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July 17 Trivia Rankings

July 18, 2019

Thanks to all the loyal Quizlings who came out to play this week. We avoided the wet stuff and had some frozen dairy goodness courtesy of Oliver’s Collar, this week’s ice cream sponsor. The Dog Days of Trivia continue all summer long – bring your pooches out to the patio for treats and raffle tickets!

What’d we chat about this week? Moon stuff, obviously. Plus there was a canine question or two and loads of monkeys and pigs and eagles. Then there was this musical parody…

Now check out the team rankings. We’ll see you next week!

6 Out Of 7 Dwarfs Are Not Happy 65
Hot3 63
Next Stop Area 51 62
Six Friends None the Richer 62
Trump Says Something Incendiary 61
Inoffensive Team Name 60
Apollo 18: The Revenge 59
MAGA: Meth-Addled Gators, AAAhhh!! 58
Rosie Made Us Move Outside 58
Matthew McConaughey Sucks – Prove Me Wrong 58
A Girl Has No Name 54
Night Cheese 52
Meatballs: A Memoir 44
Grab ‘Em By The Pizza 44
No One Beats Us 264 Weeks In A Row 44
Where’s The ice Cream? 39
Do You Think Aliens Like Pizza? 38
Chungus 36
Norfolk En Chance 33
Someone Has To Be Last 28

July 10 Trivia Rankings

July 11, 2019

Huzzah! Another fantastic week of trivia, my Quizlings! What an exceptional turn out for a hot summer night. Many thanks to our sponsor this week, the Cat Hospital of Durham & Chapel Hill. Check them out for all your feline veterinary needs.

The trivia was extensive and we have a very close game – one with a near perfect score. Yep, I snuck in more than a few kitty cat questions and we got our sword and sorcery on for the bonus round. Hence the superfluous Stephen Lynch right here…

Be back next week for more triviawesomness as the Dog Days of Trivia continue! And just to prove I do not make this stuff up, here’s a promo for the CW’s Hellcats (seriously, why weren’t more people watching this?)…

Now check out the rankings for this week’s game. How’d your team do?

R.I.P. Rip 71
The Mind Flayer Did Nothing Wrong 69
DI 68
Thomas Jefferson Airplane 67
Sparky Was Secretly Replaced By A Skrull 67
We’re Between Names 66
So Long, Violet Beauregarde 65
Golden Boots Trumps Orange Butt 65
Aggressively Passive Aggressive 63
Woodstock 50 Denied Due To Legal Hippie Lettuce 62
Free Golf Clubs – Ask For Galen 61
Screaming Ferns 59
We Knead Pizza 58
Dusty-Bun To Susie-Poo 58
Children of Neurotic Parents 56
Stray Cats 53
No One Beats Us 262 Weeks In A Row 52
Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy 50
Kevin Malone Spilled Chili 50
Lexi’s Last Trivia 49
Cody’s Final Trivia 49
The Baby Came Before The Wedding 48
Team Six 47
James’ Fan Club 46
Where’s Tom? 46  (tie)
Team Goku 46 ( tie)
Southwesterners 44
Randall’s Fitness Center 43
Aw, Beans 42
Just Here For The Pizza 32
Baby Sharks 32

July 3 Trivia Rankings

July 4, 2019

Wow. What a night! Thanks to every single one of you who came out to play and to celebrate our 500th trivia night! It was a smashing success and definitely goes on the short list for one of the best trivia nights ever. EVER!

It was great to see many of you regulars – glad you could be party of history – but it was also wonderful to see some new faces (fingers crossed you too will become regulars). We gave out – and I kid you not – nearly $300 in gift cards (most for Tomato Jake’s, a few to Dunkin’ Donuts), some of us sampled the Sparky Special (not a euphemism) and more of than were comfortable witnessed Glen bawl like a baby (we will miss you, Ashley).

This week, we chatted about a myriad of topics including local insect companies, Prime music and how my dessert is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Plus there was this groovy, ’70s tune (not really but the skinny dude who’s not singing got married to a woman half his age last week and I like the song) …

Now check out the ranking for this week. Very close  game, Quizlings! See you next week.

500 Dots (Unrelated: Leggo My Aho!) 67
I’m Still Not Going To The Effing White House 66
Praise the Purple-Haired Goddess 66
Freedom Avengers 65
D 65
Happy 4th of July – Tanks A Lot! 64
How Do We Get An Invite To Alex Morgan’s Tea Party? 64
Jake’s 500th – Aster’s First 63
Hugo’s Heroes 63
BILFs & Company 60
Commander And Speed Bump For A Tank 58
Hail To the Grief 56
There Something About Mary
     She’s Our Teammate.
            She’s Not Here.
                We’re Doomed 😦 56
Ben Stole The Bike 56
We Brought New People … With Their Consent 55
5 Of Hearts, Your Order Is Ready 53
Today’s My Cat’s Birthday 52
We Have The High Ground 51
Gimme Pizza 50
The Dirty Biscuits 47
Randall’s Gym 47
Quizcentenary 47
We’re Happy For Aunt May 47
Young Guns 45
Hannah’s Dog Bites Children 41

June 26 Trivia Rankings

June 27, 2019

Wow! Another great week and another crowd – almost beat last year’s attendance record – and many thanks to one and all who came out to play.

Yes, I know next week is a holiday for some (must be nice) but there will be trivia and it will be awesome. Why? A) Because it always is, and B) It will be our 500th game! Yep, I said it! 500 games and, in celebration, I will double the top three prizes. We’ll also see what else we can conjure up in way of celebration.

Meanwhile, the Dog Days of Trivia continue. We’ve got some great sponsors coming up so don’t miss a single week, Quizlings!

This week? We got drafty, snacky and Fibonacci. And then there was this awards show opening number (sorry in advance)…

Now check out the week’s team rankings. Do NOT miss next week’s big five-oh-oh celebration, folks!

Wait, There IS A Type? 67
#499 65
Insert Fart Joke Here 65
No Would Pick So This Is Our Name 65
No One Beats Us 259 Weeks In A Row 62
The Rings Of Uranus Are Glowing 59
French Fries Sound Good 59
We Put The Sexy Is Dyslexia 59
There A Snake In My Boot 58
Teachers Gone Mild 57
Insert Team Name Here 55
Designated Quitters 54
Legends 54
The Marshmallows 51
Full Frontal With Cardi B 51
The Team Next To Us Is Cheating 50
The Kids’ Table 47
Les Quizerables 44
Ben’s Not Here 41
Was Beth Chapman Famous? 40
The Durham Fools 34
The Dads 31
The Merry Mastodons 30
4-Year Anniversary 15

June 19 Trivia Rankings

June 20, 2019

Another great night of trivia. Thanks to all who came out to play. The ice cream was our treat … and there’s more to come. Join us every week for fun and games and lots of prizes.

Remember that our 500th game is coming up sometime during The Dog Days of Trivia. I’ll double the top three prizes that week. Don’t chance it and miss out, Quizlings!

This week, there were political scandals from the Harding administration, flower animals from the sea and Twitter newbies from your nightmares. Plus (since I mentioned it in passing) this song was NOT a #1 hit… even though I had the 45…

Now, check out the team rankings for the week. Close game, folks! Let’s do it again next Wednesday.

I Refuse To Say This Team Name 67
Jalapeno Brownie Pizza Please 67
Orlando Doom 66
Anyone Famous Die Lately? 65
Everything Is Within Walking Distance If You Try Hard Enough 63
Prince of Whales 60
Half Our Team Left the State (Can We Have Their Ice Cream?) 58
Harvard Rejected Us So We’re Deciding Between Duke and The Dominican Republic 58
Savage Meatballs 57
Last Trivia Before Wedding 54
Blues Win! Suck It Boston! 52
Today’s My Cat’s Birthday 51
My Drinking Team Has  A Trivia Problem 50
Pipyat Liquidators 49
Mary’s Turning 30 And Feeling Flirty 48
The Wet Bandits 47
Last Trivia Before The Baby 46
When Does A Dad Joke Become A Dad Joke? When It’s A Groan Up 43
The Tie-Dye Guys 42
Sword & Sorcery For The Bonus Round 38
One Old Lady and A Bunch of Pirates 35
Eat A Salad For DJ Khaled 34

June 12 Trivia Rankings

June 13, 2019

Huzzah! It finally happened! The indyweek made me a real boy! Or something like that. As metaphors go, it’s not my best (apologies).


Thanks to all the Quizlings who made it happen. We will continue to thank you and reward you as much as we can and, while it is far too early to think about this kinda stuff, dare I hope for a twopeat?

Anyway, we gave you some free grub and some wild, weird trivia. There were some Dunkin Donuts gift cards as well (and there will be more in future). So keep coming back, spread the word and don’t miss a single week!

What’d we talk about? How to properly play Uno, for starters. Then there was something about some planetary opposition and a Tony-winning meth dealer. Oh, and there was this ASMR commercial…

Now here are the team rankings. See you next time, Quizlings!

Best Of Babeeeee 68
Meatballs And Sadness 67
Taylor Swif’ts Apostrophe Catastrophe 66
Jake Chilliny’all 64
Russian Bots Won It For Sparky 64
Board Of Educaton 63
Best Of The Δ 63
We Can’t Agree 62
Suck It, Growler Grlz 60
Winner! Winner! Pizza Dinner! 59
Triviavengers 57
Socrates’ Closet 56
The Luke Ness Monster Lives 56
The US WNT Scores More Than We Will 55
Daenerys Did Nothing Wrong 55
The Salads Are’t Bad Either 52
The People Person’s Paper People 49
The Loneliest Number 48
A Team Has No Name 48
If We’re Not First, We’re Last 47
Now Indy Knows What We All Knew 38
It’s Megan’s Birthday 31

June 5 Trivia Rankings

June 6, 2019

Another exceptional week of trivia, my Quizlings! We avoided the rain and even had a few pooches on the patio to celebrate the Dog Days of Trivia! Be sure to check next week because if we win Best in the Triangle then the Big 3 Prizes will be doubled by Sparky himself!

This week, we got sweaty at the Highland Games, let gravity do its work with a Cub Scout tradition and prepared for hurricane season with NOAA. Plus there was this Super Bowl ad flashback …

Now let’s check out team rankings for this week…

Proud To Be UMBL 70
Our Captain is Traveling Tonight On A Plane 69
Don’t Tariff My Tacos 63
Bored Of Education 62
I Love My iPod Paperweight 60
Brian Got A Haircut 59
God Save The Queen 56
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 52
Guess Who Booked A Cruise To Cuba? 51
We Are Not Amused 50
Cody’s 1% 49
The Nameless Ones 48
Our Team Betrayed Us 47
It’s A Good Day To Get Last Place 42
Sponsored By Plato’s Closet 41
I Forget 41
Team Horse 41
Godzilla With The Infinity Gauntlet 39
Clean Juice Is Overpriced 27

May 29 Trivia Rankings

May 30, 2019

Summer is here (unofficially, of course, but we all know how hot it is outside) and that means one thing at Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia – ICE CREAM!!!!! Plus we kicked off the Dog Days of Trivia (sans doggies but maybe next week, eh?).  Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. It was loads, literally loads of fun.

What did we do? We quoted Shakespeare in Rome, ousted a pretender to the throne in Candy Land and got real with some housewives on the West Coast. Plus there was this this colorful tune …

Now check out the team rankings for the week – and we’ll do it again next Wednesday!

I Scream, You Scream 65
We’re Gonna Start Drinking Beer 65
No Ice Cream Is Un-Cone-stitutional 62
Too Big To Win 62
Bill Buckner’s Kids Misbehaved But He Didn’t Ground Them 61
Remember: Freedom Ain’t Trivial 60
Bored Of Education 59
Dumb And Dumbledore 59
Put Red Dot Here 57
Mueller – Mueller – Mueller 53
Taking ASMR Tingles To 11 52
We Got The Horses In The Back 49
Bunch Of Jerks 47
Sorry Your Dragon Show Sucked 46
What’s Brown And Rhymes With Snoop? Dr. Dre 45
Make Dum Dums Candy Again 44
For The Realm 41
Sam I Am 35

May 22 Trivia Rankings

May 23, 2019

What a sweet night of trivia for all who came to play. We had several pooches on the patio, heralding the advent of the Dog Days of Trivia (beginning next week). Some lovely new faces (don’t miss a week) were seen and there was a slight hint of frozen dairy goodness in the air (a-hem, be here next week for the full force of that deliciousness).

This week? It was all about awards (the Emmy and Oscar kind), mascots (the NCAA and advertising type) and border states (those that are quite as wet). Plus there was this dragonrific sketch …


Now check out the team rankings for the week…

Oreo Speedwagon 69
He Couldn’t Have Gotten Into the Throne Anyway 67
Better Late Than Nevers 65
One More Week Til Ice Cream 64
Grumpy Team 63
My Story Is Better Than  Bran’s 63
Pupperoni 60
Put A Python In Your Tank 59
Know-It-Owls 59
Try Me 57
Obsequious, Purple & Clairvoyant 55
63 Earths Can Fit inside Uranus 53
Geoff 52
The Fat Yams 51
Cody’s One Percenters 50
Jeff With A J 49
Jack of Diamonds, Your Food Is Ready 49
Would It Kill You to Smile, Grumpy Cat? 43
Somebody’s Gotta Lose 40
Ghidorah Is A Better Dragon Than Drogon 34
Chocolate Labs 32
R2 30
A Song Of Water Bottles And Starbucks Cups 26

May 15 Trivia Rankings

May 16, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to play this week. It was a great crowd, to be sure. My only concern is that if you weren’t there then you missed out. That’s FOMO, my friends. Don’t let it get you.

Coming up: Our 500th Game! It will be some time this year and I will double the top three prizes that week. Don’t miss a week or you miss the fun.

What did we do this time out? We attended the Great Exhibition, smashed it up with Nintendo and did an SI threepeat. Plus there was this 2000s theme (what the – hey, is that Shiri Appleby?!?) …

Now, let’s check out the team rankings for the week. How’d you do? Well, there’s always next week.

Priangular Sparklehorns 68
The Team That Knew Too Little 63
King’s Landing Survivors 63
RIP Mr. Tudball 61
Who Needs Lilly’s? We’ve Got Jake’s 60
Jabronies 58
Sparky Mac & Cheese 57
Pickled Herring is Not A Prize 57
Birthday Cookies? 57
Every Villain Is Lemons 54
Jon Snow For Bachelor 54
Trogdor and Hodor Go to Mordor 54
Look, Drogon, We Saved The City 54
Varys Was Right 54
Bored Of Education 53
I Drink And I Know Things 52
Hannah Says Scotty’s Gotta Go 50
Pupperoni 49
Is Mayonaisse An Instrument? 49
That’s America’s Ass! 48
Dunder Mifflen D Team 48
A Team Has No Name 46
Que Sera Sera 41