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June 14 Trivia Rankings

June 14, 2017

A lovely night for trivia, my Quizlings. We avoided the rain and got some more ice cream courtesy Tomato Jake’s. We met some new folks (and one uber-cute canine), reminisced about 2006 in television and gave one lucky teen a gift for her dad he’ll never forget!

And there was this magnificent moment of celeb awkwardness…

Now here are the rankings for the week. See you next time!

Scratch Roma Oregano 66
Happy Birthday, Lon 63
The Batcave Is Empty 61
It Would Not Be Appropriate To Answer Trivia Questions In This Setting 60
Muelling Over Emoluments 58
Your Upcoming Auditors 58
Courts In Sessions 53
A Girlfriend, Her Boyfriend And The Side Chick 52
All Boats Are Submarines If You Try Hard Enough 49
Miss Chanandler Bong 49
Lavar’s Balls 47
Katie Won’t Come up With A Name 47
Comey Don’t Play That 46
We Left Our Team Name In Our Other Pants 45
Avengers 42
The Outpost 33
Broke Dad And The Hungry Teenagers 32
#1 Pick 27

Much Ado About Muffin

September 20, 2014

I had a muffin earlier. I like muffins. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “A muffin can be very filling.” I unwrapped the muffin and discovered that there was a second paper cup underneath. That happens sometimes, y’know – a double wrapped muffin or cupcake. And you peel back that thin paper or foil veneer and realize slowly yet suddenly that there’s yet more to reveal. It’s exciting! Right? Exciting and yet disheartening. At first, it’s like you’ve uncovered a special prize, something baked just for you. Then you realize that you’ve only gotten halfway to the point of eating the pastry and you have to keep unwrapping to have your delicious, delicious prize. Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed by the horrid, ridiculous thought: what if this is like one of those Russian nesting dolls and I keep removing wrappers until eventually there’s only a teeny tiny muffin at the center. But that’s silly, of course. However, the dread persists. What if I don’t have the right to eat this muffin? What if – by the virtue of it being doubled wrapped – this muffin has presented itself in such a rare light that, by eating it, I nullify the uniqueness? Surely, this second skin signifies a muffin above and beyond, one that deserves to survive. But, considering the baser nature of our will, our desires, our hunger, this muffin with something extra is nothing more than a tease – a suggestive sweet roll that sheds its layers provocatively one at a time until there is nothing to hide and its flaky, crusty goodness is laid bare. The mind reels. The imagination soars.  The determination wavers.

Of course, at the end of the day it’s just a stupid muffin and I ate the hell out of that sucker.