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The Feeling’s NOT Mutual

August 21, 2015

You know who I feel sorry for? Reeeeally feel sorry for? Those angry people in the Liberty Mutual commercials.

Yeah, I know they’re actors. And I know insurance is a scam that sucks. And I know I’m pretty angry about my rates right about now but – damn, those jokers are disgruntled as hell and it’s pretty unsettling.

I mean, let’s look at most ad campaigns for insurance – teleporting agents, animated geckos, upset cavemen, whee-wheeing pigs, Liz Lemon’s boyfriend wreaking havoc and even the president from 24. Even when they’re sorta serious, they’re still kinda fun and whimsical. It’s as if the spots are subconsciously saying: “Yeah, we know everyone hates insurance so let’s at least entertain you a little.”

But then these Liberty Mutual hardcases happen along and regale you with sob stories of crappy insurance companies that screwed them over until they switched to the commercial’s company. By the time you see the Liberty Mutual graphic at the end, the sour taste is so fully in your mouth it might as well do a cavity check and all you can do is feel so sorry for the scowling, frustrated, upset claimants.

Bottom line: Lighten up Liberty Mutual. Insurance reeks as bad as your ads but you don’t have to drag us all down to your level of bitter resentment and abject irritation.