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16 October Trivia Rankings

October 17, 2019

Man, I love my Quizlings! You guys never cease to surprise me. Last week, we had a four-way tie for first; this week, we had a four-way tie for third place! Very close game, no matter how you slice it.

Remember: November is Newbvember! Bring a newbie to play our brand of triviawesomness and there could be prizes in store. Also, bonus hint: keep in mind any hall of fame that has nominees or inductees is fair game. (Personal note: the word and and an & mean the same thing.)

This week, we attended a mad tea party, celebrated women in Hollywood and roomed with Paddington. Also, there was this seasonal tune …

Now, check out the team rankings for the week. We’ll do it again in sebben.

My Team Has Deserted Me 67
Wasted Potential 66
The Grouches 65
James and the Pro China Speech 65
Josh Isn’t Here To Edit Down Our Team Name. Sorry! 65
Retiring On Our Trivia Winnings 65
Laura Joins AARP 64
Mao ZeBron 63
A Dot For My Birthday 62
Bird Down 61
Trump’s Tiny Hands 60
Don’t Be A Tough Guy Dont Be A Fool 58
Krav Ma-Gods 57
When It Ukraines It Pours 56
Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat 50
Gordo’s Crew 48
El Camino 36

9 October Trivia Rankings

October 10, 2019

Where’d the people go? Seriously, a lot less Quizlings than last week. I have to assume we have a large Jewish contingent that was away atoning. G’mar Hatimah Tovah!

For those that were there – wow, a very close game and the second four-way tie for first place this year (perhaps, ever).

What’d we talk about? Some Down Under geography, some filthy rich US Americans and some burger chain role playing. And there was this seasonal song …

Now, let’s see who did what to whom and when …

Pumpkin Spice Spam … Too Far? 69
And The Award Goes To La La Land 69
U-Kraine’t Always Get What You Want 69
New Car Smell 69
Kurds Miss D-Day Landing Due To Bone Spur Epidemic 67
Be Kind 66
The Mandate Of Heaven 64
Shofar So Good 63
Give Us A Dot, Dammit Please 61
Saturn Just Mooned Jupiter 60
Disco Didn’t Die; It Was Murdered 55
All My Friends Are Late 49
Gordo’s Crew 48
Uncooperative Crusties 46
Trump’s Tiny Hands 46

2 October Trivia Rankings

October 3, 2019

Another fantastic week full of triviawesomness. Thanks to all the Quizlings (including some lovely new faces) who came out to play. A few math mistakes on everyone’s part aside, we got it sorted and winners were declared. More fun next week so don’t miss it!

This week, we talked about NFL losers, gaming moola and a children’s book character with no last name but two first names. Plus there was this right which, surprisingly, is not in the Bill of Rights…

Now, let’s check out the team rankings for this week. All have been adjusted for any clerical errors (a-hem). See you next Wednesday as Year 11 continues!

It’s October, Now You Can Have Your Pumpkin Spice 70
Mistakes Will Be Made 69
E-moat-tionally Disturbed 68
Wegmans! 🙂 67
Han Solo Cup 65
Can’t Beat An Irish Backstop 63
Millions Of Peaches, Impeachment For Me 62
Moot Stuffed With Alligators 60
Single, Hot North Carolinian Seeks Fall Weather For A Good Time 60
Trivia Newton John 59
Badass 47
The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! 57
Anarchy in the Ukraine 57
A Brownie-Winning Idea 57
Disney Plus & Us 56
Titanic Swim Team 53
Quiz Pro Quo 51
Quiz On My Face 47
Sex Adeel 46
Goal: Not Last 45
Indecisive 42
The Young & The Restless 37
Almost Party Of 3 35
Gordo’s Crew 35


September 25 Trivia Rankings

September 26, 2019

Ten years! Hard to imagine. Many thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to celebrate with us. We had bonus rounds and gifts baskets and hotel stays and all sorts of fun and prizes. The triviawesome continues next week, folks. Don’t miss a single week!

This week, we covered everything from European monarchies to dead person poker hands, from London tube lines to Mesoamerican-themed vehicles. Plus there was this viral vidness…

Now check out the trivia rankings for the week. Good scores and a very close game. We’ll see you next Wednesday, Quizlings.

Presidential Harassment 69
Lightning In The Thunberg 68
James And A Giant Impeach 68
Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor – Impeach-mint 67
Withhold Funds? Ukrain’t Do That! 66
Bird Up! 66
Calm Down, Karen 65
Nancy Pelosi’s Backbone 64
Pumpkin Spice Impeachment – The New Fall Treat 64
Watergate For Dummies 63
A Team Has No Name 62
We’ll Have The Impeachment Cobbler Please 59
Murder, She Writ 59
Ukraine Gave Us The Dirt On Glen 58
Happy Birthday, Leslie 58
Sparky, We Need A Favor 57
Vampire Bunnies 55
Alexa Hired Me and Alexa Fired Me 53
Can I Have The Waitress’s Number? 50
El Camino 48
Sparky & Chill 44
Tre Losers 43
Borat’s Boys 37

September 18 Trivia Rankings

September 19, 2019

A lovely autumn evening and a solid night of trivia. Did you miss the fun? Well, don’t miss next Wednesday because it’s our 10th anniversary and we’re ending the Dog Days of Trivia with our gift basket raffle. That means prizes, prizes, prizes! Must be present to win and raffle tickets are still yours for the snagging if you know how.

Topics of conversation this week? Black and white bands, Chi-town MVPs and specialized medical charts. And, of course, there was this annual toy moment…

Now let’s check out the rankings for this week…

The Question Blockheads 69
My Name Is Sparky … And Muddy Bears Are My Favorite 68
The Procrastinators 68
4 Tickets To Paradise 67
Jake’s Lights Make Me Look Orange 59
Hateful Eight 58
Technically Alcohol IS A Solution 58
Man Fights Goat 56
Warm and Fuzzy Teddy Bears 54
Already Bored Of Education 54
The Thunder Lizards 53
Remake My Movie … Prepare To Die 49
Oil Plus One 46
Hockadays And Confused 45
Spooky Season 38
Vaguely Witty Merry Pair 36
Gordo’s Crew 34

September 11 Trivia Rankings

September 12, 2019

Another wonderful night of trivia! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play.

We had ice cream and fun prizes courtesy of Jon Fletcher, Realtor (thanks, Jon!) and we got to discuss wonderful topics like Twitter retirements, video game deuteragonists and pigeons on public transportation. Plus there was this classic rock memory …

SAVE THE DATE: September 25th will be a special night because we are concluding the Dog Days of Trivia with our gift basket giveaway. You must be present to win and you can still get raffle tickets the next two weeks for bringing a pooch to the patio, drawing me a picture of your pet, showing me a picture of your pet, bringing food for a Pet Pantry donation, showing me proof you donated to a certified 501 (c) pet charity, wearing clothing with a cat or dog on it – any reason I’ve offered this summer. You must be present to win but why would you miss September 25th? We are also celebrating our Tenth Anniversary that night so who knows what could happen?

Now check out this week’s rankings. See you next time!

Kings and Queens of Teenage Pangaea 63
Sharpies On Sale at Staples 62
We Just Held A Surprise Vote 61
Jon Desserted Us 61
Is This Trivia Or Musical Chairs? 60
Pourriez-vous  S’il Vous Plaît  Répéter Cela En Française 57
Boring John And Filthy Mouth 57
One Last Trivia 56
And I Oop Troop 55
When In Doubt, Pick C 53
Chrissy Tiegen Is My Hero 52
Boltin’ Bolton 52
Birds Aren’t Real 51
Sofa King Wit Tea 49
5 Of Spades Your Order’s Ready 49
The Achemists 47
And In Last Place 46
Leapsters 44
Goal: Not Last 44
Motaur 42

September 4 Trivia Rankings

September 5, 2019

Storm or no storm, school or no school, trivia continues! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. You witnessed a four-way tie for first place – a first, I believe, in our ten years or triviawesomeness. Hope you were a part of it.

The Dog Days of Trivia continue throughout the month. Join us for our gift basket drawing on September 25 (must be present to win) and get a raffle ticket each week for bringing a pooch to the patio or for any of the other reasons I’ve offered up extra tickets throughout the season (check my social media to see what I mean).

This week, we talked about supercontinents, ecstasy ornaments and Stamos shows. Plus there was this board game from a time when kids thought ending up in the poor farm was funny…

Now check out the team rankings for the week. See you next time!

Hurricane? More Like Hurricancellation! 70
Redemption Of Poland’s Faded Brutal Architecture 70  (tie)
Stalked By A Turtle 70  (tie)
How Many People Does It Take To Win Trivia? 70  (exempt)
Bad Boys For Life 67
Dairy Queen Cannibals 67
Dorian Blows 66
Hurricanes Should be More Like Candy Canes 66
A Bunch Of Boozers 65
Popeye’s Chicken Tastes Better  Because The Recipe Lacks Homophobia 64
Category 5 Amnesia 63
Jill Is Late … 62
It’s Over. We Have The High Ground. 56
Finding Dory-an Starring North Carolina 54
Uff-Da! 45
Return of the Mebanites 42
Blinded By Pizza 42

August 28 Trivia Rankings

August 29, 2019

Another great week of trivia that, in all honesty, you should kick yourself if you missed. Seriously, we proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our universe is nothing more than a simulation. Me, I enjoy being composed of nothing but ones and zeroes and, given the chance, will take the blue pill every freaking time.

Big Announcement! The Dog Days of Trivia continue through September. We will raffle off that DDOT gift basket on September 25th – the night we celebrate our tenth anniversary! You have to be present to win the basket but why would you want to miss the revels? Also, you can get extra raffle tickets all month long for any reason I’ve previously offered extra tickets this summer (check old posts and Twitter if you don’t recall).

This week, we were all about some Spider-Man foes, NFL retirees and Gopher State locales. Plus there was this time-traveling cola…

Now let’s see how the teams did this week. Pretty nifty. eh?

Dorian the Destroyer 69
Radical Left-Wing Bedbugs 69
Quiz in my Face 69
Lawyer: Latin For Liar 68
Quiz Quiztofferson 68
Denmark Offers To Buy Senate From The NRA 65
Maybe We Can Nuke A Hurricane 62
Inside Joker 60
Big Bad Bedbug’s Blood 57
The Bed Bugs 50
The Picture Of Hurricane Gray 50
Execution By Sword 49
Does The Slaughter Rule Apply In Trivia? 47
John Hickenlooper 47
Cell Mates 46
Too Glam To Give A Damn 46
Should’ve Checked Sparky’s Twitter Hints 42
Del Fisher 33
The Brother Ladies 24

August 19 Trivia Rankings

August 22, 2019

Rain, rain, go away … come again on Arbor Day. You know Arbor Day, right – the day all the ‘andsome sailors ‘ang out by the docks. Thanks to all the Quizlings who braved the damp conditions to play our brand of triviawesomeness. We’ll do it again next week as the Dog Days of Trivia continue. Donate to a certified 501 (c) animal charity, show me proof and you can get a raffle ticket for our end-of-summer drawing!

This week, we dealt in Harry Potter spoilers (Voldemort is his dad!), Tay Tay kitty names (Burn After Reading is a horrible name for a pet!) and Fresh Prince solo fare (keep the roof blazing!). Plus there was this not-totally-made-up TV series…

Now check out this week’s teiam rankings (seriously, how’d that get there?)…

Disloyal Jews 70
Delusions of Greenland 67
Spider-Man: Far From MCU 64
Melania Concerned About Second Coming 61
If We Win, Greenland Is Ours 60
We’ll Swap DC For Greenland 60
Hot & Nerdy 59
Who Are These Kids and Why Are They On My Bus? 59
We Are Not Emu-sed 58
Hi, Dalmatian, What Number Are You? 58
The Team That Recycles 55
Insert Current Event Here 54
Cabbage Patch 52
Spider-Man Reboot 4 52
Greenland 52
I Got Nothing, Bro 49
The Outie Belly Button 44
Your Mom’s Illegitimate Children 40
Purple Rain 31

August 14 Trivia Rankings

August 15, 2019

What a lovely evening for trivia. Despite the threat of rain, Quizlings flocked to Tomato Jake’s to try their skill at the coveted prize of a $50 gift card. It was  a close game but we eventually found our winnah!

Thanks to the Quizlings who brought dog and cat toys to donate to charity. They received raffle tickets for their generosity. Want your raffle ticket for our Dog Days of Trivia gift basket drawing? Bring a pooch to the patio or, next week, bring a donation to the Pet Food Pantry (nonperishable unopened bags/cans only, please). One ticket per Quizling per week.

This week, we talked about constellation twins, Dickens villains and impeachable prezes. Plus there was this PSA from the past…

And an insurance pitchman with wheels…

Now let’s see how the teams ranked this time out. We’ll do it again next week, shall we?

Hauer About a Rutger Question? 71
School Supplies Make Teachers Cry 69
I’m A “Fredo” You’re Wrong – It’s Not A Slur 69
Don’t Trivia-lize Us! 68
Orange 67
Bananaphobia Is Real 65
Nerf Or Nothing 65
Sherlock Jerome’s On The Case 64
My Suicide Watch Was A Rolex 63
Randall’s Fitness Center 58
50% Lefty 56
The League of Extraordinary Guessers 55
The ™ 53
The Jonas Brothers Stole Our Answers 49
The Fartfaces 48
Yang Gang 44
Read It On Reddit 36
Last Hurrah Before College 35
Same Pizza, Different Week 32
Red Hot Trivia Peppers 31