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Last Chance To Vote!

May 15, 2016

Today is the last day to vote in Best of the Triangle 2016. Polls close at midnight.

My trivia night is a finalist and I would dearly love to win this thing. Why? There’s no money, no perks and very little prestige but I can lord it over all my enemies, so that’s something.

Please go to and find the Best Of The Triangle balloting. Look for the Out & About section and scroll down to Trivia Night In Durham County. Click on Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria and follow the prompts to make your vote counts.

It’ll take a few minutes, tops, but make me very grateful. Also, if I win, I promise to make sure everyone can get The Independent for free!




May 9, 2016

It’s an honor just to be nominated but I wanna win so bad I can taste it.

I’m a finalist for Trivia Night in Best Of The Triangle over at Thanks to everyone who nominated Tomato Jake’s but the voting’s not over yet.

If you would be so kind, please take a moment to vote for Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria in the “Out & About” section of the ballot for Best Trivia Night in Durham County. You will have my undying gratitude and the smug satisfaction that my success is owed completely and utterly to you.

Thanks so much! (And spread the word.)

The Votes Are In!

June 5, 2014

Thanks to everyone who voted for @SparkyMacMillan and Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia in the Independent‘s Best of the Triangle awards! Finalists, once again … but it’s an honor to be nominated (he said through clenched teeth).

Seriously, I always appreciate any support anyone has ever given me since its not something I’m accustomed to from my upbringing and it means so much to me that total (well, semi-total) strangers would take the time to show their appreciation for something that I so totally enjoy doing, often for little to no money.

Keep reading, keep quizzing, keep supporting and I promise not to let you down in any way that isn’t completely expected based on my abilities and psychological make-up.