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He’s The Boss

July 4, 2017

Is it patriotic? Maybe. Is it necessary?  Perhaps not … but if you ask yourself Is it freakin’ awesome? then you got a whole new ballgame going.

Bruce Springsteen sings 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). Enjoy.


June 28 Trivia Rankings

June 28, 2017

Another fantastic week of trivia and another close game (a tie for first and a tie for third) but some familiar faces were missing. Quizlings, I’d better see some pics of your summer holiday or hospital stay because those are the only reasons to miss the fun!

There will be trivia (and some fireworks) next Wednesday so come out and celebrate 241 years of ‘Murica.

This week, it was all about an Amazon princess, a Russian invasion and a billion dollars worth of tequila. And then there was this special appearance:

Now how’d your team do? Here are the weekly rankings…

We Won … Wait, That’s Fake News 64
20 Years Since Tyson-Holyfield Bite Fight 64
They Can Take Our Health Care But They Can Never Take Our Trivia 62
GOP Healthcare Plan = Don’t Be Sick or Poor. Duh! 62
Opie Wan Kenobi 61
The Soggy Mints 60
Russian Dolls Are So Full Of Themselves 58
Phil’s Been Knicked 58
The Qwizarding World Of Harry Potter 55
Winnie The Pooch 54
20 Years Of Avoiding Harry Potter 53
Stone Cold Jane Austen 52
Cliff Paul To Houston 49
Purple Trolls 49
The Losers Without Fidget Spinners 48
Kid Free 44
I Thought You’d Be Taller 43
Dear Mister President, About That Fake News – Love, Time Magazine 42
Rounders Starring Matt Damon 32

_____ Fourth Of July!

July 4, 2016

I just wanted to wish everyone a safe, happy and enjoyable 4th of July! But if you can’t have a safe, happy and enjoyable Independence Day, I hope you have at least a safe and happy 4th of July! But, okay, sure – if you can’t have a safe and happy Independence Day, I hope you can have at the very least a safe 4th of July. Honestly, just stay safe. Safety first. But, let’s be honest, if you can’t have a safe Independence Day, please remember that if you can locate those missing fingers don’t forget to keep them on ice as you race to the emergency room!

They Say It’s Your Earth Day!

April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day! 

If you want to show the planet some love, THE FLEHMEN RESPONSE will be having its annual Earth Day Bonfire tonight at 8pm (EST). Looks to be a big one this year, so we’ve cut down a few redwoods to light up the night, which should make it pretty damn spectacular. And hey – if you have any old batteries or broken thermometers or anything you can’t recycle like that, bring ’em along and we’ll toss them on the bonfire. That should make for some pretty awesome fireworks!

Earth Day: Let’s love Mother Nature like Oedipus did his mom!