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A Ballot To The Head

October 26, 2016

I was talking with a co-worker about the upcoming election and commented that I couldn’t wait until next week when it would all be over. My co-worker reminded me that the election wasn’t November 1st but November 8th and we still had two weeks to go until the election.

It’s funny. I can’t be sure but, at that moment, I think I could actually hear the sound of my soul being crushed.


Ten Random Things That Have Kept Me Awake At Night

August 7, 2015

My student debt

The 2016 election (seriously, one of the jokers will be our next president)

How can I get more Twitter followers?


My doctor’s appointment next week.

Why does somebody keep paying Adam Sandler to make movies?

Blue bell ice cream is back.

Ronda Rousey kicking my ass

Will I get into a decent fantasy football league this year?

Some scientists think the universe is not real and that our reality is just a simulacrum created by robots. Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to sleep when I think I could be watched by a bunch of omniscient robot gods?