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March 1st Trivia Rankings

March 2, 2017

A lovely thunderstruck crowd this week – and many thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play. The more, the merrier! In fact, the first week we break 100 attendance, I will personally double the first prize that week only! You don’t wanna miss that, now do you?

Just a few more days to nominate Tomato Jake’s as Best Trivia in Durham County at (please take a moment to show us some love, won’t you?).

This week, it was all about automobile milestones, little bones and roof lizards. And of course that’s how you get ants…

Here are this week’s trivia rankings ….

Tweeting On The Job 70
Dow Jones Not As High As Van Jones 69
“Boo! A Madea Halloween” Was Snubbed 69
Warren Beatty – If You See Something, Say Something 67
Half Our Team Is Under Six 65
Oscars So What 65
Belated Bye Bye, Bao Bao 65
Pikachu On The Rocks 63
Joe Is The Worst 62
Tomato Drake 62
It Came From Trappist-1 61
Give Up Trivia For Lent? Never! 58
And The Oscar Goes To Tomato Jakes 58
Steve Harvey’s Not The Only One 56
Sparky Goes To The Movies Too Much 52
Make America Orange Again 52
Titanic Swim Team 51
Working For The Weekend 47

December 14 Trivia Rankings

December 15, 2016

A fun night, Quizlings! Thanks to all who came to play (18 teams, give or take). The holidays won’t stop the trivia so spread the word and come back for more next Wednesday and beyond. Plus – don’t forget to post those fliers, brings newbies and wear your ugly holiday sweaters for extra raffle tix (one per Quizling per reason per week).

This week? It was all about blue movies and dino parts and the 12 Days of Christmas. Oh and the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum …

Now here are this week’s rankings. How’d your team do?

Trump: Kremlin’s Employee Of The Month 70
Trump Appoints Kanye Secetary Of Edumacation 69
Fake It Til You’re Elected 65
Why You Gotta Fight With Me At Tomato Jake’s? 64
Gnome For The Holidays 63
Burgermeister Meisterburgers 61
Help, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Reach My Pizza! 60
Not Rich Enough To Be In Trump’s Cabinet 59
Darth Vader = Drake: Tough Black Outside, Whiny White Inside 59
WTF, 2016! 57
Space Teens 53
Any Dog’s A Guide Dog If You Don’t Care Where You’re Going 52
Bah! Humbug! 47
The Team Has No Name 43
Magic Monkeys 40
Growing Pains 40
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Week 38
Desperado 33

Jurassic Perk

October 6, 2016

Thanks to all the Quizlings who drew me pictures of dinosaurs fighting. Here are just a few of them…

dino3dino1dino2 (more…)

October 5 Trivia Rankings

October 5, 2016

Our Seventh Anniversary continues – ALL MONTH LONG!!

Thanks for being there to help us celebrate. It was a great night of trivia and some awesome drawings of dinosaurs fighting (I’ll post a few later). Along the way, we talked about hurricanes, breakups and dead birds.

Oh, and there was this …

Don’t forget – all month long you get a raffle ticket just for playing trivia with us (one per adult Quizling per week) and you can get extra raffle tickets for bringing an adult newbie (one per adult Quizling per week) or posting a Tomato Jake’s Trivia flier and snapping a pic of the posting (one per adult Quizling per week). Email me with the pic (in context, please) or show me at trivia. Also, follow me @SparkyMacMillan on Twitter for other ways to gain the system.

Now here are this week’s trivia rankings. See how your team did.

Two Dinosaurs Enter – One Dinosaur Leaves 67
Go Away, Matthew. And Take The Candidates With You 65
Whip Out That Mexican Thing 64
Who Won The Trivia Debate? Us, Of Course! 63
Hurricane Party 61
I’m Doing Whole 30 So Don’t Give My Team A Brownie 57
I’d Rather Someone Steal The Timeslot From The Kardashian Show 57
Donald And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week 56
Bread, Milk And Toilet Paper 54
Between Hillary and Trump, We’ll Take Matthew 53
I Got Nothing 52
We Know Who’s Holding The Kardashian Family Jewels 51
5 Girls And A Baby 51
Godzilla For Prez: The Suffering Ends Quickly 50
Pence’s nO-Face 50
It’s Alena’s Birthday! 47
Take Me, Matthew, I’m Ready 44
Autumn Lite 44
Derek Zoolander’s Team Of People Who Look Good And Want To Learn To Read Good Too 39


July 5, 2016

Five Dinosaur Musicals

Bye Bye Archaeopteryx

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Triassic Period

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Triceratops

Pump Boys and Dimetrodons

Bring In Da Noise/Bring In Da Fukuisaurus


Five One-Hit Wonders I Always Sing Along To

Love Plus One

The Night Chicago Died

Cotton Eye Joe

Indian Reservation

It’s Raining Men


Five Tyler Perry Movies I’d Like to See

Madea Goes To Hell

Why Did I Eat Curry?

Madea’s Family Dismemberment

Tyler Perry’s House of Flying Daggers

Madea’s Big Inoperable Tumor


Five Foot-Based Phobias

Fear that big toe will dislocate during sleep

Fear two feet will fuse into one massive psuedo-foot

Fear of stinky heels

Fear plantar fasciitis will become de rigueur

Fear that Dr. Scholl isn’t really a doctor


Five Birthday Party Faux Pas

Candyless piñata

Passing wind during pin the tail on the donkey

Playing Dead Kennedys during musical chairs

Hitting on best friend’s mom during opening of the gifts

American Pie-ing Cookie Puss

Dinosaur Training

December 27, 2013

If you want to learn more about dinosaurs, don’t turn to some asinine kids show – enroll in university! Or at least take a free course. That’s why the spots for the University of Alberta’s free online paleobiology class uses a somewhat familiar character named Jurassic George to drive home the point that dinos and humans were not exactly cozy pals.