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April 20 Trivia Rankings

April 20, 2016

Another great week of awesome trivia! Thanks to all you Quizlings who came to play, as always. Before we get to the rankings, here are some takeaways…

Watch Johnny Depp and Amber heard apologize – I’m sorry, “apologize” for smuggling canines into the Land of Oz…

Check the list of worst-rated movie actors over at Vox

And remember that not all late night comedy clowns are the same …


Now, here are the rankings for the week. How’d your team do?

I Bet You Have A Clever Team Name 67
7/11 – Never Forget 63
Everybody Loves Doris 63
Where In The World Is Kelly Ripa? 63
Love It Or Litigate It 62
Jean-Paul Sartre Died 36 Years Ago Today, So What? 55
If Trumps Succeeds, We’ll All Secede 54
4/20 – Happy Lima Bean Respect Day 54
It’s 5 After, We Need A Name 53
Grundle Checker 51
Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 50
Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Cirque Du Soleil – Will Sparky Be Next? 48
We Know Nothing, Jon Snow 48
Houston Yacht Club 47
OJ Did It 45
3 Bean Casserole 44
This May Be Shocking But – Sparky, Prom? 42
Is Tonight Special Brownie Night? 41
The Three Amigos 33