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Hard To Believe

September 2, 2016

You don’t have to be a fanboy to appreciate this little publishing gem – it’s the BEST COMIC BOOK COVER EVER!

Yes, it’s the actual cover to Dell’s The Rifleman #10 (1962) featuring a very-happy-to-see-you Chuck Connors and a young boy who had better have grown up to know a good therapist.

And you thought my Giant-Size Man-Thing was awesome.

April 3, 2015



Woo hoo! It’s that time of year again! What time? Time to VOTE in Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle for 2015.

Okay, yeah – you’ve got important things to do but if you don’t mind and you’re so inclined I would certainly appreciate it. Here’s the skinny:

Go to and vote for as many Triangle-area businesses, people and things as your heart desires. You’ll have to register but that’s relatively painless. PLEASE NOTE: You must vote for at least 25  to have your ballot count. You can come back to your ballot and finish it any time until polls close on April 26.

Ulterior motive? You got me. I’d love your vote for Best Blog and certainly think  Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria deserves Best Trivia Night in Durham County. But the voting is up to you. Just spread the word. The more people who vote, the more accurate results should be. Voters do not necessarily have to live in the Triangle – just have an opinion about the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill vicinity.

Best of the Triangle at Please VOTE early and often. Thanks so much.

[It is now after April 26, so too late to vote this year. I hope you did already vote and I hope I win. If I do win, I promise to use the immense wealth and power the honor brings to end world hunger and create a new understanding between all peoples.] 

People I Hate #781 (In A Series)

August 22, 2014

Who: Cookie Puss.

Why: What the hell’s he supposed to be? It’s like a space alien got nasty with a proboscis monkey. Look at him! He’s just freaky. Big bug eyes and an ice cream cone nose – tasty, sure, but if this frozen bastard doesn’t haunt your soul then you’re made of sterner stuff than I am.

How I justify it: My fifth birthday and long after the Carvel confection had been devoured by a horde of kindergarteners I awake to see his horrible visage staring at me in the darkness. My parents say it was a dream but I know the face of evil when it visits me in the night and this demonic dessert is the only thing that will never melt in the fires of Hell!


May 6, 2013

Check it out – Creed from The Office back when he was with the Grass Roots (yes, that’s him standing next to the drummer). Bonus points that they’re singing my favorite Grass Roots tune. Extra surreal 60s bonus points that the band is introduced by Jimmy Durante. Complete bonus aside that I’ve seen the group in concert. (Yes, I AM that old. I remember when the earth was cooling during the Precambrian era. Bite me!)

Bath & Beyond

May 25, 2012

Did you know that today – May 25 – is TOWEL DAY?  Probably not.  Most don’t.  But it’s got something to do with the late, great Douglas Adams, so I thought I’d pass it along.

“Listen. It’s a tough universe. There’s all sorts of people and things trying to do you, kill you, rip you off, everything. If you’re going to survive out there, you’ve really got to know where your towel is.” – Ford Prefect

Find out more about TOWEL DAY.


November 27, 2007

This is billed as The Hardest Heroes Quiz Ever.  Take it and see for yourself:


November 11, 2007

A random collection of web sites with lists.

Look down on the world with 11 PHENOMENAL IMAGES OF EARTH.





Write On!

November 10, 2007


November 2, 2007

What’s on my mind?  What have I been watching?  What have I been doing?  What have I been talking about?  The Hot Ten will bring you up to speed. 

DUMBLEDORE IS GAY.  Complete misunderstanding. Rowling merely said that the fictional wizard was a homeowner 

PHENOMENON.  The only phenomenon here is why anyone still takes Uri Gellar seriously or how Criss Angel hasn’t imploded into a black hole of smug douchebaggery.

THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION.  About as much relevance to the American political debate as Dance Dance Revolution.

TV WRITERS’ STRIKE.  Among their demands is “more respect.”  Because nothing says respect like putting Cavemen or Viva Laughlin on your resume.   

IMUS RETURNS TO RADIO.  On December 3rd.  The season of ho ho ho.  (Yeah, I know.  Going to hell.  Handbasket at the ready.)   

TOTINO’S AND JENO’S PIZZA ROLLS RECALLED.  “Yeah, dude.  Remember that time we were out of hot pockets and we had to eat those pizza rolls?  We were like totally baked.  Awesome.”  

SPICE GIRLS FLY FREE.  The gals will get free flights on Virgin Airlines during their upcoming tour.  Ah.  Um.  Please step away from the irony, ladies … slowly, and no one will get hurt.     

FEMA PRESS CONFERENCE.  Surprisingly, no one suspected questions like “Why are you guys so awesome?” and “Is it true that the sun really does shine out of your ass?” as being planted. 

OVER-HYPED BEE MOVIE.  Knock knock.  “Hi, I’m Jerry Seinfeld.  I’m going door to door to let people know that my new animated film, Bee Movie, opens today.  Here, have some honey.  I made it from ingesting and regurgitating nectar.  Did I mention that I’m starring in a new animated film, Bee Movie?  Well, gotta run.  Do you know if your neighbors are home?” 

KUCINICH SAYS HE SAW UFO.  Fer crying out loud, he could say he saw a freakin’ Leprechaun riding a tandem bike with Harry Potter in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis; it just doesn’t matter!  He’s got as much of a chance in this race as Dewey and everyone knows it!

Sparky MacMillan – his voice is like a white noise machine.

We All Scream!

October 25, 2007

Quick and fun quiz: Discontinued Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor or Band I Found on MySpace?

Check out Mental Floss and see for yourself.