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February 24 Trivia Rankings

February 24, 2016

Was it the weather or the game? Either way, a diminished batch of Quizlings came out to play Wednesday night. Yet only one team went home victorious. Along the way, learned about Birthstones and Best Actors. (By the way, if you don’t watch the Academy Awards on Sunday, you’d better have a look at the highlights. I guarantee there will be at least one question about the Oscars.)

Please take a moment and vote for Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia In Durham County at’s Best Of The Triangle 2016. I would honestly appreciate the support. (And spread the word – one vote for each email address.)

Meanwhile, check out the AKC list of most popular dog breeds, see the FLOTUS list and sing along to A Whole New World

Now here are the trivia team full rankings for 2/24/16.

Kan-Ye Spare A Dime? 66
I Told A Pete Rose Joke And It Was A Gamble 61
The Poorly Educated Voters 61
I Like Jake’s Tomatoes 60
Team Thundershirt 60
My Puppy Barks At Trump 59
Tommy Used To Work On The Docks 58
The Funnel Clouds 55
Hillary Clinton Is Sexy 55
Did We Land In Oz Or Durham? 54
Hiding In Glass Bathtubs 53
Thank You, Tornado. Now We Have A Chance At Trivia! 49
Tornado Jake’s 49
Strictly Quacking 36