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November 22 Trivia Rankings

November 23, 2017

A wonderful pre-Turkey Day triviaganza for a bevy of most excellent Quizlings. Thanks to all who came out to play. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll see you next week to cap off NEWBvember!

This week, we learned that narwhals bring out inner Ahab in some folks. We learned that Remember WENN was not a drama. And we learned that there is no such thing as too many cookies.

Plus we said goodbye to a former teen idol…

Now how did your team do? Here are this week’s rankings…

Grab Her By the Giblets 73
Thanksgiving Dinner: Rolls And Dessert 70
Gobbling For A Brownie 68
Trump Administration Orders Turkey Costumes In Hopes of Being Pardoned 67
I’d Rather Be In A Chinese Prison Than Read Trump’s Tweets 66
Stuffed Turkeys 63
Home From Al Dhafra 62
Kid Free Evening! (We Don’t Even Care If We Win) 61
Is It Time For Christmas Music Yet? 60
I’m Not Addicted To Brake Fluid – I Can Stop Any Time! 59
Vegan Turduckens 57
Happy Thanksgiving 54
Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza 52
My Wife Ate Too Much Pizza 51
Ashley’s Crew 42
Ill-Tempered Sea Bass 38
Cat Butlers 31


May 6, 2017

Five Narwhal Complaints

Arctic waters are too damn cold

Tusking makes me feel awkward

Belugas be trippin’, yo!

Those Deadliest Catch goobers pee overboard

Me so horny


Five Odd Things I’ve Found In Cracker Jack Box

A hard-boiled egg

Supreme Court finger puppets

Nothin’ but Styrofoam peanuts


An even smaller box of Cracker Jack


Five Dates That Won’t Live In Infamy

Day The Man From Atlantis was cancelled

Day Pia Zadora was born

Attack on Paul Harvey

Any day The Family Circus sees print

Free Slurpee Day


Five More Ways to Leave Your Lover

Get down on your knees and beg, Greg

Key her car and get even, Steven

Suck down about 80 beers, Piers

Seek out the services of a madam, Adam

Dress up a mannequin to take her place, Chase


Five Reasons I Have A Man-Crush on Mandy Patinkin

He sings like a nightingale

He got Kelsey Grammer his gig on Cheers

He’ll leave a successful series if he feels like it

He played the villain in Elmo In Grouchland

He was Inigo freakin’ Montoya!