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May 10 Trivia Rankings

May 10, 2017

Some fun was had, some questions were posed and a winner was declared. Of course, there was more to it than that. There were four-letter words, Latin elements and a bark lion sentinel dog named Lucky. Plus, there was this musical monstrosity:

Here are this week’s rankings. How’d your team do?

If Trump Wanted To Seem Presidential, He Should Have Aimed Higher Than Nixon 69
Trump’s Perpetual Pants Fire Rages On 67
Nugg Me, Glen 67
I Showed Up At 10 Til 8 and You Still Don’t Have A Name? 66
Easy Comey, Easy Go 64
The Bushes Are Spicy 63
President Replaces Comey With Actual Female Body Inspector 58
Erotic Friend Fiction 58
In Soviet Russia, FBI Direct You 53
The Comey-Overs 51
James Comey And Goey 50
Comeynists 49
Pasty White Slumdogs 48
Unsupervised Learners 47
Donald Nixon, Richard Trump…Same Thing 46
Fox Mulder For FBI Director 44

December 9 Trivia Rankings

December 10, 2015

What a great night, Quizlings! Very close game right up to the end.

If you missed the excitement, we bid adieu to a Pilot, welcomed some new artists and said “hello” to a trio of #1 hit songs. Plus, Sparky gave everyone the bird.

Meanwhile, visit the National Toy Hall of Fame, view all the 2016 Grammy Nominations and read all about the Bengals mascot.

And – because you can find anything on the web – here’s a compilation of the Looney Tunes theme (“The Merry-Go-Round broke Down”) throughout the decades…

And now, here they are – the full Trivia Rankings for 12/09/15 (pay close attention to the team with the name “Always Second From Last”) …

Trump’s Border Patrol 67
Deport The Jedi 66
Kimye, Why Not “Wild Wild West?” 66
Keep Trump Out Of Trivia Until We Figure It Out 63
Trump – The Jar Jar Binks Of Politics 63
Clever Team Name 62
Trumpster Fire 61
Baby Elliot’s Trivia Debut 60
Han Shot First 60
My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts 60
OJ Simpson … Still Not A Jew 59
He’s Not Racist – He Has Muslim Friends 54
Raising The Bar 54
Collecting Ls 51
My Other Outfit Is A Onesie 44
Rich White Guys 43
Always Second From Last 40
Mario Speedwagon 39