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Unbelievable But True Facts

April 1, 2019

Check out these amazing facts. Some are incredible. All are true.

Don Rickles was a sniper for the US Army.

Celery was used as an aphrodisiac by the ancient Macedonians.

The most prolific songwriter of all time was Flemish composer Cornelis Verdonck. By the time of his death at 62, he had written over 8,400 madrigals, all of which were performed regularly during the Renaissance.

In 2009, Tufts University offered a course on the TV show “Airwolf.” Ten students signed up for it.

The Macarena was once banned in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Some species of sea slug can secrete a viscous membrane that, when hardened, is similar to Teflon.

If you could stretch out the alimentary canals of all humans on Earth, they would reach the moon. If you could do the same for all the insects on the Earth, their alimentary canals would reach Pluto.

Due to a lack of royal heirs, the kingdom of Prussia was ruled by a Weimaraner for four days in 1679. (more…)


Of Course, Of Course…

June 9, 2016

I refuse to fall victim to clickbait but I am DYING to know why there’s a picture of Mr. Ed and Wilbur Post next to a headline proclaiming “The Surprising Thing That Makes Men More Attractive To Women.”


Somehow I fear “knowing exactly who the hell Mr. Ed and Wilbur Post are” is not that surprising thing.