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July 19 Trivia Rankings

July 19, 2017

Another magnificent week of trivia, my Quizlings! I hope you were able to attend. If not, there’s always next week – a week in which a Strangers Things fan gets a cool prize and you can try to make me laugh my bringing your best joke!

This week, there was talk of Spider-Man, Emmy nominations and big honkin’ piece of ice. And there was this blast from the past:

Now, here are the team rankings for the week. See you next Wednesday!

Meeting With Putin At The Waffle House 66
We Have No Idea What Happened This Week 64
GOPeeing On My Heath Care 63
George Romero: Dead Or Undead? 63
MILFs Do A Body Good 60
Our Team Is On Vacation, We’re Gonna Lose 59
Buzzfeed Says We’re Winning 59
This Election Wasn’t Even “Made In America” 59
Yay For Weiner Day 59
Art Of The Attention Span? (Not So Much) 59
You Won’t Believe The Size Of My Zucchini 59
Here For The Right Reasons 57
Collateral Damage 54
A Magician Was Driving Down The Road Then He Turned Into A Driveway 53
Spider-Pig 52
Last Week’s Third Place Team 51
Don Jr. Hopes These Four Years Are Over Soon – We Hope It’s Sooner 51
Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give The Dog A Bone 48
Hot Dogs 47
I Smell Like Beef 45
Soar High, Falcons 42
Shut The Front Door 39
They Stole Our Name 39
Duke Tennis Kid 18

FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Superhero Edition)

February 7, 2017

Five Batman Mistakes

Not getting over the death of his parents

Underestimating Bane

Not adopting Dick Grayson

Nipples on the Clooney Batsuit

Everything Adam West


Five Really Lame But Kinda Useful Superpowers

Ability to keep Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia from melting (once it’s been scooped into a bowl only)

Power to keep dogs from defecating on your lawn by emitting powerful pheromone that alerts canines to your dominance

Can tell the age of a wine by listening to it being poured

Cablekinesis (can turn Time-Warner DVR on & off from across the room without a remote)

Talent to detect what a person ate by sniffing their passed gas


Five Rejected Avengers

Iron Manwich

Captain America Ferrara

Hawkeye Pierce, MD

The Black Window

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELDS & YARNELL


Five Comic Book Sound Effects I Recently Read







Five Spider-Man Complaints

Web shooters run out of fluid at inconvenient times

People think spiders are insects

Reporters forget to hyphenate name

Sweaty mask = oily T-Zone

Mary Jane rarely lets him “hit the jackpot” anymore

March 2 Trivia Rankings

March 2, 2016

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. A few of you regulars were missed so we sure hope to see you next week.

In the meantime, please VOTE for us over at  in Best Of The Triangle (polls close Sunday). I do this trivia thing because I love to do it. I’ll keep doing it until I can’t any longer (read: “cold, dead hands”). Winning something like this would be pretty damn awesome, I have to admit. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Also, read about that record-setting Spidey comic book and check out astronaut Scott Kelly’s simian escapades …

Now, here are the team rankings for this week.

We Know Words. We Have The Best Words 69
More Cher Questions 68
#OscarsSoLong 68
Trump/West 2016 59
Candian Visa Appllicants 57
6th Time Is The Charm … For Leo 55
Super Tuesday? Meh. Super Wednesday? Pizza! 54
Roy Williams Didn’t Faint Grayson Allen Tripped Him 49
Give The Bear An Oscar 48
I Wanna Be Leo’s Trefoils 48
What’s The Opposite Of Christopher Reeve? Christopher Walken 46
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 45
Donald Is Cruzing To W.H. 44
Birth Ballers 37
Political Jokes Often Get Elected 37
Over The Hillary 35
2 White Guys And An Oversized Asian 32
White Lightning 23

November 4 Trivia Rankings

November 5, 2015

Thanks to all you Quizlings who made it out to play. I hope a good time was had by all. Join me Friday at the Museum of Life & Science for a fun charity night Pop Quiz!

Read about the new Colossus of Rhodes at the project website.

See the intro for Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

And, of course, possibly one of the most famous wrong headlines of all time …


Now, here are the rankings …

Duke Lost. Deal With It 69
My New Age Exceeds The Number Of Voters In Yesterday’s Election 66
We’re Not Done With Cheese 65
Pizza Is The Answer 62
Wouldn’t You Like To Go Back In Time And Put Some Money On The Royals? 62
In Your Dreams 62
4th Place Prize Is Abject Humiliation 61
Soccer Is A Sport, Sparky 61
The Russians? You Can’t Handle The Russians! 56
BNT 54
Not So High-O In Ohio 50
The Jamiroquai Jamiracles 47
Our Smart People Left Us 47
The 3 Best Friends 47
Par 1 46
The Worgis 37
I’ll Be Bach. You Can Be Mozart 37
Still Round On The Ends – Not So High In The Middle 30


May 4, 2014

Five Women Who Turned Me Down

Ginger W. – Coffee after work

Jill O. – Senior prom

Mrs. Bailey, 5th Grade teacher – My marriage proposal

Kim C. – Moving with her to DC

Margaret G. – Pretty much anything romantic, intimate, long-term or sexual


Five German Words That Kind Of Sound Dirty







Five Muppet Mistakes

Getting drunk at Christmas Party & telling Kermit what you really think of him

Sharing a hot tub with Kevin Clash

Machine washing & not dry cleaning

Taking Henson’s name in vain

Biting the hand that fills you


Five Rejected Toys

Rock’em Sock’em Rabbis

Easy Bake Oxen

Tickle Me Elmore Leonard

Hungry Hungry Hipsters

Stretchmark Armstrong


Five Surprises in Amazing Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker competes on America’s Got Talent

Stan Lee cameos as Gwen Stacy’s creepy, “handsy” uncle

J. Jonah Jameson becomes contributor to the HuffPo

Aunt May gets her groove back

Spidey’s biggest nemesis turns out to be buttcrack-riding spandex