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August 30 Trivia Rankings

August 30, 2017

A fantastic night for trivia, my Quizlings! Thanks to everyone who came out to play!

Don’t forget: We are celebrating our eighth anniversary all next month with a raffle for a night’s stay for two at a local hotel (plus maybe some other neat stuff). Get a raffle ticket for playing every week in September. Also get an extra raffle ticket for posting one of our fliers (take a pic and show me on Wednesday). ALSO (this just in!) get an extra raffle ticket for bringing a newbie! Haven’t done that in a while so let’s get some new blood in the ranks, shall we? (One extra ticket per person per scheme.)

Plus – we love the doggies so we’re celebrating the Dogs Days Of Trivia all next month as well. Bring the canines (always welcome on the patio, weather permitting) and we’ll have treats and maybe some pooch-centric giveaways. Spread the word.

As for this week, I want to say that I think we had the overall the highest scores for a bonus round without any team getting a perfect score (damn you, Brad Pitt!). Miss the festivities? Well, we went on strike with the Gdansk dockworkers, admitted the final state into the union and hiked the Appalachian Trail (App-uh-LATCH-un or App-uh-LAY-shun?). Plus there was this soda flashback…

So without further ado, here are the rankings for the week:

Look What Taylor Swift Made Me Do 68
Dragons vs. Hurricane 67
This Is The Bigliest Storm – My Waves Are Yuge 66
Joel Osteen’s Church Only Provides Shelter For Taxes 66
Trending: Flood Stilettos 65
Hashtag, Pound Sign 64
Brexit Unvasion 63
Just Married 61
The Real Housewives of Durham County 61
Houston, We Have A Problem 61
Collateral Damage 58
Trivia’s Great, Glen – Thanks For Osteen Us 57
I Don’t What Apocalypse Means But It’s Not The End Of The World 56
Nuclear Winter Is Coming 56
Hurricane Manolo Blahniks 56
Tom’s Leaving Us 54
Putin On The Ritz 50
Penguin 47
Can’t Think Of A Name 45

People I Hate (#53 in a series)

April 24, 2016

Who: The picky kid who makes a “suicide.”

Why I Hate: He stands there at the soda fountain, spying all the possible options – caffeine-free, diet, off brand, raspberry, ginger ale – and wondering exactly what to put in his “suicide” mixture. He starts off, maybe, with a little Coca-Cola and then adds some Orange drink like Fanta or Sunkist. But what next? His tiny mind is reeling with possibilities, so he takes a stab at some other cola. Nope, false start. How about Coke Zero? Wait – isn’t that diet? Oh, yeah … Dr. Pepper! That rules. A little of that definitely.

And so it goes, on and on, a 32 ounce cup filled 3 ounces at a time with healthy pauses in between while he utilizes his still-developing cerebellum to make a bloody decision. And he thinks this ridiculous concoction (which he believes he’s the first person to discover) has a magic formula that if he can somehow just happen upon by trial and error his taste buds will achieve soda nirvana. But he’s mistaken. Normally, a soda “suicide” tastes like ass; at best, some crappy store brand. So what’s the point of making one besides silly childhood experimentation that could easily be accomplished by simply hitting each soda in turn, an act that takes 15 seconds tops!

How I Justify It: His indecision might be cute and adorable if he weren’t taking an unnecessarily long time to do a relatively simple task in a busy convenience store or restaurant, while the entire time I’M STANDING RIGHT BEHIND HIM WAITING MY TURN!!!! Move it along, you little snot. It’s only soda!