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August 12, 2015 Trivia Rankings

August 13, 2015

Wow. What a great night! 36 big teams started playing Tomato Jake’s trivia but only 33 finished. (So, no matter what your score, you at least did better than three teams that couldn’t stand the heat!)

Among the things we learned is that A-Rod did not play for Cleveland, silver is a transition metal and a back tattoo is neither accurate nor to scale.

Here are the rankings for the trivia action:

Not Ashamed Of What We Did For A Klondike Bar 69
Lego Prisoners 68
Ray Rice’s Wife Has A Stronger Jaw 67
Just A Topless Fat Guy Washing His Truck 66
Look Like Another Normal Season For The Jets 66
SIMP: Squirrels In My Pants 65
Jets Geno Gets Jawjacked 65 (tie)
Trump This 65 (tie)
Blame Bob 64
Never Let A 6-Year-Old Do Your Make-Up 64
Better Than Ezra 63
Bleeding From Wherever 62
Sparky’s Like Megyn Kelly … Good Host 61
Colorado River: Still Cleaner Than Brazil’s Olympic Lakes 61
Mike’s Ballers 61
The Master Debaters 60
Bombs Over Tianjan 59
Ezra 58
Vanilla’s Angels 56
Trivia Coming Out Of Our Wherever 56 (tie)
We Still Can’t Win, Half Our Team Is Gone Praying For Us 56 (tie)
Winnie The Pooch 56
On Wednesdays, We Don’t Wear Pink 54
Trumpax Pearl 54
The Jets Finally Learned How To Hit 52
Jon Snow 51
There’s Pizza Sauce Coming Out Of My Wherever 51
Get Off My Lawn! 48
You’re A Quizzard, Harry 47
Trump Card 47
Brainiacs Not … 45
Brownies For The Children 39
Peanut Butter And Jealous 32

July 29 Trivia Rankings

July 29, 2015

I scream! You scream! We all scream for trivia!

Or something like that.

So summer songs and bad customer service were key if you wanted to win the big prize. (And for the record, Time Warner Cable does have crappy customer service, I don’t care what any poll says.)

Now here are the rankings for the evening (tiebreakers factored in)…

Baby Cora’s First Trivia Night 70
Where In The World Is Mullah Omar? 68
I’m Back! 67
Seven And Counting 67
If You Cheat, Tom Brady Will Destroy Your Cell Phone 64
Bathtubs: 2, Bobbi Brown: 0 63
Don’t Float The Mainstream 62
The Cowardly Lion Killers 60
Rip Cecil #LionLivesMatter 59
Thing One 59
Banana Hammocks Everywhere 57
Full Code 57
I Still Use Napster 57
Scar Didn’t Have To Pay 50 Grand 56
I Came All The Way From New York For A Brownie 56
How Can You Be Bankrupt If Your Name Is 50cent? 56
Taylor Gang 56
Too Hot For A Clever Name 56
Thing Two 55
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (Because We Brought One) 55
The Never Nudes 55
Hot Dogs Or Legs 53
Wet Hot Albanian Summer 52
The Dentist Hunters 52
Zed’s dead, Baby 52
Team Stauffer 44
Free Windows Upgrade? I Want Stained Glass 42
The Healers 41
Peanut Butter And Jealous 30