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November 2 Trivia Rankings

November 2, 2016

A fun night of trivia, Quizlings. Some might even say “intimate” but I don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment. Thanks to everyone who came out to play. If you missed it, you’re obviously a fan of the CMAs. That’s okay – there’ll be more leftover Halloween candy to be had next Wednesday.

Along the way, we learned about pumpkins, presidents and pet costumes. Plus, there were these fine fellows…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See how you did…

It’s Techni-can Not Techni-can’t 60
Still Waiting For The Great Pumpkin 58
So I Hear There’s Some Sort Of Sporting Event Tonight 57
6 Days Til No More Political Ads 55
Someone’s Losing Streak Willl End Tonight … It’s Not Ours 55
No Shame 52
The Kit Kat Club 47
Deez Nuts & Johnson 2016 46
The Three Musketeers 44
We’re Late 43
Not Putin Up With Microsoft 38
Nameless 32

And so, my Quizlings, I’ll leave you with Mr. Rip Taylor on the Letterman show…


October 19 Trivia Rankings

October 19, 2016

It was a fantastic night for trivia, Quizlings. I hope you were able to make it. If you didn’t, you missed out on how you could get your share of 25 raffle tickets. Yes, 25!!!! (I may elucidate later, so pay close attention to this space).

What happened? We talked of marsupial milk, Nobel prizes and late night regrets. Plus we got into Batman’s finances … check out the list of the Forbes Fictional 15.

Now here are the rankings. How’d your team do?

We’re Here To Actually Answer Questions 67
We’re Missing The Debate For This? 67
The Helen Keller School Of Interior Design 62
When They Go Low, We Go To Trivia 59
#ThanksCandadIFeelBetterNow 56
I Don’t Know 53
Stand By Your Pig 48
Trump & Hillary’s Love Child 43
Don’t Forget To Vote November 28 42
This Debate is Trivial 41
Bad News Beers 33
Jack Said, “Disco Spiders” 29
Shameless Plug: The Cottage Salon 29
Our Smart Guy Can’t Make It – Can We Borrow Yours? 19

Next, Please

March 28, 2016

Why are we still talking about it? Who the hell cares? I was bored with them before they started sucking up all that unnecessary media time.

Basically, here’s ten people, places & things I’m completely sick of…


Sad Papaw

American Idol Finale (quit the nostalgic promotion, Fox, and put a stake in it already!)

Oculus Rift

Budget Shave Clubs

Planet Nine

Bearded Letterman Backlash (leave the man alone. he’s retired – and apparently channeling Snuffy Smith)

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Delegate counts

What that movie or TV show cast looks like now (it’s the worst type of clikcbait and I’m not falling for it again … today!)

Yes, please, I’ve had up to here with the whole lot of you.  Please deposit your 15 minutes at the same door you should not let you hit you on the ass as you leave through it.