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March 8 Trivia Rankings

March 9, 2017

A fun night, Quizlings. We talked of Instagram stars, Clue weapons and an unfortunate sports outing. Plus we answered some questions with a question, didn’t we?

And there was this tasty morsel …


Here are this week’s trivia rankings. How’d you do?

Wikileaks Gave Us Our Answers 66
A Day Without A Woman: Glen Knows Too Well 66
The Ceiling Is The Roof 65
A Castle Is Not A Chess Piece 65
Trump Tower Tapp Room 64
Obama Tapped That 61
A Day Without Women = Day Without Brownies 61
Trout Mask Replica 60
Why Doesn’t Oedipus Curse? He Kisses His Mama With That Mouth 57
Ten Of Diamonds 56
Check The Forecast … ‘Snow Joke 55
Wire Tapping For Dummies 55

FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Easter Edition)

April 20, 2014

Five Easter Candy-Related Injuries

Chocolate bunny overdose

Jelly bean lodged in nasal cavity

Peep rash

Slip on Cadbury crème egg & hit head on edge of coffee table

CarPAAS® tunnel syndrome


Five Easter Bunny Variations

Sir Hops-A-Lot (U.K.)

Der Furrengrössen (Germany)

Tamago Usagi-chan – Little Egg Bunny (Japan)

Dwi’ngygarupasghapuscwningen (Welsh)

兔子窃贼 – The Rabbit that Steals from the People (China)


Five Really Good Easter Egg Hiding Places

Taped to someone’s back, like Bruce Willis’ gun in Die Hard

Inside a chocolate bunny

The Gobi desert

Inside a toilet tank (like an upper decker)

At a matinee showing of Draft Day


Five Bad Easter Experiences

Never found that last egg (age 5)

Broke up with girlfriend; ate heads off of chocolate bunnies until I lapsed into sugar coma (11th grade)

Accidentally bought sugar-free PEEPs (2003)

Saw Dragonball Evolution at cinema (2009)

Inhaled recalled egg dye; stripped down to skivvies and ran through dorm hallway screaming, “Jesus zombies! Eeeeyyyarrgh!!!” (Freshman year)


Five Easter Bunny Fears

Fear of being discovered

Fear of exploding eggs

Fear that kids would rather have hasenpfeffer than candy

Fear Velveteen Rabbit will ignore restraining order

Fear someone will catch him Red Boxing Hop with Russell Brand