ad 45
Looks Like I’m Going Solo 43

February 7 Trivia Rankings

February 8, 2018

Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it out to this week’s Wednesday Night Trivia! Always appreciated.

Next week: It’s love, exciting and new! Come aboard, we’re expecting you to be apart of our Valentine’s Day massacre. (Wait, did I say “massacre?” That can’t be right.) We’ll have some love-themed questions and give away a $50 Angus Barn gift card. So save your Valentine’s revels with your sweetie for the weekend and join Tomato Jake’s for trivia next Wednesday.

This week? We took home medals at the Winter Olympics, ate some Girl Scout cookies and got filthy. Plus there was this marine chatterbox…

Now here are this week’s rankings. See how your team stacked up.

How ‘Bout That Parade? 68
Raining On Trump’s Parade 67
We Wish It Was Summer So You’d Give Us Free Ice Cream 66
For Sale: Used Tesla, Only 92 Million Miles 66
Not Clapping = Treason 65
That Halftime Show Really Could’ve Used A Nipple 65
It’s Quizness Time 63
Supercalifragilistic, Antibraggadocious 61
Space X – 1, Patriots – 0 59
Going For Trivia Gold 58
Fly, Pizza, Fly 50
The Slippery Oysters 48
Melania, Blink Twice If You Need Help 44
Bud Lite 24

January 31 Trivia Rankings

February 1, 2018

Girl Scout Cookies, a Hello Kitty treasure hunt and a dam tiebreaker. What’s not to love?

Seriously, Quizlings, what a night! Tougher than usual? Depends on whom you ask. But the scores look more along the usual lines than last week’s Potter-filled fluke. Along the way, there were doughnuts and beers and playing cards. That’s a fun night no matter how you slice it.

Plus there was this advertising puzzler…

Now here are the weekly rankings. How’d your team do?

Record Low Unemployment For Fact Checkers 64
The Bea Arthurs 61
That’s No Moon! 60
Are These Cookies Made With Real Girl Scouts? 59
Tomato Jake’s Superb Owl Party 57
New Olympic Event: The 38th Parallel Bars 53
The Revengers 50
Republican Trainwreck Takes Out The Garbage 49
European Uniom 47
If Tomato Jake’s Played The National Anthem, We’d Kneel 47
It’s A Stormy Affair 46
Scoring More Points Than The Russian Olympic Team 45
1 Year Down, 3 To Go 45
The State Of The Trivia Union 44
18 Years Ago I Supermooned A Hospital Room 43
Periodic Table Dancers 42
League Ladies 28
We’re Here Now 26

January 24 Trivia Rankings

January 25, 2018

Wow, Quizlings! You never cease to amaze. This week’s game was the highest-scoring, closest game ever at Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia! The lowest score was 57 and all but two teams tied with at least one other. Some amazing statistics there, no matter how you slice it.

Along the way, we talked about how fast we can go in the Tar Heel State, how close is the nearest NHL team and exactly what the plural of mantis is (hint: it’s not manti). Plus, there was this villainous Vulpes:

Now check out the rankings for the week and see how your team stacked up against the rest… (more…)

January 10 Trivia Rankings

January 11, 2018

Far fewer flakes than last week, Quizlings. Thank Fishel for small mercies, eh? But a hearty thanks to all who came out to play.

Remember, Archer fans – you won’t want to miss next week’s game. Some lucky trivia player will go home with a special Archer-related prize from my own personal collection!

This week? We chatted about poetic birds, retired Bulls jerseys and sick film parents. Plus somebody got hepatitis! And then there was this big reveal…

Now, let’s see how your team did this week. Here are the rankings for 1/10/18:

Oprah/Hanks 2020 66
Call Me By Your Trivia Name 63
The Ugandan Knuckles 60
Mr. Ed The Real Stable Genius 60
YOU Don’t Know Jack 57
The Very Stable Trivia Geniuses 56
Golden Globes Heavyweight Champion 56
Colleen Will Take Your Leftovers 56
Four Tacos 55
Unstable Geniuses 54
Unstable Table 48
For Sale: Framed Penguin 47
North Korean Bobsled Team 47
We’re, Like, Really Smart At Trivia 46
Life’s A Beach 45
The HQTies 43

December 27 Trivia Rankings

December 28, 2017

A fun week to cap off 2017, Quizlings! Thanks for joining us. We wish you a happy new year and hope you’ll join us each and every week in 2018 for more Tomato Jake’s trivia.

Next week (January 3), the gift basket raffle in on! If you haven’t been with us since early December, here’s how you can maximize your raffle chances:

  1. Bring a newbie (one per person)
  2. Post a flier (for your chance at 50 extra raffle tickets!)
  3. Bring a non-expired can of food for cats, dogs or humans (one ticket per can – all will be distributed to local food banks and pet pantries)

This week was about African peaks, Washington memorials and life outside Earth. Plus there was this musical odyssey…

Now let’s see how your team did this week.

I Shot My Eye Out! 69
Carrie On Forever 68
Go FCC Yourself 67
E=MC Hammer 65
Little Green Toenail 62
All I Got For Christmas Was A Lug Wrench 59
Darth Vader’s The Bad One 58
Men Not Hot 58
The Octopi 56
We’re Taking Names And Checking ThemTwice 56
Dwight Eisenhower 44
A Team Has No Name 42
What Rhymes With Scrooge? 41
Ducking Around 28

December 20 Trivia Rankings

December 21, 2017

What a great night! Some new faces and returning faces. Luckily all the faces were attached to actual human bodies otherwise it would have been really gross and probably sticky.

Remember to post those fliers for your share of 50 extra raffle tickets. Also, bring a newbie next week and bring a gift to re-gift as well. Extra raffle tickets for all who please me!

What was all the fuss about? We sang The Chanukah Song, dedicated the Statue of Liberty and caught the Immaculate Reception. Plus we discovered that Krampus is more popular than Helen Gurley Brown.

And there was this holiday tune…

Now let’s see how the teams ranked this week.

BB-H8 67
One Of Our Attorneys Is A J, J, Jedi 67
When I Think About You I Touch My Elf 66
All I Want For Christmas Is A Brownie 65
Ho³ 64
Trump Is Just A Snoke Screen For The GOP’s Dark Side 62
Free Bitcoins Outside 60
Is Pizza Tax Deductible? 59
I’m Dream Of A Sunny Christmas 58
25% Tax On The Trivia Rich 58
I’m Not Gay But $20 is $20 55
Star War On Christmas 53
The War On Christmas 52
Our Team Didn’t Show 52
Everyday Esoterics 51
Sportmanship Not Required 47
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 46
Budweiser? I Hardly Know Her 45
Sparky’s Banned Word List 31

December 13 Trivia Rankings

December 14, 2017

A lovely crowd for a chilly December eve – but in all honesty it would be a lovely crowd for any month or weather condition. Thanks for coming out to play!

Remember: trivia every Wednesday into the New Year. And in that aforementioned New Year there is a Gift Basket Raffle on January 3rd. Get a raffle ticket every week just for playing. You can also get an extra raffle ticket for bringing a newbie (one per week). And you can get your share of FIFTY tickets by posting a flier – post a Tomato Jake’s Trivia Night flier (an official one, please) on any bulletin board where people can see it, take a picture of the posted flier and show me. Post as many as you like – each flier is one share of that 50 raffle ticket pot. Also – for next week only – wear a tacky holiday sweater or tie and get an extra raffle ticket … but you must wear it the entire time you’re at trivia!

This week? It was all about Time covers and Netflix tweets and Elton John’s almost EGOT. And then there was this flashback to the decade of Reagan:

Now here are this week’s trivia rankings. See you next week, Quizlings!

Screw You, Moore, And The Horse You Tried To Ride In On 72
Just Like California, We’re On Fire 64
Moore Time For Horseback Riding 64
Roy No Moore  64 (more than 8)
Is Prince William The Last Jedi? 64
This Is My Step Ladder (I Never Knew My Real Ladder) 63
Freedom Avengers 63
No Moore Alabama Jokes 63
Poor Ole Sassy 62
Write-In 60
Santa’s Giant Sack 60
The Caboose (Will Be Last) 58
I Was From Alabama Before It Was Cool 57
Tomato Jake’s: The New HQ 56
‘Bama, Magenta Tide 56
Oh, Hi, Mark 54

December 6 Trivia Rankings

December 7, 2017

A subdued crowd, perhaps, but a fun night for all was had – and how lovely to see some returning and new faces. Spread the word – trivia every Wednesday throughout the holidays. Don’t miss a week!

What happened this week? Some awesome suggestions for the potential gift basket* for starters. There was also talk of Grammy nominations, the Woman of the Year and Dr. Seuss opening lines. Of and there was this piece of celluloid magic…

Now check out this week’s team rankings:

Spoiler Alert: It Ain’t Sticking 70
How ‘Bout Them Dawgs 70
Trump Moves Embassy Suites To Jerusalem 68
Scoring Better Than The Entire Russian Winter Olympic Team 64
Jerusalem #NotMyCapital 64
Moore Teens The Better 64
This Team Name Is G Rated 62
Not Russian To The Olympics 61
Earth Is The World’s Largest Globe 59
Ajit Has Bandwidth If User Has Coin 57
The Russian Dopes 57
I Want To Jingle Your Bells 50

*suggestions for the gift basket included Curious Perfume, Lego Set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Sno-Caps, The Room DVD, Framed Picture of Danny Devito as the Penguin, Cocaine, Blow-Up Doll, Bob Ross Chia Pet, Giant Red Gummi Bear, My Little Pony Socks, One of the those Electronic Twirling Forks You Use to Eat Spaghetti, Gift Cards, Cupcakes, Hot Chocolate Mix, Cash, 60″ Samsung HDTV Smart TV, Ring Pops, Pony, AOL Disc, Massage Envy Gift Card, Brownies, Sour Patch Kids, $6000, Cookies, Booze-Infused Marshmallows, Kangaroo Jack DVD (Director’s Cut), One Mint, Dildos, Candy, iPod, Glen’s Home Phone Number, Spencer’s Gift Card, Hair Ties & Bobby Pins, Pop Tarts (Brown Sugar Cinnamon), Dog-Themed Movies (Except Marley & Me), Football, Ping Pong Balls, Solo Cups, Gel for Tim’s Hair and Straight Cash. Great suggestions. Well, good suggestions. Okay, suggestions. And I can guarantee that if we do a gift basket for the end of the year then at least ONE of those suggestions will be in the basket. (Um, Glen – what’s your home phone number?)