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September 19 Trivia Rankings

September 20, 2018

What a lovely night for trivia. Thanks to one and all who came out to play. A light turnout, to be sure, but I’m happy to see all Quizlings  under any circumstances.

Next week is our 9th anniversary and the end to the Dog Days of Trivia. We’ll raffle off that gift basket (may be more of a gift bag, we’ll see), have some 9th anniversary fun  and generally engage in the usual triviawesomess. Tell your friends! BRING your friends! Let’s blow out this sucker in style!

This week, we grabbed a ride on SpaceX, read some Highlights and tasted Notorious whiskey. Plus there was this commercial featuring two then-future Oscar winners…

And if you haven’t been hip to the meme, check out the origin of “Sluggo is lit” in a recent Nancy comic:


Now here are the team rankings. See you next Wednesday!

Retiring After Round 3 69
Flamingoes Don’t Give A Flock 65
Donald Says We Can Testify 65
Mario Cart Is Trending You Don’t Wanna Know Why 63
Hurricanes Make Us Tremendously Wet 59
Heavy Flo 59
We’re Back, Baby! 55
Aloe Vera 54
Show Me Your Kitties 54
Tremendously Big and Tremendously Wet 53
Airheads 51
If You Steal A Tesla Is It Called An Edison 51

September 12 Trivia Rankings

September 13, 2018

If you weren’t there because you were hunkered down somewhere because of Flo then you missed a fun night of trivia. Remember always that Tomato Jake’s goes on, rain or shine (barring major holiday or snowstorm, of course). To the hearty few who ventured out: Thank you, Quizlings! You make my heart sing – wait … no, sorry, that’s Wild Thing. You, Quizlings, make me proud to be a Quizmaster!

The Dog Days of Trivia continue. We’ll draw for that gift basket on September 26. You must be present to win but that is two more weeks to bring your pooch to the patio and get a raffle ticket. It’s also our 9th Anniversary so let’s celebrate that as well.

This week, we talked about weird shapes on other planets, baseball legends who can’t be killed and everyone’s favorite cinematic couple. Plus there was this musical blast from the past…

Now check out this week’s team rankings. And be there next Wednesday for more Tomato Jake’s trivia featuring yours truly, Sparky Mac!

Show Me Your Kitties 66
Aunt Flo Can’t Be Stopped This Time 65
We Are Anomenusssss 63
RIP Buddy 61
Fast As Flo Jo 58
Go For Last Place 54
Premature Evacuation 52
The Storm Never Bothered Me Anyway 51
And The Stanley Cup Goes To The Carolina Hurricanes 46
Montclair Mavens 45
Fear And Loathing In The White House 45
Flo No Mo 42

September 5 Trivia Rankings

September 6, 2018

A lovely Wednesday night for trivia. Some new faces, to be sure – but missing some familiar ones. I know September is a month of transition but come back to play with us, Quizlings! You are definitely missed.

For those who were there, it was all about presidential doughnuts, mathematical constants, snack food football and Cheers PSAs. Plus there was this I’ve-never-heard-of-that! cinematic moment:

Now let’s see how your team did this week.

All You Can Eat Every Sunday 71
Kavanooooooooo! 68
1st Grade Is More Like It 67
Pepperoni On National Cheese Pizza Day: Treason? 66
Pip Pip Hooray! 64
The Trivial 7 64
Bishop To Queen Boob Two – Checkmate 58
I Can’t Believe I’m Not Buddha 58
Show Me Your Kitties 52
Team 14 51
The Op-Ed Is Coming From Inside The White House 50
I Got Nothin’ 50
Ruth Bader Winsburg 48
Slice Slice Baby 47

August 29 Trivia Rankings

August 30, 2018

The weather was hot but the trivia was hotter. In fact, it seems that last round may have been incendiary! Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play. Have a safe Labor Day and we’ll see you next week, okay?

This week we chatted about Neil Simon’s legacy (it’s not Rent), the proper way to raise your young’uns and what George Clooney would look like in a dress. But there was this wee flightless fowl as well…


Now check out this week’s team rankings. #DogDaysOfTrivia continue into September!

Catsuit Fight! 67
Trump Needs Color By Numbers 63
Dogsuits Still OK, Right? 62
Crazy, Rich And Aging 62
1 Starving College Student 51
Too Bigly To Fail 50
Trump Switches To Bing 49
Show Me Your Kitties 46
Google The Devil So Unfair 45
Dan’s Inaugural Trivia 42
No Catsuit? Fine, I’ll Wear My Tutu 42
This One’s In The Books 39
Just Eat It 37
Switching From Pounds To Kilos Leads to Mass Confusion 37
The NYU Dads 35
The Nerdy Bunch 32
Super Troopers 28

August 22 Trivia Rankings

August 23, 2018

Another wild and wonderful week of trivawesomeness thanks to the fantastic Quizlings who came out to play, some with doggies in tow. Keep up the good work and come back next Wednesday. #DogDaysOfTrivia continue through September and we’ll raffle off that gift basket on September 26 (must be present to win but why would not want to be present?).

This week, we broke Babe Ruth’s record, cleaned up Dodge City and shopped at a Prussian mall. Plus there was this apparently very forgettable pop hit from the turn of the century…

Now here are this week’s rankings. See how your team did.

Searching For Inner Pizza 67
The Band Is  Back in Town 66
Too Many To Win 66
Cohen Cohen Gone – Mike’s Outta Here 65
Trump 2020: 20 For Collusion, 20 For Obstruction 62
Show Me Your Kitties 62
You Can’t Find Good Henchmen These Days 61
Trump’s Cohen-oscopy 60
Did Anything Even Happen This Week? 59
Individual One Made Me Do It 59
Something Offensive 57
MAGA Making Attorneys Get Attorneys 51
Periodic Table Dancers 51
We Have No Idea What Our Team Name Will Be 48
The Truth Isn’t The Truth 47
Washington’s On Fire 43
We’re Just Here For The Beer 39

August 15 Trivia Rankings

August 16, 2018

Another wonderful week full of triviawesomeness! And I owe all to the wonderful Quizlings who came out to play – and some fantastic doggies to boot. #DogDaysOfTrivia

Next week: Get a raffle ticket by bringing a pooch to the patio or by showing me a photo of you dressed up as an animal. Could be an old Halloween costume or some neat-o cosplay or just that furry fetish you toyed around with during college (I ask no questions) – just show me the monkey (you dressed as one, that is)!

This week, we dined on Pop-Tarts and Slurpees, gave out some Nobel prizes and played some Tetris. What fun! Plus there was this Iron Horse memory…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. How’d your team do?

Bob Dylan Is Our Nemesis 71
Trump Administration: Insert Laugh Track Here 66
Honey, We’re Getting The Band Back Together 66
Fake News! I Said Vinegar! 65
Narcissist – Trump’s Other N-Word 64
Omaroasted 64
We Had Clearance, Clarance 61
Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting A Litte Autocratic In Here? 60
Trivia Clearance Revoked For Tweets Against Glen 60
Dog Daze 60
Team Names Are Trivial 58
I Got Catfished On Bumble 54
Funky Ducks 48
Spot’s Plan 47
It’s Wednesday, My Dudes 47
Krakatoa Judgment 43
We Should’ve Come Prepared 40

August 8 Trivia Rankings

August 9, 2018

A little rain couldn’t keep the diehard Quizlings away! Thanks to all who came to play. The Dog Days of Trivia continue and I got to see some wonderful puppy pics this week. Next week: your exotic pet photos. But no spiders. (You think I’m joking? Try it, matey. I don’t want to see any arachnids unless one’s about to give me radioactive spider powers.)

I think we’ll raffle off that #DogDaysOfTrivia gift basket on September 29 – the date we’ll observe our ninth anniversary! Make plans to come out and celebrate with us!

This week, we talked of gassy muses, Potter siblings and animated Emmy noms. Plus there was this swingin’ musical number…

Now here are this week’s team rankings. See you next week, Quizlings!

Lynn’s Treehouse 63
Is This Ostrich Jacket Weather? 60
Rain, Rain, Go Away 59
We Asked Glen To Help Us Come Up With A Team Name And He Said F Trump 57
Betsy’s Mind Is Like Her Yacht –  Lost At Sea 55
Aces And 8s: Donald, Your Order Is Ready 55
The Meat Sweats 52
Don’t Tariff Me, Bro 50
Is There A Lightning Round? 50
Tesla’s Trvial Team 49
The Poppyseed Defense 49
The Answers Are On Vacation 49
ICE, ICE, Baby Jails 48
If You’re Not Eating Crayons, What Are You Doing With Your Life? 47
Salami Milk 47
You’re A Quizard, Harry! 46
216 Hours Til College 45
Jacrispy 43
The Cure For Our Rainy Day Is Ice Cream 40
Pawnee Goddesses 40
Conspiracy Theories 31
Gorilla Biscuits 30

August 1 Trivia Rankings

August 2, 2018

Thanks to each and every Quizling who made it out to Wednesday night’s trivia soiree. I saw some lovely photos of some fabulous felines this week and, as The Dog Days of Trivia continue, next week it’s canines – so get those puppy pics ready.

This week, we went on about freaky talking bears, chess-playing supercomputers and signature burgers from rival chains. Plus there was this bizarre mutant fruit from Down Under…

Now here are this week’s rankings. How’d your team do?

I’m Using My Facebook Stock As Toilet Paper 65
Here, Budgie, Budgie, Budgie 64
“Paul-Face” aka “Scar-a-fort” aka “Alphonse” 64
Do We Need ID To Play Trivia? 64
It’s Not A Lemon Party Without Old Dick 62
This Is Your Captain Speaking AND THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SHOUTING 61
Pie Hard With A Vengeance 58
Does Trump Weigh More Or Less Than A Duck? 58
TP For My Target Hole 58
Poldarks of Victorian Granthchester 57
Pizza and Queer Eye Are My Only Joys In This Sad, Sad World 57
Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs 57
The Paleolithic People of the Sugendeez 56
Trump’s Hollywood Star 53
Trump Welcomes American Jerry 52
Queen of Hearts 51
LeBron’s First Student, J.R. Smith 49
The Pheasant Pluckers 48
The Dillard Manifesto 48
Guessing Isn’t Trivia 41
Citizen Gerry 40
The Newbies 40

July 25 Trivia Rankings

July 26, 2018

A little dampness didn’t keep you Quizlings away from another wonderful week of trivia. No pooches on the patio but the Dog Days of Trivia continue. And if you don’t have a doggie to drag out to play then consider these options to enter our raffle:

August 1 – Bring a photo of your pet cat

August 8 – Bring a photo of your pet dog (invalid if dog is present)

August 15 – Bring a photo of your exotic pet

August 22 – Bring a photo of yourself dressed up as an animal

August 29 – Bring in a stuffed animal

You can get one ticket per week following the above scheme but it gets you a bite at the gift basket apple. We’ll raffle that bad boy off at the end of the summer (you must be present to win).

This week? We put our best foot forward (the left one), celebrated the Great White North and filled our target hole. Plus there was this candy commercial from the Golden Age of Television…

Now here are the team rankings for the week. See you next Wednesday, Quizlings!

Booberella: Anton’s Birthday Week 66
Trump Puts Tariffs on Trivia 64
Russia! Russia! Russia! 61
Putin Pays For His Hookers In Cash 61
Emoluments Are Hair Products, Right? 57
Subterranean Martian Lake Blues 55
Farmers Ex-Farmers For Trump 55
This Is Not the Lodge 55
Oh Lordy! There Are Tapes! 53
Live Laugh Trivia 53
Trivia Newton-John 52
Sex, Lies & Audiotapes ( The Fifty Shades Of Orange Edition) 51
Gerry And Seb Making Music 51
Live Free Or Pie Hard 47
What’s Ligma? 46
Figuring Out The Ice Cream Schedule 42
U Browned Williams 41
Beavis 41
Random Team Name 40
3 Girls (Under 20) 40
And In Last Place… 40
Chai Lights 39
Drinks On Glen 34
My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is A Date 28

July 18 Trivia Rankings

July 19, 2018

I love my Quizlings! Honestly, you lot need to understand that. Wednesday night trivia is the highlight of my week (sorry, family) and all of you kind folks who come out to play each week make that happen. Many thanks for that.

What happened this week? We learned how long it takes to get to the moon, who really invented the telephone and how quickly we forget losing running mates. And then there was this boxing moment…

Now, here are this week’s team rankings. See you next time, Quizlings, as the Dog Days of Trivia continue.

Flip Flops: The Official Trump Footwear 63
Will Do Wayne Lapierre For Bail 61
Pickle Packers International 60
Grab ‘em By The Putin 58
Putin Is The New Shaggy (It Wasn’t Him) 57
Putin On The Ritz; Trump’s Brain’s On The Fritz 57
Eating Pizza On National Hot Dog Day 56
We Said False When We Meant True 55
Trump! Stop Putin Your Foot In Your Mouth 54
Keeping up With Anton 52
The Flaming Falcons 50
Most Horses Have Mullets 50
Take Two 47
Charlie Brown And The Deepwater Jews 47
Quantum Rubble 46
Our Other Teammates Ran Off To Canada 46
Brittany Went To Home Goods 45
Vlad’s Boys 44
100% Of The Time We’re Right 50% Of The Time 41
Space Army 37
Drop Bears 36
Humor is Not Our Strong Suit 35
We’re NOT Gonna Be Last Place 34
The Extra Large Peanuts 34
The Sandals 33
Tomato Town 29