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August 31 Trivia Rankings

August 31, 2016

A very interesting night of trivia so thanks to all the wonderful Quizlings who came out to play. Reminder that Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia will be celebrating our seventh anniversary every week in September. That means for the next four weeks you’ll be treated to special games, special prizes and maybe some special rounds of trivawesomeness.

This week was all about Phelps Face, Zhu Zhu music and serious Francophilia. Oh – and this dude…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings from top to bottom. How’d your team do?

The Unemployed Oompa Loompass 71
Tebow Doesn’t Have A Prayer 62
Tom Brady’s New Hairdon’t 55
Team Name 54
Heaven Got Wilder 54
Kanye Made Us Famous 53
My Drinking Friends Have A Trivia Problem 52
Despite All Our Rage, We’re Still Just Nicolas Cage 49
A Team Has No Name 49
Freudian Sips 49
Pikachu vs. Rudolph 48
Returning Participation Medal Winners 47
Timmy’s Avengers 45
Sickenstein 45
Mexico’s Paying For My Yuge Pizza 44
We May Lose Every Week But Our Team Name Is On Point 41
1 Pack 1 Goal 41
Still Waiting For Our Calzones 40
Jack, Come Back 39

FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Batman v. Superman Edition)

March 25, 2016

Five Things Superman and Batman Fight Over

Which is cooler – the Batcave or the Fortess of Solitude

Who has the more tragic backstory

What toppings to get on a pizza

Who left the toilet seat up

Whether to raise Robin Jewish or Lutheran


Five Surprising Things In Batman’s Utility Belt

Universal Remote

Axe Body Spray

Hello Kitty Band-Aids

Pickle Relish

A naked picture of Aunt Harriet


Five Lame Superman Superpowers

Super-Green Thumb (his garden is awesome!)

Super-Karaoke (his air guitar is pretty great, too)

Super-Lint Roller (can attract all the fluff and cat hair in a room)

Super-Seasoning (knows just what herbs & spices to add to any dish)

Super-Regularity (poops everyday at 7:43am, like clockwork)


Five Milestone Comic Book Issues

Detective Comics #27 – First appearance of Batman

Superman #10 – Fifth appearance Lex Luthor (first bald Luthor)

Batman #600 – Donald Trump buys Wayne Manor

Superman Family #185 – Perry White’s prostate cancer scare

World’s Finest #259 – Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent attend a key party


Five Justice League Hazing Initiations

Taking Aquaman “midnight swimming”

Streaking through the Legion of Doom HQ

Drinking a fifth of vodka and reciting the Green Lantern oath

Pantsing Alfred

Burying the Wonder Twins in a shallow grave in the desert


3/23 Trivia Rankings

March 23, 2016

Another fantastic night for trivia, Quizlings. Thank you for joining us.

If you missed it (shame on you), you can catch up by reading some Calvin & Hobbes, following The Pope on Instragram,  enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s and seeing what so-called “stars” are dancing this season.

Meanwhile, let’s watch Pepe the King Prawn from The Muppets flirt with Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer…

Now, here are the trivia rankings for this week. See how your team fared.

First Sign Of Apocalypse – Bush Endorses Cruz 67
Obama Libre 67
Seriously? 67
Punkier Bewster 66
Sparky/Glen 2016 63
Team Windows 98 – We’re Always Crashing At Your Mom’s House 62
Bye Bye, Braces 62
We’re Falafel 59
Bill Chose Other Women Over Hillary. You Should Too 59
Jesus Was Probably The First Scarecrow 57
Team Name Worthy Of A Brownie 57
The Red Hot Trivia Peppers 54
Your Candy Or Your Life 51
Boaty McBoatface 50
Slytherin 48
The World Needs A 🙂 48
The Ellen Degenerates 46
Did We Need To Study For This? 42
Our Casey Is Always Late 42
Chillin’ With My Peeps 40
Mildly Severe 37
Jakes? Why Did It Have To Be Jakes? 36

Anime (1997-2016)

March 11, 2016


I said goodbye to my lovely little Anime today. The bob-tailed beauty was 18 and had been a part of my life since she was about a year old. Friends aside, that is the longest relationship of my adult life.

Anime first came to my home when I was looking for a companion for my late Benjamin. He’d been an only cat for six years and I wasn’t sure how he’d take to another feline in his territory. I chose Anime because she seemed sweet, affectionate and eager for companionship – and I hoped, being half his size at around 7 pounds, she wouldn’t seem too much of a threat to Ben. That was an excellent choice because Anime and Ben became fast friends and could often be seen lying in the sun, grooming one another or chasing each other around the house (each in turn as the chaser/chasee).

For about a year now, Anime had been living on some sort of borrowed time. She stopped eating her regular food last spring and soon stopped eating much of anything. I tried nearly every food, dry and wet, I could buy or borrow but about the only thing she seemed to enjoy was cat treats and, being a finicky feline, the treat she desired seemed to change on a daily basis. That kept me on my toes, but by providing her with a feline smorgasbord to tempt her tummy I managed to get her to put on a few more ounces and stay with me until now when cancer crept in to take whatever vitality and dignity she had left.

My veterinarian would joke that for the last year Anime was kept alive by air and love. I can only attest to the last ingredient.

In honor of Anime, I am making a donation to SAFE Haven For Cats, the no-kill shelter where I first met her. I encourage anyone who has ever known, loved or cared for a furry companion to do the same.


A young Anime, shortly after I adopted her

March 2 Trivia Rankings

March 2, 2016

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. A few of you regulars were missed so we sure hope to see you next week.

In the meantime, please VOTE for us over at  in Best Of The Triangle (polls close Sunday). I do this trivia thing because I love to do it. I’ll keep doing it until I can’t any longer (read: “cold, dead hands”). Winning something like this would be pretty damn awesome, I have to admit. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Also, read about that record-setting Spidey comic book and check out astronaut Scott Kelly’s simian escapades …

Now, here are the team rankings for this week.

We Know Words. We Have The Best Words 69
More Cher Questions 68
#OscarsSoLong 68
Trump/West 2016 59
Candian Visa Appllicants 57
6th Time Is The Charm … For Leo 55
Super Tuesday? Meh. Super Wednesday? Pizza! 54
Roy Williams Didn’t Faint Grayson Allen Tripped Him 49
Give The Bear An Oscar 48
I Wanna Be Leo’s Trefoils 48
What’s The Opposite Of Christopher Reeve? Christopher Walken 46
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 45
Donald Is Cruzing To W.H. 44
Birth Ballers 37
Political Jokes Often Get Elected 37
Over The Hillary 35
2 White Guys And An Oversized Asian 32
White Lightning 23

February 3 Trivia Rankings

February 4, 2016

Thanks to all you Quizlings who came out to play. I was very impressed that some of you knew some very obscure trivia – even Teen Wolf’s jersey number!

Next week, I predict a few Valentine’s Day posers and perhaps a Superb Owl question or two.

Now, quick like bunnies, on to this week’s trivia team rankings…

Insert Caucus Joke Here 63
Trump Got Trumped 60
The Beauty School Dropouts 57
Let’s Flip A Coin For It 55
Trumper Tantrum 55
Hillary’s Starting To Feel The Bern 48
Trump’s Border Patrol 48
Cruzin’ For A Bruisin’ 47
Iowa Caucus Blockers 46
Hillary Wins Iowa For 75 Cents 45
The Flaming Hippos 43
Orange Crush 40
Sonic And Garlic Knuckles 39
Missing Madoff 39
Sandy Burgher Says, “Hi!” 36
We Still Got It! 36
Hope Floats 36
Jeopardeez Nuts 32
Chalupa Batman 32 (tie)
Chicken Parm, You Taste So Good 32 (tie)
What Would Trump Do? 31


January 9, 2016

Five More of My Favorite Sci Fi Clichés

The future is the past (and vice versa)

It all happened in the blink of an eye

Groundbreaking scientist/doctor thinks outside the box is killed by said box

Aliens visited Earth eons ago and that why they look like us or us them

Everything you know it is about to change


Five Business I Once Thought Were Real People

Sherwin Williams

Baskin Robbins

Bennon Jerry

Hewlett Packard

General Mills


Five Countries That Sound Like Food







Five Rarely Used Luncheon Meats


Palmolive Loaf


Scorned beef

Hidethe Salami


Five Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

Locking keys in car on first date

Trusting a scientologist

Not reading the list of ingredients

Buying the Extended Warranty


December 30 Trivia Rankings

December 31, 2015

A fine way to cap off the year, eh, Quizlings? Especially if you are a Star Wars fan. But don’t worry – there’s so much more trivia in 2016 and that’s just a week away!

Meanwhile, you can read up on the Peanuts character Franklin here or just watch the first appearance of Bobba Fett below.

And here are the full rankings for this week, from top to bottom…

I Have A Bad Feeling About This 69
Is It Winter Yet? 63
There Goes Cosby – Always Mugging For The Camera 63
The Canadian Borg Resistance Would Be Impolite 62
The Meadowlark Lemon Of Trivia 61
Wookieepedia Brown 61
El Nino, I Am Your Father 58
2015 Resolution Fulfilled 57
Stats So Raven 50
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! 46
Chip-Off The Ol’ Rock-y 45
Greater Than Velcro 45
We’re Sitting Outside; Please Give Us Candy 45
The Crash Test Dummies 40
The Prescribers Of Pain 37
Affluenza Kids 36
Better Late Than Never 36

TCM Remembers 2015

December 27, 2015

A little misty now? Sure. I’m cynical but I’m not made of stone.

What The Elf?

December 25, 2015

Uh … Happy Holidays? No. Disturbing Holidays. Geez, I watched it once and now I can’t sleep else I dream of these Moreauvian monstrosites. With their human hands and their Wegmanesque demeanors. Freaky, man, just too freaky.