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FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Father’s Day Edition)

June 17, 2017

Five People I Wished Were My Dad When I Was A Kid

Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray on My Three Sons)

Evel Knievel

Captain Kangaroo

James Bond

Paul Lynde (yeah, I know – but at the time …)


Five Things My Father Never Taught Me

How to ride a bike

How to fish

How to manage my finances

The birds and the bees

How to find him when he went away


Five Dad Cliches

I don’t pay to heat the whole neighborhood.

Because I say so!

Go ask your mother.

I brought you into this world – I can take you out!

Let’s not tell your mom about this, okay?


Five of My Favorite Fathers

Father Time

Father Ted

Father Christmas

Father Guido Sarducci

Father Goose


Five Fictional Characters with Severe Daddy Issues



Luke Skywalker

The singer of Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone

The Huxtable Kids (totally in retrospect, of course)



November 25th Trivia Rankings

November 26, 2015

Many thanks to the Quizlings that came out to play in a pre-Turkey Day trivia feast. Someone went home one Butterball richer and we learned that a majority of people agree it’s just too damn early for Christmas music!

I hope everyone has a great holiday, however you celebrate or don’t celebrate. Me, I’ll be working and volunteering and coming up with questions for next Wednesday’s trivia night. Don’t miss a week of it – we’ll be quizzing at Tomato Jake’s on through the holidays and into the New Year without skipping a beat.

And so … just to prove I don’t make this stuff up (except for athletic birthdates) …

Now here are the complete 11/25/15 rankings…

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers 68
Thankful For Sparky 58
Escape From Philly 52
Sparky Swears It’s His Last Year At The Kids’ Table 52
Turkizza (A Turkey Stuffed With Pizza) 51
In Soviet Russia, Turkey Shoot You 50
May The Turkey Be With Us 50
The Stuffed Turkeys 50
The Wookiees 48
Thanksgiving Episode 7: The Fork Awakens 48
Harold And His Purple Crayon Got My Hair 48
50 Shades Of Gravy 45
Don’t Touch My Steak 42