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A New Lease On Lie

June 6, 2017

I needed to rent a car a while back and I called around and, hey, interesting thing here – Enterprise would not pick me up.  Their commercials say they do but from my experience … eh, not so much.  Not saying that Enterprise is a lying sack, I’m just suggesting that maybe that slogan – “We’ll pick you up” – might want some amending to something a little more along the lines of accurate like: “We’ll pick you up … sometimes.” or “We’ll pick you up if we’re in the neighborhood, bra.” or “We’ll pick you up if the mood hits us so stop griping about it and just get off our #$%ing backs!”  Just saying.


Demo Real

July 1, 2014

Who is more likely to lie about their age? According to National Demographics Magazine, it’s men.  Specifically, middle-aged men between 45 and 60 with blue collar jobs who have gym memberships they don’t use and an allergy to shellfish. (The folks at National Demographics need lives desperately.)