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This is Patalano. He’s a pretty cool cat – sweet, easygoing and affectionate. He arrived at Safe Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic, as many do – homeless, knocked about by life and cast out by society. He received a warm bed, TLC and a complete check-up from our medical staff. However, it was immediately obvious to the vet and the staff that something was up with Patalano’s eyes. That something was easily diagnosed as entropion, an inward curvature of the margin of an eyelid. Nothing new really. Although it more often affects dogs, Safe Haven has seen cats with this condition before and it’s quite correctable through surgery. Thing is, surgery isn’t inexpensive since feline ophthalmological specialists don’t come cheap. Moreover, rechecks, meds and the accumulated treatments that come with a cat needing specialized eye care tend to add up. The great news for Patalano is that Safe Haven takes care of all medical needs, regardless of price, before a cat is adopted. Being a no-kill shelter, Safe Haven wouldn’t dream of thinking of Patalano as a number or a liability. Sadly, many shelters don’t take such an enlightened and compassionate view and would have either killed Patalano because of the cost or adopted him out with the problem, passing the expense onto an adopter or condemning him to suffer needlessly. And because many of the hundreds of felines that come through Safe Haven’s doors are in need of eye care, whether short-term or permanent, I set up the SEE Is For Cats Fund. Basically, it’s a special fund that donors to Safe Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic can choose to give to and know that their gift will help guys like Patalano. SEE Is For Cats was started to honor the memory of my late Benjamin (1992-2008) who had his left eye removed due to a tumor when he was a kitten (not that he let it slow him down an iota). Ultimately, I know that every dollar Safe Haven gets benefits the cats and kittens in some way, whether it’s food, shelter, spay/neuter services or a catnip mouse. But for right now I’m telling you Patalano’s story in hopes that I might encourage you to give to the SEE Is For Cats Fund.

Go to the shelter’s web site at and see how to give online or send a donation directly to SAFE Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic: 8431-137 Garvey Drive Raleigh, NC 27616. Just mention the SEE Is For Cats Fund in the comments section or write it on the donation form. This blog exists primarily to entertain but every now and again I feel the need to share something that has proven important to me. And trust me: this is very important to me. If I’ve ever entertained you for just a moment with something I posted, said or asked in the way of trivia, please consider supporting Patalano and the special needs of so many Safe Haven cats. Thanks so much.

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My late Benjamin (above), in cute kitten form & piratey adulthood.

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