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May 3 Trivia Rankings

May 3, 2017

What a fun night – and a lovely night – for trivia! Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it out to play. I hope you had half as much as I did (ideally, I hope you had twice as much fun but let’s start with realistic expectations if we’re ever gonna get anywhere in this relationship).

Along the way, we learned about meteorology, French cheese and Mr. Irrelevant. Plus, we learned the importance of always reading the fine print!

And maybe we had a few people humming this tune …

Now here are this week’s rankings:

Resuscitating Raisins By Adding Grape Juice 69
Our Goal Is To Suck Less Than Last Week 66
Forget The Tax Return, Show Us The High School Diploma 64
Dream On At The Dream Table With The Dream Team 64
Careful, France! Remember How Your Last Revolution Went 62
I’m Wearing A Taco On My Taco 62
I Thought This Would Be Easier 62
French Election Goes As Expected  – They Surrender 62
Andrew Jackson Told Us The Answers 61
I’m Sorry, Mr. Jackson –Woo, Trump Is For Real 61
Diarrhea Of A Madman 60
May The 4th Be With You – Tomorrow 58
Not Fast But Furious 43
There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand 41
Peachy Pudding Snoopy 39
That Time Of The Month 34
3am “Coke” Induced Twitter Rants 33
Team Rockwall 33
Catisticians 31

The Gaul!

December 12, 2015

French Cheeses

I was driving by a local high school recently when I noticed the marquee sign out front – you know the one that usually says things like Pep Rally Friday or Report Cards Next Week. I normally just pass it by without a second glance only this time a double take was required because the sign said:

French Cheese Night Thursday

What the hey?! When I was a kid, the most culturally impressive thing we ever did was the Language Olympics and Donkey Basketball, but these precious youths are sampling Roquefort and Reblochon. And this wasn’t even a private school! I guess I thought all that really separated my generation and the young people of today was cell phones and a more sexually-charged music. Was I ever wrong. These kids are out eating French cheeses and probably playing squash and polo! Do they have driver’s ed in BMWs? Is Robin Leach the school principal? Am I just so freakin’ jealous it isn’t even funny?

Asked and answered. Move along now … and don’t bloody choke on your Brie.