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People I Hate #1147 (In A Series)

December 31, 2014

Who: The business that keeps the open sign lit up even when closed.

Why: The idea is pretty simple. You start a business, you buy an open/close sign and you have it say “open” when you are open for business and ready to serve customers. The open sign is not intended to act as ellipses from your grand opening to the eventual going out of business sale. Yet every day I drive buy stores that have the open illuminated long after they’ve closed for the day. One place I frequent hasn’t turned it off since 2009 (I think the person who knew where the switch was got fired or something). This is confusing and irritating and should be some sort of zoning violation.

How I justify it: What’s the point of having an open sign if it always says OPEN?! Seriously. Don’t they teach anything in whatever University of Phoenix type business school you dropped out of?!