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June 12 Trivia Rankings

June 13, 2019

Huzzah! It finally happened! The indyweek made me a real boy! Or something like that. As metaphors go, it’s not my best (apologies).


Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it happen. We will continue to thank you and reward you as much as we can and, while it is far too early to think about this kinda stuff, dare I hope for a twopeat?

Anyway, we gave you some free grub and some wild, weird trivia. There were some Dunkin Donuts gift cards as well (and there will be more in future). So keep coming back, spread the word and don’t miss a single week!

What’d we talk about? How to properly play Uno, for starters. Then there was something about some planetary opposition and a Tony-winning meth dealer. Oh, and there was this ASMR commercial…

Now here are the team rankings. See you next time, Quizlings!

Best Of Babeeeee 68
Meatballs And Sadness 67
Taylor Swif’ts Apostrophe Catastrophe 66
Jake Chilliny’all 64
Russian Bots Won It For Sparky 64
Board Of Educaton 63
Best Of The Δ 63
We Can’t Agree 62
Suck It, Growler Grlz 60
Winner! Winner! Pizza Dinner! 59
Triviavengers 57
Socrates’ Closet 56
The Luke Ness Monster Lives 56
The US WNT Scores More Than We Will 55
Daenerys Did Nothing Wrong 55
The Salads Are’t Bad Either 52
The People Person’s Paper People 49
The Loneliest Number 48
A Team Has No Name 48
If We’re Not First, We’re Last 47
Now Indy Knows What We All Knew 38
It’s Megan’s Birthday 31

June 5 Trivia Rankings

June 6, 2019

Another exceptional week of trivia, my Quizlings! We avoided the rain and even had a few pooches on the patio to celebrate the Dog Days of Trivia! Be sure to check next week because if we win Best in the Triangle then the Big 3 Prizes will be doubled by Sparky himself!

This week, we got sweaty at the Highland Games, let gravity do its work with a Cub Scout tradition and prepared for hurricane season with NOAA. Plus there was this Super Bowl ad flashback …

Now let’s check out team rankings for this week…

Proud To Be UMBL 70
Our Captain is Traveling Tonight On A Plane 69
Don’t Tariff My Tacos 63
Bored Of Education 62
I Love My iPod Paperweight 60
Brian Got A Haircut 59
God Save The Queen 56
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 52
Guess Who Booked A Cruise To Cuba? 51
We Are Not Amused 50
Cody’s 1% 49
The Nameless Ones 48
Our Team Betrayed Us 47
It’s A Good Day To Get Last Place 42
Sponsored By Plato’s Closet 41
I Forget 41
Team Horse 41
Godzilla With The Infinity Gauntlet 39
Clean Juice Is Overpriced 27

May 1 Trivia Rankings

May 2, 2019

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play this week – and also to watch a Canes game. We’ll do more trivia next week, shall we?

Note: It’s the last few days to vote for Tomato Jake’s for best Trivia Night in Durham County. Head over to and click on Best of the Triangle then the 2019 ballot and go to Out & About. The category is third from the bottom.

This week, we played British Bulldogs, got sexy with People and had it out with a little French girl. These these ladies told us what they don’t want…

Now let’s see how your team did this week…

Does Anyone Else Miss The Humpty Dance? 71
Dangerously Close To A Team Of 9 66
The Outsiders 65
Duh. It Is May 64
Canes Fever 63
Baking Tip: Add Stale Peeps To Your Brownies  For Extra Gooeyness 62
Endgame Spoiler: It Ends With Credits 62
America’s Ass 61
Podrick’s Next 61
Katy’s Here. Ice Cream? 59
Yes, Virginia, There IS An NC Hockey Team! 58
Keep the Earth Clean. It Isn’t Uranus. 58
Arya Stark Fan Club 57
It’s Gonna Be May 56
What Do We Say To Trivia Defeat? “Not Today” 56
You Wanna Pizza Me? 47

April 24 Trivia Rankings

April 25, 2019

Another fantastic week and another great crowd that came out for a magnificent game. And some even came for the trivia.

Please take a few minutes to vote for Tomato Jake’s as Best Trivia Night in Durham County at’s Best of the Triangle. Polls close May 8 and if we win there will be an awesome party!

This week, we medaled on Dancing With the Stars, hit the Hot 100 with Weird Al and got the Lannisters to make nice thanks to Elmo. Plus there was the schedule reveal by the Tar Heel State’s NFL franchise…

Now check out the team rankings for the week. See how you measure up and we’ll do it again next Wednesday.

The Night King Did Nothing Wrong 68
Endgame Spoiler: Howard the Duck Saves The Day 65
Bored of Education 64
“Is The Big Woman Still Here?” 63
Back of The Class 62
All In 60
Storm Warning: Hurricanes Approach Capital 58 (tie)
Thanos Did Nothing Wrong 58 (tie)
DINKs With Dogs 54
It’s Gonna Be May 54
Podrick’s Next 53
Justice League Wasn’t That Bad 49
Skeleton Crew 49
Team Definitely Not Russian Spies 44

April 17 Trivia Rankings

April 18, 2019

Another fine, fine week for trivia (honestly, the weather could not have been better). Missed some familiar faces but always lovely to see new ones, including the first canines of the season.

Please take a few minutes to vote for Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County over at and their Best of the Triangle (the category is third from the bottom in the Out & About section). If we win, there will be prizes and treats and a celebration the likes Quizlings have never seen! Seriously, it’ll be fun.

This week, we saw the unseeable, played cards with a dummy and threw knives at the ground and grabbed them with our teeth. Plus we saved on insurance with a cool bird …

Now let’s check out the trivia rankings for the week. How’d your team do?

Tampa Bay: Bracket Buster 64
Where Will Quasimodo Sleep? 61
Don’t Be A Moby Dick 61
Trivia Easter Egg Hunt? 60
Shouldn’t Captain America Be A General By Now? 59
Blame Quasimodo 58
The Real Housewives Of Westeros 58
Our Lady is Smokin’ Hot 55
The Goodest Teachers 52
The Night King Likes Shrimp Cocktail 48
We Met Zion 46
Great Minds Drink Alike 46
Beware The Blue Eyes 38

April 10 Trivia Rankings

April 11, 2019

It was a lovely night for trivia but it was a diminished albeit enthusiastic crowd that took advantage of the opportunity. (Regulars: You are ALWAYS missed!) We’ll do it again next week and every week thereafter.

Please vote for Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at’s Best of the Triangle 2019. If we win, you Quizlings get a mega thanks in the way of free grub, thanks to Glen, and double the Big 3 Prizes, courtesy of Sparky. Voting ends May 5th so tell your friends and family. Anyone with an email address can cast a ballot*!

This week, we got diseases from hedgehogs, played Scrabble in Gilead and evolved our Charmander into “hands down one of the coolest Pokémon out there.” Plus, there was this ice cream memory…

Now check out the team rankings for the week. Enjoy!

go canes. no caps. 66
Tonight Only: Free Pollen On Every Pizza! 65
I Can’t Smell or Taste Anything – Glen, Do Your Worst 65
Winter Fell And It Can’t Get Up 61
Department Of Homeland Insecurity 60
Team [Redacted] 59
Is This The Yellow Snow They Warned Us About? 58
Bored Of Education 58
Winging It 58
Breaker Of Breadtsicks And Mother Of Calzones 56
No Love For Bob Seger 50
Beer Before Glory 43

*While you are voting in Best of the Triangle at, please vote for some of out pals (worthy of your time):

Best Trivia Night in Durham County – Tomato Jake’s

Best Wings in Durham County – Tomato Jake’s

Best Comic Book Store in the Triangle – Ultimate Comics

Best Pet-sitting Service in Durham County – Rachel McNeil

Best Pet-sitting Service in Orange/Chatham County – Rachel McNeil

Best Veterinary Practice in Orange/Chatham County – Cats Love Housecalls

Best Nonprofit in Orange/Chatham County – Carolina Tiger Rescue

Best Hardware Store in the Triangle – Ace Hardware

April 10, 2019


It’s the LAST DAY to VOTE for Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria for BEST TRIVIA NIGHT IN DURHAM COUNTY at indyweek’s Best of The Triangle 2019. The category is third from the bottom in the Out & About section. I’d appreciate your support and it’s a party if we win, Quizlings!

March 20 Trivia Rankings

March 21, 2019

Another great week of trivia! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play in a very competitive game (3-way tie for first place!). We’ll do again in seven days so don’t miss a single week of the fun.

Please take a few minutes to nominate us for Best Trivia Night in Durham County in’s Best of the Triangle 2019. You must nominate in 25 categories for it all to count (cumbersome, I know) so check out our recommendations below* and remember what Glen said: “Everyone eats free if we win this thing!”

This week, we talked about German candy, now-and-forever movie musicals and the closest planet to ours (not what you thought). Plus there was this extremely 80s music memory:


March 13 Trivia Rankings

March 14, 2019

I’d like to think every Wednesday Night Trivia at Tomato Jake’s is special and fun and exciting and unique in its own way but this week was EPIC! Check out those scores. That is impressive.

Please nominate us for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at You have until March 23. Since you have to nominate in at least 25 categories for it to count, I have suggestions at the bottom if you need. Thanks and please spread the word.

This week, we chatted about topics along the lines of big penguins, a famous doll toyversary and which Hemsworth brother drew the short straw. Plus there was this Fab Four feature film…

Now here are the week’s trivia rankings with tiebreakers factored in. Again, an amazing display, one and all. (more…)

March 6 Trivia Rankings

March 7, 2019

Wow, what a great night of trivia! Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it possible. Honestly, if you had half as much fun as I had then I had twice as much fun as you did. But I had a heckuva lot of fun so half of that should still be enough to keep you coming back for more.

Again, please nominate Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at and the 2019 Best Of The Triangle Awards. You have to nominate in 25 categories for your ballot to count but just put Tomato Jake’s down for anything you can (Best Pizza, Best Wings & Best Local Podcast immediately spring to mind). I’ll put together some suggestions for next week and you can alter your ballot until March 25. Thanks!

This week, we talked about dinosaur kings, America’s movable fighting man and the tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. Plus there was this forgotten TV dick (and, yes, that’s Morgan Freeman as Harry)…

And here are this week’s team rankings. See how you stacked up against the competition!

Bored Of Education 69
9021:( 69
PoTrumpKim Village 69
I’m So Angry I Broke My Car Key In Half 67
Drink Apple Juice. OJ Will Kill You 62
No Seats For Trivia 57
Capture The Flag Huggers 56
My First Night With Glen 54
A Song Of Pizza And Beer 52
Colton Is A 254-Pound Gazelle 49
Fat Tuesday Leads To Wide Wednesday 48
Honeymooning At Trivia 46
Someday, You’ll Be Us 45
Petition For Jake’s To Sell Milkshakes 43
Average Joes 40
Avengers 40
The Southside Serpents 39