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October 19 Trivia Rankings

October 19, 2016

It was a fantastic night for trivia, Quizlings. I hope you were able to make it. If you didn’t, you missed out on how you could get your share of 25 raffle tickets. Yes, 25!!!! (I may elucidate later, so pay close attention to this space).

What happened? We talked of marsupial milk, Nobel prizes and late night regrets. Plus we got into Batman’s finances … check out the list of the Forbes Fictional 15.

Now here are the rankings. How’d your team do?

We’re Here To Actually Answer Questions 67
We’re Missing The Debate For This? 67
The Helen Keller School Of Interior Design 62
When They Go Low, We Go To Trivia 59
#ThanksCandadIFeelBetterNow 56
I Don’t Know 53
Stand By Your Pig 48
Trump & Hillary’s Love Child 43
Don’t Forget To Vote November 28 42
This Debate is Trivial 41
Bad News Beers 33
Jack Said, “Disco Spiders” 29
Shameless Plug: The Cottage Salon 29
Our Smart Guy Can’t Make It – Can We Borrow Yours? 19