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January 10 Trivia Rankings

January 11, 2018

Far fewer flakes than last week, Quizlings. Thank Fishel for small mercies, eh? But a hearty thanks to all who came out to play.

Remember, Archer fans – you won’t want to miss next week’s game. Some lucky trivia player will go home with a special Archer-related prize from my own personal collection!

This week? We chatted about poetic birds, retired Bulls jerseys and sick film parents. Plus somebody got hepatitis! And then there was this big reveal…

Now, let’s see how your team did this week. Here are the rankings for 1/10/18:

Oprah/Hanks 2020 66
Call Me By Your Trivia Name 63
The Ugandan Knuckles 60
Mr. Ed The Real Stable Genius 60
YOU Don’t Know Jack 57
The Very Stable Trivia Geniuses 56
Golden Globes Heavyweight Champion 56
Colleen Will Take Your Leftovers 56
Four Tacos 55
Unstable Geniuses 54
Unstable Table 48
For Sale: Framed Penguin 47
North Korean Bobsled Team 47
We’re, Like, Really Smart At Trivia 46
Life’s A Beach 45
The HQTies 43

March 1st Trivia Rankings

March 2, 2017

A lovely thunderstruck crowd this week – and many thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play. The more, the merrier! In fact, the first week we break 100 attendance, I will personally double the first prize that week only! You don’t wanna miss that, now do you?

Just a few more days to nominate Tomato Jake’s as Best Trivia in Durham County at (please take a moment to show us some love, won’t you?).

This week, it was all about automobile milestones, little bones and roof lizards. And of course that’s how you get ants…

Here are this week’s trivia rankings ….

Tweeting On The Job 70
Dow Jones Not As High As Van Jones 69
“Boo! A Madea Halloween” Was Snubbed 69
Warren Beatty – If You See Something, Say Something 67
Half Our Team Is Under Six 65
Oscars So What 65
Belated Bye Bye, Bao Bao 65
Pikachu On The Rocks 63
Joe Is The Worst 62
Tomato Drake 62
It Came From Trappist-1 61
Give Up Trivia For Lent? Never! 58
And The Oscar Goes To Tomato Jakes 58
Steve Harvey’s Not The Only One 56
Sparky Goes To The Movies Too Much 52
Make America Orange Again 52
Titanic Swim Team 51
Working For The Weekend 47