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2 October Trivia Rankings

October 3, 2019

Another fantastic week full of triviawesomness. Thanks to all the Quizlings (including some lovely new faces) who came out to play. A few math mistakes on everyone’s part aside, we got it sorted and winners were declared. More fun next week so don’t miss it!

This week, we talked about NFL losers, gaming moola and a children’s book character with no last name but two first names. Plus there was this right which, surprisingly, is not in the Bill of Rights…

Now, let’s check out the team rankings for this week. All have been adjusted for any clerical errors (a-hem). See you next Wednesday as Year 11 continues!

It’s October, Now You Can Have Your Pumpkin Spice 70
Mistakes Will Be Made 69
E-moat-tionally Disturbed 68
Wegmans! 🙂 67
Han Solo Cup 65
Can’t Beat An Irish Backstop 63
Millions Of Peaches, Impeachment For Me 62
Moot Stuffed With Alligators 60
Single, Hot North Carolinian Seeks Fall Weather For A Good Time 60
Trivia Newton John 59
Badass 47
The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! 57
Anarchy in the Ukraine 57
A Brownie-Winning Idea 57
Disney Plus & Us 56
Titanic Swim Team 53
Quiz Pro Quo 51
Quiz On My Face 47
Sex Adeel 46
Goal: Not Last 45
Indecisive 42
The Young & The Restless 37
Almost Party Of 3 35
Gordo’s Crew 35


August 28 Trivia Rankings

August 29, 2019

Another great week of trivia that, in all honesty, you should kick yourself if you missed. Seriously, we proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our universe is nothing more than a simulation. Me, I enjoy being composed of nothing but ones and zeroes and, given the chance, will take the blue pill every freaking time.

Big Announcement! The Dog Days of Trivia continue through September. We will raffle off that DDOT gift basket on September 25th – the night we celebrate our tenth anniversary! You have to be present to win the basket but why would you want to miss the revels? Also, you can get extra raffle tickets all month long for any reason I’ve previously offered extra tickets this summer (check old posts and Twitter if you don’t recall).

This week, we were all about some Spider-Man foes, NFL retirees and Gopher State locales. Plus there was this time-traveling cola…

Now let’s see how the teams did this week. Pretty nifty. eh?

Dorian the Destroyer 69
Radical Left-Wing Bedbugs 69
Quiz in my Face 69
Lawyer: Latin For Liar 68
Quiz Quiztofferson 68
Denmark Offers To Buy Senate From The NRA 65
Maybe We Can Nuke A Hurricane 62
Inside Joker 60
Big Bad Bedbug’s Blood 57
The Bed Bugs 50
The Picture Of Hurricane Gray 50
Execution By Sword 49
Does The Slaughter Rule Apply In Trivia? 47
John Hickenlooper 47
Cell Mates 46
Too Glam To Give A Damn 46
Should’ve Checked Sparky’s Twitter Hints 42
Del Fisher 33
The Brother Ladies 24

April 24 Trivia Rankings

April 25, 2019

Another fantastic week and another great crowd that came out for a magnificent game. And some even came for the trivia.

Please take a few minutes to vote for Tomato Jake’s as Best Trivia Night in Durham County at’s Best of the Triangle. Polls close May 8 and if we win there will be an awesome party!

This week, we medaled on Dancing With the Stars, hit the Hot 100 with Weird Al and got the Lannisters to make nice thanks to Elmo. Plus there was the schedule reveal by the Tar Heel State’s NFL franchise…

Now check out the team rankings for the week. See how you measure up and we’ll do it again next Wednesday.

The Night King Did Nothing Wrong 68
Endgame Spoiler: Howard the Duck Saves The Day 65
Bored of Education 64
“Is The Big Woman Still Here?” 63
Back of The Class 62
All In 60
Storm Warning: Hurricanes Approach Capital 58 (tie)
Thanos Did Nothing Wrong 58 (tie)
DINKs With Dogs 54
It’s Gonna Be May 54
Podrick’s Next 53
Justice League Wasn’t That Bad 49
Skeleton Crew 49
Team Definitely Not Russian Spies 44

October 3 Trivia Rankings

October 4, 2018

What an amazing night of trivia, Quizlings. A light turnout but a bright turnout (check out those scores!) nonetheless. Remember our Halloween Trivia Bash in just a few weeks – prizes for costumes that move us.

This week? We got finicky with Morris, trusted our intuition with Jewel and lost an eye in the NFL.  Plus there was this bit of pop culture reference…

Now here are the week’s team rankings with the highest ties I think we’ve ever had (seriously, check those out).

Presidential Alert: Tomato Jake’s Trivia Every Wednesday at 8 71
You Can’t Sit With Us ‘Cuz We’re First Place 71
Attractive Magnets 70
News Is Bad For You 70
It’s October 3rd 68
Devil’s Pentagon 65
Bart Ralphed On Me 63
Blue Screen of Death 62
Ace Of Spades, Your Order’s Up 61
Perjury: It’s A Drinking Game 58
The Most Unethical Sham 56
On Wednesdays We Play Trivia 44
Women Are Doing Great 44
The Aggies 26

In Effin’ ‘El

February 1, 2015

So Seahawks versus Patriots? That’s what we got, eh? Hardly seems a fair fight. I mean, a patriot’s got guns. Seahawk’s nothing but a bird. One good shot on his musket and – BLAM! A mass of exploding feathers and poultry rains all over the place. But wait a minute… those crappy old guns were pretty pathetic, weren’t they? One shot’s all you got then you have to take, like, half an hour to reload. Patriot boy misses and that seahawk’s gonna go all mercenary on his ass. ‘Cuz what’s a seahawk got? Talons, mate. Freakin’ talons! While poor patriot is shoving his ramrod into his barrel that shawkmo is screaming down outta the sky with those talons splayed and he’s going for THE EYES! Damn straight. Patriot’s not gonna be able to do anything now that he’s blinded, right? So really – lots of variables here. If the patriot can get a good shot off, he may have a chance but if that seahawk can sink those talons into that fragile flesh then, boy howdy, send for the undertaker!

Of course, this is all hypothetical and just some twisted mental exercise really. I mean, who cares when all’s said and done? Anyone would have to be half deranged to actually waste time and effort on worrying about this nonsense.