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Imaginary Lover

February 14, 2016

I recall my first love as if it were yesterday. I even remember when I first laid eyes on her. March 15, 1977. A Tuesday. Love at first sight, yes, of course. And forever after. 

I was young, naive, eager to believe of possibilities both tender and daring. She was older, more mature, scintillating, magnificent, amazing. A Grace Kelly charm with a raw beauty and spunky coquettishness beyond my wildest imaginings. Perfection. 

And yet, sadly, it was an unrequited love, as are most, truthfully. I knew from the start that our love could never be, not really, not how I wanted and not how I imagined in that tiny place inside where heart, mind and soul merge. 

Over the years, we grew apart and, ultimately, as loves past are wont to lean, I lost track of her. Certainly, I wish her the best, hope that she’s happy and fulfilled, wherever she may be. And, often, in those silent moments of reflection when I’m left to myself and my thoughts and memories, I recall her with great fondness and ponder what might have been. 

And so, with a misty eye and a swelling heart, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my first true love: Nancy Bradford, fifth oldest sibling on Eight Is Enough. Happy Valentine’s Day, Nancy. A very special part of my heart will always be yours. 

And happy Valentine’s Day to you folks too.