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Space Jam

November 12, 2014

What? Who’s there?! Let me see you!

Oh, you’re just a kid. No harm, I guess. And you wouldn’t hurt an old man, would you?

What, this thing? Oh, it’s not loaded. Just for show. Keep the thugs and punks and energy-vampires away from my shack. Nothing to steal anyway but why take chances, eh?

But – hey, you’re cold. Come here and warm yourself by my fire. Have some beans. Sit down and I’ll tell you of a time when we had electricity and gas heat and light – so much light – and didn’t have to scrounge the wastelands for food like scavengers.

What are you – 19? 20? Then this Hell is all you’ve ever known, isn’t it? Seems like forever but we use to live in comfort. Indoor air conditioning. Ample food supply. Instantaneous communications – oh, the wondrous Internet – Lolcats and pron! Man, those were good times.

But, of course, we got stupid. Dared to believe we were invincible. All that innocence was – was before those Europeans sent a probe to that damn comet! (more…)