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Ghosts of Christmas WTF

December 15, 2019

I was out and about earlier which is strange for me because I’m often out but never about (or vice versa) and I found myself in a Barnes & Noble. Why was I in a Barnes & Noble? The obvious answer would be “books” but when am I ever obvious? I was gift wrapping for charity, if you must know, but all that really and truly is beside the point. (Charity says Hi, by the way.)

The bookstore was of course playing Christmas music, primarily because A) it’s the holiday season and B) the atheists haven’t truly found their musical niche yet. Well, the song that was playing at this particular moment was the old standard It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams. A less objectionable tune to my sensibilities than, say, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree or Feliz Navidad, both of which make me want to travel back in time and squash the rising of early Christianity to ensure I will never ever hear them again. (Of course, even then I’ve read enough sci fi and watched enough Twilight Zone to know I’d return back to 2019 to hear Brenda Lee singing Rockiin’ Around the Saturnalia Shrub or maybe Jose Feliciano’s Feliz whatever the hell the Spanish word for Solstice is.) (more…)

Trivia Rankings: 11 December 2019

December 12, 2019

Thanks to the Quizlings who made it out to play this week. A lower turnout, to be sure, but it’s the holiday season. People are out and about, dealing with holiday things that people do. Plus there’s exams and travel and, frankly, I’m surprised I made it out. Bottom line: I missed some regulars. Happy holidays and hope to see you soon.

The raffle tickets continue to be dispensed. Next week, wear an ugly holiday sweater, get an extra ticket. Bring a newbie, get an extra ticket. Draw me a picture of the War on Christmas, get an extra ticket (I get to keep the picture BTW). The New Year’s Raffle will happen on January 1st (we’re off on Christmas Day; already Fandangoed our tickets to see “Cats”). Getcher raffle tickets on 12/18 and 01/01! Must be present to win. All rights reserved. Trivia may be made in a factory that processes tree nuts.

This week, we gave shout outs to some rock and roll music, Dickens closing lines and cows that cause catastrophes. Plus there was this woke holiday classic…

Now let’s see how the teams stacked up this week. Hey, look at that! May I point out that 75% of the teams got a score of 60 points or higher? That is impressive, Quizlings!

Rudy The Red-Handed Ukraine-deer 69
Cocaine Santa 68
Channing Tatum Tots 67
Moby Ridiculous 66
Lizzo Be Eating The Haters 63
Jungle Bells 62
Our Sweaters Have Great Personalities 61
Santa Baby Yoda 61
Something Witty And Alliterative 60
Chestnuts Roasting in Hell 56
Gordo’s Crew 47
Duck Duck Gray Duck 44

August 14 Trivia Rankings

August 15, 2019

What a lovely evening for trivia. Despite the threat of rain, Quizlings flocked to Tomato Jake’s to try their skill at the coveted prize of a $50 gift card. It was  a close game but we eventually found our winnah!

Thanks to the Quizlings who brought dog and cat toys to donate to charity. They received raffle tickets for their generosity. Want your raffle ticket for our Dog Days of Trivia gift basket drawing? Bring a pooch to the patio or, next week, bring a donation to the Pet Food Pantry (nonperishable unopened bags/cans only, please). One ticket per Quizling per week.

This week, we talked about constellation twins, Dickens villains and impeachable prezes. Plus there was this PSA from the past…

And an insurance pitchman with wheels…

Now let’s see how the teams ranked this time out. We’ll do it again next week, shall we?

Hauer About a Rutger Question? 71
School Supplies Make Teachers Cry 69
I’m A “Fredo” You’re Wrong – It’s Not A Slur 69
Don’t Trivia-lize Us! 68
Orange 67
Bananaphobia Is Real 65
Nerf Or Nothing 65
Sherlock Jerome’s On The Case 64
My Suicide Watch Was A Rolex 63
Randall’s Fitness Center 58
50% Lefty 56
The League of Extraordinary Guessers 55
The ™ 53
The Jonas Brothers Stole Our Answers 49
The Fartfaces 48
Yang Gang 44
Read It On Reddit 36
Last Hurrah Before College 35
Same Pizza, Different Week 32
Red Hot Trivia Peppers 31

April 25 Trivia Rankings

April 26, 2018

Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it out to play this week. It’s a busy, transitional time of the year for many, so I hope to see some missing faces soon. If we fill the place up then Glen might just give us ice cream!

This week it was all about American Girl Dolls, Pulitzer Prizes and Charles Dickens. And because I promised, here’s a behind the scenes look at one of the songs mentioned Wednesday night…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings:

Uranus Stinks … Yeah, We Know 67
We Still Want Our Prize Money In Cookies 67
Working For Ronny and Donnie 63
Perfect Date – Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold 58
It’s Gonna Be May 57
Macron-aroni & Geeze(r) 55
My Broshake Brings Macron To The Yard 53
April 25 Is The Perfect Date 50
Les Planet “B” Team 46
Our Team Is The Bomb … Syria…sly 45
Tactleneck 45
Trump’s Doctor (Is) Strange, Love 44
Two Blondes And A Lawyer 42
Pedego e-Bikes 29