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Blogs: A Quick Tutorial

September 8, 2018

The first blog was brought over from Europe in 1860. It was caught in the wild and transported via steamer to New York City where it was put on display for throngs of curiosity-seekers. After decades of captivity, it broke free during a citywide power failure and later bred with feral fanzines. The modern-day blogs are all the progeny of this original European escapee.


Of Course, Of Course…

June 9, 2016

I refuse to fall victim to clickbait but I am DYING to know why there’s a picture of Mr. Ed and Wilbur Post next to a headline proclaiming “The Surprising Thing That Makes Men More Attractive To Women.”


Somehow I fear “knowing exactly who the hell Mr. Ed and Wilbur Post are” is not that surprising thing.

A Seminal Idea

March 14, 2015

The Internet. 

A wild, wonderful, wacky world of web whimsy. From unique and useful archival information to creative and artistic fiction and video, the dubya dubya dubya is a portal for the everyman to access the universe as we know it, warts and all. But has technology gone too far? 

Driving to a movie a while back, I heard a radio promo for an NPR show on fertility science. A throwaway line used to tout the piece mentioned a fact about our online outlet that I did not know. Maybe you did. Check this out: 

You can buy sperm over the Internet. 

That’s right. Sperm. The male gamete! The juice of life! Poppaseed! SPERM!!!   

Understand that I am not out to make fun of the impotent or the infertile, but I must point out that if you are so desperate to make a baby you are willing to purchase semen over the Internet then maybe you aren’t cut out to be a parent.   

At the very least, maybe you should seriously consider adoption! Or a goldfish.


Pop Goes The Weasel

August 25, 2014

All I gots to say is if you have ever had anything to do with – or know someone who has had anything to do with – even tangentially – pop-up ads on the Internet then you are horrible scum who will die a slow, painful death – unless I die first then I will come back from the dead and haunt your soul with a fierce, evil hatred born of the pain that is having to deal with your damn pop-up ads!

Seriously. Pop-ups. Wouldn’t your time be better spent making fun of orphans or pushing grandma down the stairs?!