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May 16 Trivia Rankings

May 17, 2018

I’m not Eddie Rabbitt and I don’t love a rainy night but I do love all the Quizlings who brave t-storms to come out and play trivia with us. Please – if you haven’t already done so – take a moment to vote at in the Best of the Triangle. We’re a finalist for Best Trivia Night in Durham County. Honestly, every vote is appreciated. Polls close May 21.

This week we took a midnight ride with Paul Revere, said goodbye to a Kidder and a Wolfe and discovered why Stacy’s Mom has got it going on. Plus, there was this Taylor Swift precursor…

Now here are this week’s rankings. See you next Wednesday!

I Paid For Play And All I Got Was This Lousy Indictment 71
Tomorrow’s My Birthday. I Like Cookies. wink wink 71
The Most Thunderful Time Of the Year 64
Laurel 64
I Can’t Take You To Dialysis, I’ve Got A Country To Ruin 64
Tim’s Tiny Tris 63
Tauntauns Are Luke Warm 61
When Harry Met Meghan 60
Hour Teecher Teeme Members R N Raley! 59
Why Pay Teachers When You Can Pay Porn Stars 58
#RedForEd 58
Royal Family Matters 56
No Name No Shame 54
Glen, Do You Have Any Other Necrophilia Jokes? 54
Protest To Drink And Drink To Protest 48 (tie)
Yanny 48 (tie)

May 9 Trivia Rankings

May 10, 2018

I scream! You scream! We all scream! Often, it’s just a primal scream at the insanity of the universe but tonight – TONIGHT – it was for ICE CREAM!

Thanks to all you lovely Quizlings who came out to play. Vote for Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at and show me proof next week and you’ll get a raffle ticket. Prize or power to the winner, it’s up to you. But please do vote for us. That would be really cool.

This week, we chatted about French presidents, NASA launches and candy villains. Plus there was this Sweet Lil’ Dude …

Now here are this week’s team rankings.

Don’t Blame Us, We Voted For Stormy 65
Saw an Atomic Bomb And Iran 63
If We Can’t Have Cookies, We Want Ice Cream, Glen 62
Putting America Back To Work Building Fallout Shelters 58
Ally Algae And Frankie Fungus Took A Lichen To Each Other 55
We All Met On Tinder 55
Fighting To Keep Our Trivia Credentials 52
Pooperintendent 51
Don’t Sass Me, Sparky 49
We’re Just Here For The Ice Cream 47
Basketball Cancelled 47
The Ocho 45
Is The Harlem Shake Still Cool? 44
Rock, Paper, Scissorhands 40
Blues Clues Booze Cruise 38
Trump’s Pulling Out Again 37
The Free Range Parents 36
Infinity Stones Don’t Melt Steel Beams 34

May 2 Trivia Rankings

May 3, 2018

What a lovely night for trivia, Quizlings! Glad you could make it (assuming you could). Miss those who missed it but there’s always next week.

Please VOTE for us for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at’s Best Of The Triangle!

This week? We went to Mars to save Matt Damon, got stuck in the Middle with some Top 40 gold and spoiled Avengers: Infinity War. Plus there was this children’s TV memory…

Now here are the team rankings for the week. How’d you do?

White House Weather Report: Stormy With A Possibility of Showers 69 (not eligible to win, over 8)
High On Dragon Energy … and Crack 68
Sparky Leaked This Week’s Questions 66
We All Met On Tinder 66
Excel Made Me Cry 66
Wolf Thrown To Sheep For A Change 66
Lint-Free French Dressing 61
Celebrity Apprentice: White House Edition 59 (not eligible to win, over 8)
Family Game Night 57
Not Drafted 54
Eye of the Wolf 53
Whoopity-Scoop Whoop-Poop 51 (not eligible to win, over 8)
Team Venture 49
Tomato Jake’s Potato Snakes 43
We All Met On Bumble 41

April 25 Trivia Rankings

April 26, 2018

Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it out to play this week. It’s a busy, transitional time of the year for many, so I hope to see some missing faces soon. If we fill the place up then Glen might just give us ice cream!

This week it was all about American Girl Dolls, Pulitzer Prizes and Charles Dickens. And because I promised, here’s a behind the scenes look at one of the songs mentioned Wednesday night…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings:

Uranus Stinks … Yeah, We Know 67
We Still Want Our Prize Money In Cookies 67
Working For Ronny and Donnie 63
Perfect Date – Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold 58
It’s Gonna Be May 57
Macron-aroni & Geeze(r) 55
My Broshake Brings Macron To The Yard 53
April 25 Is The Perfect Date 50
Les Planet “B” Team 46
Our Team Is The Bomb … Syria…sly 45
Tactleneck 45
Trump’s Doctor (Is) Strange, Love 44
Two Blondes And A Lawyer 42
Pedego e-Bikes 29

April 18 Trivia Rankings

April 19, 2018

What a beautiful night for trivia! (Technically, a beautiful night for anything so I’m glad you chose trivia.) How lovely it was to see some old faces and a few new ones as well. But those empty seats are sure a kick in the gut, metaphorically-speaking. Spread the word, Quizlings! Let’s fill ‘er up and gets us some ice cream!

This week? It was old timey snacks and mnemonic devices* and Y2K figures. And, of course, there was this Broadway melody (damn, Wolverine got pipes!) …

Now here are the team rankings for the week. See you next Wednesday!

Glen’s Back From Cancun –  Time For Ice Cream! 66
Raiders Of The Law Office 65
Cohen Seeing Hannity Behind Trump’s Back 65
Good Night Court, Sweet Prince 65
We  Were Gonna Make A Time Travel Joke But None Of Them Liked It 62
We Ain’t Got No Team Name 61
Thank You Very Little 61
Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me … Carl Kassell Died 60
The Vice Presiders Of Fun Employment, Inc. 59
NASA Shoots Sperm Into Space 57
Cohen’s Fourth Client 55
Nora’s First Trivia Night 51
Quizards of Waverly Place 44

*Here’s some of my favorite mnemonic devices from the evening…

My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nothing

My Very Excited Mother Just Sold Unicycles Nightly

My Very Enormous Mind Just Stuns Underground Nomads

My Very Excellent Mother Just Saw Unicorn Nuns

BTW the one I like to use is:

Meredith Vieira Enters My Jacuzzi Slowly Unveiling Nudity

April 11 Trivia Rankings

April 12, 2018

Lovely to see some folks back from Spring Break this week, Quizlings! As the weather warms and we sit outside and bring doggies for Sparky to pet, spread the word about our little Trivia Night and bring your friends and family and co-workers and baristas and greengrocers and pretty much anyone you know who might like our brand of fun.

This week we chatted about iconic burgers, quarterback crashes and really old school books in Oklahoma. And then there was this advertising trifle…

Now check out the rankings for the week. Someone’s gotta be at the top and someone’s gotta be … well, you know.

Trump Remodeling His Cabinet 68
We Want Our Prize Money In Cookies, Please 67
Paul Ryan’s Run Out Of Thoughts And Prayers 64
Benny Pickled The Beast 62
Twitter War For Real 60
Insert Name Here 60
You Can Have My Data – I’m Not That Interesting 59
Adele! The Answer Is Adele! 58
Ryan’s Cowards 56
We Lost Waldo 56
We Need A Better Witch Hunt 55
The Feds Are Coming! The Feds Are Coming! 54
Freedom Avengers 53
Micropigs 50
Werther’s Original: The Amber Alert Of Caramels 45
Team MySpace 42
Aviators 25

April 4 Trivia Rankings

April 5, 2018

A light turnout, a raffle for nominating and some crossword puzzle clues. All told, an interesting evening. Thanks to all the Quizlings in attendance (and come back soon, the rest of you).

Last chance to nominate Tomato Jake’s for Best Trivia Night in Durham County at (polls close Sunday). Please take a few minutes to do this and get someone you love to do it as well (or someone you hate – either way works).

This week? It was a lovely menu of KFC, salad vegetables and pickle slush – all USDA approved! And then there was this Scoobynatural crossover …

Now let’s see how your team stacked up.

Is It Curling Season Yet? 69
Star Wars > Trade Wars 69
The New England Patriots of Trivia 68
NEVER Question Josh’s Cat Knowledge 66
Eggplant² 59
We’re Only Here Becase It’s Spring Break 57
Kim’s Midnight Train To China 55
Trump Cleaned Out His Cabinet For Passover 54
Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) 52
8-Ball 50
Han Shot First 45
Take Me Out To A Ballgame 43

March 28 Trivia Rankings

March 29, 2018

What a lovely night, Quizlings! I think spring may actually have sprung after all. Thanks to all the humans who came out to play – and an extra special thank you to Booker (enjoy those Milkbones, my friend). We’ll do it again next week and all the Wednesdays to come. Spread the word and come back for more triviawesomness.

PLEASE take a moment to nominate us for Best Trivia in Durham County over at Much appreciated.

This week was all about Old English lit, kitty digits and South Park promos. And to answer your question “What’s a ‘Night Ranger’ anyway?” – – this, THIS is a Night Ranger…

Now let’s see how your team did this week.

Kim Jong-un’s Midnight Train To China 69
Some Bunny Loves You 64
Stormy With A Chance Of Indictment 64
What’s A “Night Ranger” Anyway? 63
SpringBreakWoooo 60
Periodic Table Dancers 59
Don’t Shoot Me, Bro 56
YOLO JK BRB – – Jesus 55
Savage Potato Nerdfaces 50
And Then There Were Four 47
Stormy Days Ahead For Trump 47
Uhhhhhhhhh 46
I’m So Excited For Spring I Wet My Plants 43
Millennium Sam Wilson 42
This Pizza Tastes Better Than Beyonce’s Face 38
Denim Jackets and T-Shirts 38
Mama T and Fun 37
I Drink And I Know Things 34

March 21 Trivia Rankings

March 22, 2018

Wow. What a night. Goodbyes. Hellos. An early Easter. Prizes. What. A. Night.

There was Jello-O (there’s always room), a true NCAA underdog story (go Retrievers) and the wildest pop culture drummer this side of Keith Moon. Plus there was this 15 minutes of fail…

If you’re interested in the new escape room experience that’s just around the corner, visit ESCAPE ON PURPOSE. If you want to conserve water, go to Durham Saves Water.

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Now let’s see how the teams stacked.

Everybody Hates Chris 68
Facecrook 66
Ben Carson Threw His Wife Under The Table 65
I Voted Six Times For Putin 65
Putting The Ack In Brackets 60
Snow Way! 60
Space Force Academy Cadet Bone Spur Reporting For Duty 60
Chloroform? More Like Bore-oform! 57
The Teachers  On Talk Over Me One More Time Are Armed 57
We’re The UMBC Of Trivia 56
Winter Be Like … And Another Thing! 56
Veni Vidi Velcro 53
Pineapple IS Good On Pizza 45
Talk Over Me One More Time 42
G Town’s Finest 39
You’re Fired! 39
Big Rascals 38

March 14 Trivia Rankings

March 15, 2018

A wonderful week, my Quizling! There was a Dinohat, a Los Pollos Hermanos Apron and other wonderful stuff. You had a shot if you show up. If you stayed home, you got nothing!

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This week? We talked of colorful detectives, before dinner cocktails and planetary discoveries. Plus there was this saucy commercial…

Now here are the rankings for the week. How’d your team do?

Beware The Tide Pods Of March 68
The Space Force Awakens 65
Collateral Damage 64
Rexit 64
Hard To The Corps 63
Baby Elliott On Board 60
3.14 of Hearts, Your Pie Is Ready 58
πzza 56
The Crew Crushes Genoa Salami 55
My Baking Skills Are A 3.14 53
United – Where Pets Fly Free 49
Who Farted? 49
Flannel Force 49
Roll Tide Pods 46
Tillerson Lasted 41 Scarmuccis 38
This Weather Is March Madness 38
A Lucky Pickle Is Kind of A Big Dill 33