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Face Time

May 15, 2017

I’m a big fan of Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty series. Not only is it a hilarious send-up of sci fi with a hefty dose of family dysfunction thrown in but the self-aware, clever humor consistently amazes me. We don’t have the full season three quite yet but neat, little gems like this Alien: Covenant promo will tide us over.


In Space No One Can Hear You Mainstream

May 3, 2014

Ah, the wonderful 70s! The dawn of the movie merchandising era when toymakers weren’t quite sure exactly how to market their big screen tie-ins. Like this one – the sci fi/horor flick Alien! Just something about an egg-layin’, belly-explodin’, mandible-protrudin’ killer monstrosity that screams sell me to kids and show my ads during reruns of “Scooby Doo!” 

Hey there, kids! Getcher very own Alien toy! You can’t see the movie because you’re too young and it would scare the everloving crap outta ya, but you know it’s cool because there’s a toy! Maybe you can let your Alien toy play with your Last Tango In Paris GI Joe!