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Trivia Rankings: 16 September

September 17, 2020

What a wonderful night of trivia! It may technically still be summer but that was an autumn night we had there. A marvelous autumn night. Huzzah!

What were the subjects on tap this week? We were shellshocked in WWI (but no Ninja Turtles in sight). We had breakfast with some monsters (because it’s almost Halloween). And we merged geography with sports (to make a question that even less people could figure out). Plus there was this celebrity smell …

Now check out this week’s rankings. See you next time, Quizlings!

One Meatball To Rule Them All53
Henry Henry Hippos49
Lollygaggers   47
Toxic Maskulinity  47
Virtually Bored Of Education43
The Sock Monkeys25

Trivia Rankings: 9 September

September 10, 2020

A light rain outside and a light crowd inside. But you can’t get a closer game without ties! Very nice, Quizlings. Way to make it competitive – and so much fun!

This week, we chatted about Greece-y geography, dead presidents and mythical mascots. Plus there was a very good reason you should always listen to They Might Be Giants …

Now check out this weeks rankings. See you next week!

Suckers And Soupcans52
Two Tables, One Team51
Don’t Mask Don’t Tell50

Trivia Rankings: 2 September

September 3, 2020

A hot summer night and the only thing hotter was the oven at Tomato Jake’s. The Quizlings were ready to play, to win, to best the competition at all costs. Good fun? Or deadly fun?

Sorry. It’s beginning to sound like a bad dime store novel. I’ll clean it up a bit.

Another close game with some hefty game play. What was on the trivia menu? A little quantum physics, a superhero sidekick and some musical fear and paranoia. All washed down with an ICEE served in a Stanley Cup. Plus there was this movie memory…

Now here are the rankings for the week. See you next time!

Bad Candy 53
Still Waiting For The Brains to Arrive 52
More Meatballs More Sadness50
Joint Mask Force 43

Trivia Rankings: 26 August 2020

August 26, 2020

A lovely week and a lovely night and a lovely crowd. Thanks to all who came out to play. Hope the rest of you will make it before too long. (The rest of us? How many people do you think are reading this, Sparky?)

This week, we had a nice long chat about toys developed during war, where exactly some cheese comes from and what is the appropriate amount of rejoicing over someone’s death. Plus there was this peek into a certain quizmaster’s psyche…

Now check out the team rankings for the week. See you next time, Quizlings!

Waiting On The Brains 57
In These Unpresidented Times 54
Scott’s Tots 53
The Pepperoni Hoarders 51
We Don’t Have One Yet 49

Trivia Rankings: 19 August 2020

August 20, 2020

Rain, rain, go away. Come again on Dennis Day. (Whoa! An 80-year-old reference right off the bat! Who’s my audience? WWII veterans?!) It did rain but some diehards came out to play in the downpour of trivia. Aside from the fact that Sparky doesn’t know which way the alphabet goes (Z to A, right), we had a very fun night. We learned a few things. We are better people for the experience. And we met Moon Pie. Bonus.

Along the way, we went down the rabbit hole, enjoyed some movie candy and weighed a dinosaur. Plus there was this nostalgic call back…

Now here are this week’s scores. Peruse and enjoy.

Rain Doesn’t Dampen Our Spirits 49
WAP: Wine And Pizza 48
Canes Fan Too Depressed For A Team Name Or Whatever 43

Trivia Rankings: 12 August 2020

August 12, 2020

Another hot, steamy night of trivia. The trivia itself may not have been hot and steamy (the quizmaster definitely not) but the evening can easily said to have been.

What happened? The usual – we got sworn in as president, fought a shark, stepped foot on the moon and weighed a ton in spite of the diabeetus. Plus there was this 1980s rock anthem…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See you in seven!

J Is For Genius 55
The Bruins Suck 54
3 Blerds and a Brad 48
Save Tik Tok 44
Durham, NC 14 (incomplete)

Trivia Rankings: 5 August 2020

August 6, 2020

Another lovely week with a warm helping of delicious trivia, chased down with a dollop of ice cream. Trivia a la mode? Sure, we’ll own it.

Still missing loads of regulars who haven’t made it out to play yet. Understand your concerns but if you’re not in a high-risk category we hope you’ll give it a shot soon. We’re playing safe. And the outside is wide open for your trivia needs. Heck, sit in your car and play, I’m cool with that. Honestly, give us a shout if you have any questions about how we’re handling things. We want all Quizlings to be comfortable. See you soon.

This week, we got Rude with some Canadians, went to the top of the charts with a little number music and found that you can play the floor is lava for real – but only once it has hardened. Plus there was this pop culture memory that spanned sports, television and the pop charts…

Now check out the team score for this week. We’ll see you next time!

The City That Never Sweeps 49
The Meat 47
The Helen Keller School of Interior Design 46
We’ll Miss You, Kim 43

Trivia Rankings: 29 July 2020

July 30, 2020

Well, the rain abated and the Quizlings congregated while Sparky officiated and thus trivia eventuated. If you missed the fun, you missed a very close game (seriously, check out those scores!). Honorable mention to The Bicycles who joined in progress and stayed a round or a half.

Once again, thanks to all who played. Those still staying at home – please come out when you’re ready and able. We’d love to see you and we hope you’ll feel comfortable.

This week, we talked sports names, sexy songs and how the G in GIF is pronounced like the G in Gila Monster (end of story). Plus we’re really grateful Animaniacs taught us geography…

Now, let’s look at the team rankings for the week. Congrats, all!

#notalldreamdemons 55
I’m Not Late – You’re Late! 53
The Balls 51
Hydroxycholorowin 50

Trivia Rankings: 22 July 2020

July 23, 2020

A lovely night for trivia and a lovely assemblage of Quizlings who came out to play. Thanks, one and all. Your patronage is very much appreciated.

Do us a favor and spread the word. Let all who come close to being interested know that Tomato Jake’s is back with live, fun, socially-distant trivia. And the occasional ice cream.

This week, we waxed trivial about Hobbits, Hope and human heads (Human heads! Aiieee! I’m losing control of the van!*). Plus there was this comedic moment…

Now, here are the team rankings for the week! More next week (Virtual = Tuesday@7:30, Live = Wednesday@7:30)

We Don’t Have A Team Name Yet 57
The Meat 48
Washington Plague Squirrels 47
Virtual Teachers, Real Liquor 46
The Balls 38
Please Don’t Shoot – I’m Part Italian 37
Team Hobbs (incomplete) 10  (incomplete)

*no, you have no idea where that’s from. it’s an in joke that goes waaay back to my improv comedy days. however it is so ingrained in my cerebellum that I must follow every mention of human heads (Human heads! Aiieee! I’m losing control of the van!) with that phrase. see?

Trivia Rankings: 15 July 2020

July 16, 2020

A light night – not a night light – with some dedicated Quizlings out to prove who’s best. You’re all best, said the man who speaks only in parenting cliches. Spread the word, folks, and let everyone know we are back Wednesday nights for live trivia!

This week, we talked UK seas, TV of the 2000s and WB Xing. Plus we still can’t cure COVID-19 but we do have The Remedy

Now, check out the scores for the week (only listing the winners because they are the only ones who deserve it)…

The Meat 53
Canaries In The Mine 43
The Balls 37