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Trivia Rankings: 15 January 2020

January 16, 2020

You Quizlings continue to impress me with your high scores and all. Seriously. Another week where 75% of the scores are 60 points or higher. I refuse to intentionally make the questions harder overall but I may have to be a little choosier in the coming weeks just to keep you on your toes.

This week, we listened to some kissable music, messed with Sasquatch and lit up a New Jersey street. Plus there was this viral moment of the week…

Now check out the scores. Again. Very nice. I’m like a proud papa.

What Do You Mean “Cats” Didn’t Get Nominated? 70
Cookie Monster’s LLC 68
My Meatballs Bring All The Boys To the Yard 68
#OscarsSoYChromosome 67
Mad Online 67
Not The Jeopardy! GOAT 66
E.R.A. Virgin-i-a, Yay 66
Happy Birthday, Dr. King 65
Houston Asterisks 64
I Am Sparkytus 62
Neil Peart’s Closer To The Heart 62
Second Hand Mayonnaise 61
Freedom Avengers 60
Royals, Eh? 60
Some Kind Of Magical Disgusting Horses 57
USA, Baby! 47
No Malarkey! 43
Gordo’s Crew 40

Trivia Rankings: 8 January 2020

January 9, 2020

Another great night of trivia! I tell ya, Quizlings – 2020 is off to a grand start. Some very high scores overall (and a very close match) so I think everyone’s upped their game for the new decade.

I will note some regulars charged me with being a bit contrite this week. Sure, I cop to it. I hate to think any question I wrote is confusing or misleading and I will apologize eight ways to Sunday if I feel anyone has perceived such an occurrence. Personally, I’ve always felt saying “sorry” loses you no face or cool points. Moreover, my intent is for everyone to have loads of fun and if any team feels sour about my questions or rulings then I am honestly very humbly remorseful. Keep me honest and keep those suggestions and constructive criticism coming.

This week we said “Aaaay!” to Henry Winkler’s resume, enjoyed some stately music and defined exactly why Pluto can suck it. Plus … ah, just say, “Maclunkey!”

Now check out the scores for this week. We’ll see you in sebben, Quizlings!

20 Honey Save The Bees 70
Uncommon Trivia 69
Cats – It’s A Movie? 69
Make Pizza Not War 68
Huge Sour Patch Teachers 67
Who Is: Brad Rutter? 66
Very Hairy Jake Gyllenhaal 66
Iran Away From Papa John’s To Tomato Jake’s 66
Revenge Of The Meatballs 65
Don’t Be Tachy 63
Girl Scout Cookies Next Week 60
Spoiler: Bruce Willis Is A Ghost 59
Iran So Far Away 59
Rebel Scum And Get Us 58
New Year, New Team 57
40 Pizzas In 30 Days 57
Rowdy Young Gentlemen 56
If You’re Cold, Go Stand In The Corner – It’s 90 Degrees 52
Make Babies Not War 36

Trivia Rankings: 1 January 2020

January 2, 2020

Now THAT’S how you kick off a new decade of trivia! A lively crowd, a New Year’s raffle and a perfect game! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play and congrats to the winners (but you’re all winners in my book).

This week, we talked news anchors, Big Apple boroughs and Down Under geography. Plus there was this holiday memory…

Now check out the rankings for the first game of the New Year. Very impressive scores overall. Seriously, 75% of the teams got a score of 60 or higher. Nice.

Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! 73
Resolution: Be More Trivial 71
Pope 3:16: I Smack Your Hand 66
They Stole Our 2020 Year Joke 65
Gerryless Not Dickless 65
New Beer’s Resolutions 65
2019 Was A Blur But This Year My Vision Is 2020 64
We’re Barbara Walters and This Is 20/20 64
In 2020, We’re Sitting Outside 64
Insert Vision Pun Here 62
Exercise Less, More Pizza 62
Pocket Anchovies 60
Woodrow Wilson 2020 59
My Ball Dropped 58
Gordo’s Crew 50
Happy New Year 47

Trivia Rankings: 18 December 2019

December 19, 2019

Now, that’s what I call a pre-Yule, pre-Chanukah, pre-Solstice, pre-Kwanzaa, end-of-the-year, end-of-the-deacade trivia blowout! Thanks to all you Quizlings for coming out to play with us. It truly is appreciated. Remember: No trivia next week but join us on January 1st, 2020, for our New Year’s Day Triviaganza featuring our New Year’s Raffle! Raffle tickets are still yours to be had if you bring yourself and an extra if you bring a newbie. See you next year/decade!

This week, we looked back on the 2010s, celebrated some Tar Heel tunesmiths and raced to the South Pole. Plus there was this unique Welsh tradition…

Now check out the rankings for the week. See you in 2020, Quizlings! (more…)

Trivia Rankings: 11 December 2019

December 12, 2019

Thanks to the Quizlings who made it out to play this week. A lower turnout, to be sure, but it’s the holiday season. People are out and about, dealing with holiday things that people do. Plus there’s exams and travel and, frankly, I’m surprised I made it out. Bottom line: I missed some regulars. Happy holidays and hope to see you soon.

The raffle tickets continue to be dispensed. Next week, wear an ugly holiday sweater, get an extra ticket. Bring a newbie, get an extra ticket. Draw me a picture of the War on Christmas, get an extra ticket (I get to keep the picture BTW). The New Year’s Raffle will happen on January 1st (we’re off on Christmas Day; already Fandangoed our tickets to see “Cats”). Getcher raffle tickets on 12/18 and 01/01! Must be present to win. All rights reserved. Trivia may be made in a factory that processes tree nuts.

This week, we gave shout outs to some rock and roll music, Dickens closing lines and cows that cause catastrophes. Plus there was this woke holiday classic…

Now let’s see how the teams stacked up this week. Hey, look at that! May I point out that 75% of the teams got a score of 60 points or higher? That is impressive, Quizlings!

Rudy The Red-Handed Ukraine-deer 69
Cocaine Santa 68
Channing Tatum Tots 67
Moby Ridiculous 66
Lizzo Be Eating The Haters 63
Jungle Bells 62
Our Sweaters Have Great Personalities 61
Santa Baby Yoda 61
Something Witty And Alliterative 60
Chestnuts Roasting in Hell 56
Gordo’s Crew 47
Duck Duck Gray Duck 44

Trivia Rankings: 4 December 2019

December 5, 2019

Thanks to those who made it out to play on this fine December night. It was a light turnout, to be sure, but the competition was fierce and it was an extremely close game.

Remember to get a raffle ticket every Wednesday this month (except 12/25) and on January 1st when we will hold our New Year’s Raffle (must be present to win)! Get an extra ticket for bringing a newbie! Get an extra ticket for wearing an ugly holiday sweater (keeping in mind that beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder). That means you could get three tickets next Wednesday if you show up, bring a newbie and wear an ugly holiday sweater. (Get me: I’m giving out raffle tickets!)

This week, we chatted about balloon hoaxes, Tar Heel State parallels and Cold War toys. Plus there was this musical movie memory:

Now, let’s see how the teams stacked up this week…

12 Subpoenas of Christmas 69
AC No Moore 68
All I Want For Christmas Is Brandon Routh In A Superman Suit 67
Baby Yoda 2020 67
Hoping We Don’t Yuletide for Fourth Place 63
Cider Monday 60
El Presidente 59
No Team Like The Present 57
From Freedom Fries To Traitor Tots 56
Red Hot Trivia Peppers 47
Trudeau’s 2nd Face 40
Gordo’s Crew 40
Smarti Pints 34

Trivia Rankings: 27 November 2019

November 28, 2019

What a fantastic crowd that came out to a pre-Turkey Day quiz! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Remember that there will be trivia every Wednesday on into the new year with the exception of December 25th. And on January 1st, we’ll have our New year’s Raffle. Want a raffle ticket? Come out to play between now and then. And bring a newbie for an extra ticket. Possibly other reasons to get extra tix as we move along. Follow me on Twitter for the scoop.

This week? It was all about obscure sports mascots, puppet funerals and the southern working man’s lunch. And then there was this non-edible Turkey Day staple…

Now check out the rankings for the week…

Oh, The Humanity! 69
Who Knew Stone Cold Steve Austin Had A Basketball Team? 66
The Turkey’s Gonna Testify Too 62
The Miami Dolphins Have No Porpoise This Year 60
Those Aren’t Pillows 60
Quirky Turkeys 60
Happy Jakesgiving 59
Knives Won’t Be The Only Thing Out Tomorrow 59
Better Than Emmanuel 58
The One Where we Win Thanksgiving Trivia 57
Stuffed Turkeys 56
Stephen F. Austin For The Win 54
Does Gym Jordan Ever Wrestle With His Consicience? 54
Baby Yoda’s First Thanksgiving 53
Overcooked 49
Mac And Cheese 47
Is Greenland Still Available? 47
Clear Plates, Full Stomachs Can’t Lose 39
The In-Laws & Outlaws 37

Trivia Rankings: 20 November 2019

November 21, 2019

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play our brand of triviawesomeness. A few less than usual but it’s not quantity it’s quality, right (don’t get me wrong – I like the quantity too, so spread the word and bring out the newbies next week).

This week, we faced the music, got sexy with John Legend and got our just deserts with Plus there was this toy memory…

Now check out the team rankings for the week…

#Fartgate 69
Trivia. We’re On It. 68
Panda Express 67
Ukrain’t Be Serious 64
Hong Kong Phooey 61
Where Is Everybody?! 60
Heart Atacks Require A Heart 58
Hanksgiving 58
Nobody Puts Baby Yoda In A Corner 54
Disney+. We’re On It. 54
4 To Score 52
Gordo’s Crew 48
One Hit Wonders 48
I’m With Stupid 45
Team Name For a Brownie 43

Trivia Rankings: 13 November 2019

November 14, 2019

What a lively crowd that turned up to play a hot game of trivia under icy conditions! Thanks to all the Quizlings who eschewed Disney+ and the Country Music Association Awards to be part of our Newbvember fun and games. Remember: Newbvember continues all month long – raffles every week so bring those trivia tyros with you to win!

Also of note – there will be trivia every Wednesday except December 25th. That means the evening before Thanksgiving and January 1st. Don’t miss the triviawesomeness.

This week, we were all about Rally Cats and Mercury transits and Toll House cookies. Plus there was this teary tune …

Now, check out the team rankings for the week. Congrats to the winners!

Triviaholics Anonymous                                 67

4th Place is Our Comfort Zone                       66

Brrrrr65Slow Loris                                          63

Mad As Hell                                                        63

We Live In A Country Run By A Count         60

Paging Dr. J                                                         56

I’d Rather Be Watching Disney+                     55

Maggie’s Men                                                      54

Crimea and Punishment                                   52

ImPeach Pie, Please                                            52

69,420                                                                    50

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?                             49

Las Amigas                                                            49

Gordo’s Crew                                                        46

Rando Mandos                                                      45

Hotdish Season                                                      40

Yaddle’s Baby                                                          39

Trivia Rankings: 6 November 2019

November 7, 2019

Newbvember is off to a grand start, however only one newbie was present this week. Better odds for the raffle but don’t get left out – bring a newbie (as many as you can wrangle) and get a raffle ticket for our weekly drawing. Spread the word! Newbvember continues next week.

This week, we sorted our musical billies, did cinema by the numbers and, like, totally got the sensation. And then there was this vegetarian support hotline…

Now, check out the team rankings for the week. We’ll see you next time, Quizlings!

Orange Soda Fanta Sea 64
Were We Supposed To Vote Yesterday? 63
No School November 59
Don’t Forget To Vote On Tuesday 58
Stop Saving The Daylight! 55
How About Cupcakes? 55
The LMNOPs 53
Irish I Was A Baller 51
All Hail The Mimosa King! 50
Assorted Flavors 49
Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride 46
We Drink And Sometimes Know Things 43
Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend. Why Are You Here, It’s 4pm? 40
Losers Club 40
Gordo’s Crew 30
The Underdogs 28