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March 7 Trivia Rankings

March 8, 2018

What a great night! Over 100 Quizlings in attendance which means the first prize was doubled courtesy of your friendly neighborhood quizmaster. Huzzah! Let’s keep that up, shall we? The awesome attendance, that is – not the, uh, doubling of the first prize (I have a mortgage to pay, after all).

Meanwhile, please NOMINATE Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at under Out & About (wonderful things will come if we win, QM’s promise!).

This week, we celebrated National Cereal Day, listened to some wild music and engaged in some Seussian tongue twisters with a fox.

Plus there was this Oscar moment…

And now let’s see how the teams stacked up this week.

“Gag Order” Starring Stormy Daniels 63
Free Cookies? 60
Chuck Eats Cheese 60
We All Met On Tinder 59
Chaos 56
Beasts From The East 56
Let The Madness Begin 55
Win For Woody 55
Best Topping: The Shape OF Pepperoni 54
Call Me By Your Trivia Name 53
Grue Crushes Trivia 53
It’s My Birthday And I’ll Trivia If I Want To 48
We’re Against Arming Quizmasters 48
Would It Be Wrong For Me To Drink the Whole Pitcher  Of Beer If My Teammates Don’t Show Up? 47
Matt Damon and the Damons 46
David Dennison All-Stars 43
Stormy Trumps Don 41
King Archer 41
Tomato Jake’s Should Be The Official Pizza of the NFL 40


January 23, 2018

Am I the only one who was bothered that Paul Simon kinda half-assed it with his song 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover? Great song – a #1 hit in 1975 – but at best it’s a prime example of singer-songwriter slacking; at worst, it’s false advertising and fraud.

I mean, look: it’s supposed to be 50 ways to leave your lover. But how many does Simon give us? A half dozen or so, really, at the most, depending on how you define “leave.” There’s You just slip out the back, Jack and Hop on the bus, Gus – that’s two ways to leave your lover, granted. But what about Make a new plan, Stan and Just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free – are these actual ways to leave your lover or just actions one might take if considering to leave or having already left a lover? And what the hell does You don’t need to be coy, Roy even mean? That’s not a way to leave, it’s an instruction to stop being an indecisive dweeb and make up your freakin’ mind!

So, honestly, even accepting these lame attempts at defining ways to leave your lover, we’ve got five ways to leave your lover. Five! Anyone besides me see a serious disparity here? Five is considerably less than fifty. And that’s an unreasonable stretch that can’t be attributed to pure exaggeration or hyperbole. It’s like Paul Simon wrote a song called 5 Ways To Leave Your Lover and the label said, “No, make it bigger! More than five! How about 50?! 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover!” “But, I only wrote five ways.” “Who cares? Nobody’ll notice.” Well, I did! I do! I noticed!

Paul Simon, you owe me 45 more ways to leave your lover! And you’re about 40+ years overdue.

If Wishes Were Hippies

August 4, 2017

There was a time when everything was groovy and people thought it was a nifty idea to encourage kids to grow up to be redwood trees. Many people were high and most of them were full of themselves and lava lamps and love beads and waterbeds were used without irony in this magical time. This was the 1970s, an era that gave us the SuperFriends and H. R. Pufnstuf and Hong Kong Phooey and stream of consciousness fare like this – Make A Wish. Seriously, this was a show. For children. And it was wonderful!

He’s The Boss

July 4, 2017

Is it patriotic? Maybe. Is it necessary?  Perhaps not … but if you ask yourself Is it freakin’ awesome? then you got a whole new ballgame going.

Bruce Springsteen sings 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). Enjoy.

Gone And Forgotten

May 2, 2017

I own a lot of stuff. I try not to overdo it and purchase crap I don’t really need or want but over the years I’ve accumulated tons of stuff from comic books to clothes to VHS tapes to Tupperware. Some stuff can be found in boxes and amount to little more than memories (grade school report cards), memorabilia (concert ticket stubs) and mishigas (my junior high retainer). Some stuff is on display (Hello Kitty plush) and in closets (board games) and in drawers (my POGs). And although I don’t read or touch or ponder most of these things on a regular basis I am aware of them, at least distantly. They hold fond memories or are pleasing to the eye or provide comfort or appreciate in value even as they sit unattended in my spare room. But today – tonight – just a few hours ago – I realized there was an item I’d completely forgotten about. Didn’t realize I ever bought it and could have sworn I didn’t own it. Had you asked to borrow it yesterday I would have told you to talk to someone who had one or gave a crap or something. But now… looking through a shoebox of odds and ends from my first apartment, there it was. Damn, I feel bad. 25 years of neglect and ignorance and what I’m sure, if it were a child, would amount to a pretty good case for social services. I know it’s an inanimate object but still … not to have given it a second’s thought since, I’m guessing 1991 … I just feel bad about it. Like when I forgot to feed the goldfish when I was 8 (still feeling bad about that).

So let me issue an apology to my cassette tape of Del Amitri’s 1989 release, Waking Hours, featuring their hit single, Kiss This Thing Goodbye, and my personal favorite, Nothing Ever Happens. You may have escaped my memory for over two decades but I can guarantee you I will not ignore you in the future. In fact, I’ll even listen to you – for the first time since the first Bush administration! Yeah, that’s right. It’ll be as if we never parted and I was still in my 1984 Toyota Tercel and you in my tape deck (not factory installed) as we cruised down the highway on our way to the big city and big dreams. Sign. Big failed dreams.

Oh well. Back in the box. Another 25 years won’t kill you.


March 15, 2016

It’s March 15th and you know what that means – The Ides Of March! Boy howdy! But around here we don’t read no Shakespeare, no way (we do that all the other days of the year).

Nope. On the March 15 here at The Flehmen Response we JAM to that one-hit wonder The Ides of March and their Top Ten hit Vehicle!

Suggestive lyrics! A 70s vibe that won’t quit! Damn! Don’t need no soothsayer to tell me it rocks!

The Devil You Know

February 19, 2016

In the Charlie Daniels Band song The Devil Went Down To Georgia, I always thought that the Devil was the real winner of the fiddle contest.  I mean, he plays this funky tune.  A band of demons even joined in!  It totally rocked.  All Johnny did was play a dumb fiddle. Even if Johnny did legitimately beat Satan, why the hell was the freakin’ Devil gonna play fair? “Well, Devil, ” I think I beat you fair and square.” “Says who, Johnny? I think I won.” “But from a technically musical standpoint …” “Shut up, you redneck yokel! You think I care for the rules? I make the damn rules. Now gimme your soul, you ignorant hillbilly.”

Stupid song. Especially when they played the edited version on Top 40 radio.  “I told you once you son of a gun …”  No.  I don’t think so.  Why change the integrity of your artistic vision just because Casey Kasem doesn’t want to hear the word bitch on his precious little countdown?

Just what the hell IS Charlie Daniel’s problem anyway?