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February 15 Trivia Rankings

February 16, 2017

Best In The Triangle nominations are up and running. Please take a moment to nominate Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County. Go to and click on the banner at the top right. Follow the instructions and show us some love, please.

Thanks to all those who came out to play this week. The rest of you were missed. Don’t stay away too long, okay? I love all my Quizlings but I think I love the regulars a little bit more.

We sprung forward, made cereal talk and translated French fairy tales. Oh and there was a bloke that broke the plaster ceiling at American Girl…


Now here are the week’s rankings…

Roses Are Red, Ah, Who Gives A Crap 70
Dear Canada, Can We Trade? 67
Moana Goes To Guantanamo 66
Spice Up Your Wardrobe At Nordstrom 66
Any Name That Will Win Us Candy Except For Zagnuts 65
SCROTUS, So-Called Ruler Of The US 63
Tip Of The Iceberg 59
Cupid’s Broken Arrow 58
Every Parking Space Is A Pull Through If You Try Hard Enough  58
You’re A Quizard, Harry 54
Hello. It’s Me 46
Guerras 45


February 8 Trivia Rankings

February 9, 2017

What a lovely night for trivia, Quizlings. Feels like spring is here and we’ll be sitting outside before we know it – of course, as long as the weather cooperates [Sparky sticks another pin in his Greg Fishel voodoo doll].

What did we learn this week? Scott Bakula did not star in a plural TV show, Sudoku math is not that hard and Milo Ventimiglia is hot (although we may already have known that last one). Plus there was this morsel of tastiness…


Now here are this week’s trivia rankings…

We Came Here To Eat Pizza and Win Trivia – And We’re All Out Of Pizza 68
From Deflategate To Jerseygate 66
DeVos Stated We Don’t Have Enough $ To Be Education Secretary 61
Radical Moose Lambs 60
We Will Not Be Deturd 60
We Can’t Come Up With A Team Name 59
Alternative Fact: We Always Win 58
Trump Wants That Easy D 57
Cam’s Best Super Bowl Performance 55
RIP Boiled Water – You Will Be Mist 54
Big Mistake, Yuge 48
It’s Been 2 Years 47
I’m With Cupid (arrow) 47
The Prodigal Team 46
Grizzlies For The 2nd Amendment 45
Setting My Phone To Falcon’s Mode … No Ring 36
Multiple Scoregasms 34
The Future 26

February 1 Trivia Rankings

February 2, 2017

Disorganization aside, it was a fun night of trivia, Quizlings. At least, I hope you had fun. We learned about rich dudes, famous deaths and trendy French. I could tell you more but Winona’s face says it all…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings…

There Are More Black People Inside Beyonce Than In Trump’s Cabinet 70
Where’s The Bacon? 62
Winona’s Face Sums Up 2017 62
Sexy Piccolo Players 61
3 Years: 11 Months: 2 Weeks: 4 Days 60
I Thought This Was Speed Dating 59
Awkward Turtles 58
I Shih Tzu Not 58
Is Anybody Here A Marine Biologist? 57
Humpty Trumpty Fell Off The Wall 56
Nowhere To Go But Down From Here 56
Drowning In The Tears Of Senator Schumer 56
The Incredibles 51
Girl Power + Dylan 51
Hey, You Guys! 49
The Degenerate Distribution 45
Pun Stars 33
Taking Bets On Puppies 31
Better Late Than Pregnant 28

January 25 Trivia Rankings

January 26, 2017

A lovely night of trivia, Quizlings. Thanks to everyone who came to play (especially to the new faces – hope you’ll be back). We talked of the inauguration, cocktails and some unfortunate cinema. There’s more next week. We’ll see you then.

Meanwhile, there’s this …

Now here are the team rankings for the week.

Who Do You Have To Screw To Get A Table Around Here? 65
Mary Tyler No Moore L 65
Glen Is Not In Love With Cher – Alternative Fact 64
You’ve Got Spunk… I Hate Spunk 64
New Jobs And New Babies 63
We Are Getting All The Answers Right Tonight Because #AlternativeFacts 63
Oh God! No, No – Just No 61
Badlands? More Like Badass National Park 60
99 Problems But A Poncho’s Not One 59
Do You Deport Your Daughter If She’s Registered In Two States? 59
We’re Gonna Make It After All 58
Melania, Blink Twice If You Need Help 52
They Stole Our Name 52
My Crowd Is Bigger Than Your Crowd 50
Grayson’s Straight Trippin’ 49
We Need A Team Name 46
Mulatto 35

January 18, 2017 Trivia Rankings

January 19, 2017

Another week, another 55 questions. So what did we learn, Quizlings? We learned that baby Luna has some pretty awesome parents and that Dr. Phil is full of bull. Also, there was this guy…


Now here are the rankings for the week…

Grizzlies Have Rights Too 70
48 Hours Of Democracy 70
Sugar Babies 66
The Putin Tangers 65
Our Mommies Think We Can Win 65
Life Was Better Before Twitter 63
Proficiency Versus Growth? 63
Noodle Squad 63
Guns For Grizzlies 62
Obama Pardons H. Lector 58
Yeaaaah Boyyyyyy 53
New National Bird – The Toupee Eagle 52
Well, Hell 44
Clueless 43
Inaugalypse 40
Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? 34

January 4 Trivia Rankings

January 5, 2017

Happy New year, my Quizlings! Thanks to all who came out to play in the first game of 2017. We said goodbye to some familiar faces, found out why it’s not easy being green (although apparently it’s easier for some teams than others) and, hey, it’s a little early for 4/20 but California runs at a different pace, I guess.


Now here are the rankings for the weeks (with tiebreakers factored in). See you next time, folks!

The Person Who Comes Up With Our Crappy Team Names Is Out of Town This Week 70
Don’t Go In The Comments Section 69
Can I Deck My Coworker? 67
Meatball Sugar 65
Megyn Kelly’s Boots Are Made For Walking 65
K KO’d, B OK, K! 60
Your Mom Likes This Team Name (ha ha) 60
Planning For The Apocalypse 58
Born On New Years, Cost My Parents A Grand 58
Winning Is Our New Year’s Resolution 52
Blended, Not Stirred 51
The Best Scarecrow Is Outstanding is His Field 51
Uteruses Over Duderuses 51
Did Mariah Carey Know She Wasn’t On Lip Sync Battle? 51
Putin On The Ritz 50
Louisiana 48
We’re Back But Without The Dinosaurs 47
Eight Of Diamonds 45

December 28 Trivia Rankings

December 29, 2016

A gracious thank you to all the Quizlings who came out to play for the last trivia bout of 2016. Don’t fret – we’ll do it and next week and every Wednesday after that.

The big news is that one lucky Quizling walked away with a prize basket containing loads* of swag and miscellanea. Congrats, Darby! I did neglect to mention the basket also had a $5 Tomato Jake’s Gift Card (so you can buy dessert) and a $5 Rise Gift Card (so you can buy breakfast).


Thanks, again! Now check out the full rankings…

I Thought We Were Going To Have An Adult As The President – NOT! 70
Keep Calm And Carrie On 62
3 Days Left To Protect Betty White 56
See You Next Year 55
2016 Took The Rest Of Our Team 52
Tiny Kitten Kisses 49
2016, Take Trump Instead 49
A New Hope 48
The German Christmas Pickle Is A Lie 45
Latke Masters 43
Taking The Bus To Syracuse 42
Pepperoni, Peppers, Pineapple, Pizza Pie 39
7 Of Spades 37
Party Of 5 35
Frack Is Whack 34
It’s Yuge 25

*Gift Basket was full of the following: One Of A Kind Tomato Jake’s Trivia T-Shirt, Framed Picture Of Elon Musk, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Chapel Hill Toffee, Shatner RulesSwept Away, Canada Keychain, How To Survive A Sharknado, ESPN Water Bottle, C3PO Pez, Dunkin Donuts Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Hollywood Video Membership Card, Frozen Calendar 2017, Bottle Of Water for Bottle Flip Practice, Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria Sunglasses, One Million Dollars Chocolate Bar, AMC Theater Tickets, Selfie Starburst, Wooly Willy, Rise Gift Card, Tomato Jake’s Gift Card, Ginger Bread Cookie Mix and Celebration’s Bottle Of Favorite Mixed Candies

November 30 Trivia Rankings

November 30, 2016

Thanks for joining us, Quizlings, for the final trivia bout of the 11th month of the year. We bid a fond farewell to some familiar faces and tried to pin the name on some less than familiar ones (going by the score, any rate).

Along the way, we talked of champions (the NASCAR and canine varieties), TV spin-offs and the mantastic Ricky Martin.

We’ll do it again next week, folks, and on into the new year so join us every Wednesday for triviawesomeness!

Here are the team rankings for the week:

Powerpoint Rectums All Day 69
Hit the Road, Pat! 68
10,000 And Counting 67
We Demand A Recount! (Unless We Win) 66
White House, White Cabinet 64
Sour Patch Kids 64
Where’s The Wine? 63
Of All The Team Names We’ve Had, This Is One Of Them 63
Left Of Center 60
Bad Hombres And Their Nasty Women 58
Rectum? Nearly Killed Him 56
Petraeus For Secretary Of Scandal 55
We Won? Are You Sure? 54
Bad News Beers 52
Jakemandering 51
Bendj Like Beckham 50
I Can’t Feel My Wenis 39
Our Team Ditched Us 37

November 16 Trivia Rankings

November 17, 2016

A great night for trivia, Quizlings! Hope you had a chance to enjoy the festivities. If not – good news: we’ll do again next week. And give away a turkey to boot. Don’t stay home with the in-laws you can’t stand – come out to Tomato Jake’s and play trivia!

What’d you miss Wednesday night? If I said supermoons and detective hats and Vanilla Fudge, would that mean anything? Shoulda been there, folks.

Also, remember: it pays to look down occasionally:


So. How’d your team do? No need to wonder – here are the rankings for the week…

Don’t Know About You But this Week Has Felt Like Four Years 71
Dungeon Masters are Swingers 65
Bastards Of The Machine 64
Outrage Fatigue 63
Donald Trump NOT Voted Sexiest Man Alive 62
Glen’s Favorite 61
Mentored By Obama 60
Libbey Has Spoken 59
Canadian Immigration Is Closed For The Next Four Years 58
Cheeto Voldemort 58
#Sparky2020 55
Uncivil Procedure 54
Doomsday Party At Jake’s 51
Okra Of My Eye 50
M-Theory 49
In Other News…39 Sleeps Til Christmas 49
Last Year At The Kids’ Table 43
Cockroach 41
Citizens Of The Bar 39

November 9 Trivia Rankings

November 10, 2016

Yes, it was a somber night at Wednesday Night Trivia. Most were nursing recent political wounds (those that caused them were perhaps out celebrating – hard to say). But we persevered and triviaed on.

In case you missed it – we counted electoral votes, rewrote literary history and made a big hamburger even bigger.

Plus there was this guy…

We’ll do it again next week, Quizlings! Spread the word (and put up those fliers)!

Now see how your team did this week.

Breaking News: Canada Begins Wall Construction 65
Stop Asking – I’m Fine! 63
Mourning In America 62
We Can Watch TV Again 59
Idiocracy Becomes Documentary 58
4 More Beers! 57
Trumped Up, Trickle Down Election 48
Dammit, Our Passports Are Expired! 44
WTF 42
Putin 2020 41
Finally, No More Political Ads 32
Glen Gordon 29