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February 13 Trivia Rankings

February 14, 2019

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play on this Valentine’s Day Eve trivia outing. Another close game … and the winners readily admit they made it to first place by checking out my weekly trivia hints (follow me on Twitter @SparkyMacMillan). Hey, I’ve been doing this for a while now and there’s no real secret to winning. Ask me how to up your game and I’ll tell you.

This week, we got lost in the Bermuda Triangle, played football with the Alliance and won a Grammy with the Prez from Plains. And then there was this toy hit from Hasbro…

Now check out the team rankings for this week. See you next time Quizlings!

Happy Desperation Day 71
They Went To Belgium And Didn’t Bring Us Any Waffles 70
Who’s Ready For Shutdown #2? 69
Pizza Dabbers 68
The Calfinated Cows 64
Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Opportunity Right Over 63
My Dog Ate My Team Name 61
Ground Control To Major Tom: Opportunity Is Dead 61
El Chapo Hill 50
Two is Better Than None 48
Ocho Loco 44
Potato Ben’s 39
Jimmy Cracked Corn 39
AOC 2028 37

February 6 Trivia Rankings

February 7, 2019

A fantastic night of trivia, my Quizlings. Close game, that’s for sure (check out those scores). But that’s just how it plays out. Some weeks it’s a high scoring game – others … well, you wish I’d take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.

What’d we get up to? We scored very low in tennis, misspelled a tuber and played in the Puppy Bowl. Plus there was this video short that’s really a commercial…

Now let’s see how your team did. Check it out and we’ll do it again next week with a special Valentine’s Day game.

Stupor Bowl 71
Brownie Dots 70
Presidentially Harassed? Ha Ha Ha 70
The New England Patriots Of Team Trivia 70
Bored Of Education 69
The State of Tomato Jake’s Is Strong 67
Nancy And Sluggo 66
The Rachel Ray Fan Club 61
This Team Is Made With Corn Syrup 60
State Of the Union As Unwatchable As The Super Bowl 59
Silence Of The Rams 59
Rams 3, Maroon 5 59
The State Of The Union Is Loooong 58
Fat Kids Win At See Saw 40
The Clean-Up Hitters 40

Many thanks to those who donated to pay for Quebec‘s eye surgery. Here’s a pic of the feline trooper below. Plus, check out the SEE Is For Cats Fund details if you want to do more.


January 30 Trivia Rankings

January 31, 2019

The temperature outside was cold but the trivia inside was hot. Or maybe it was the pizza that was hot. The quizmaster … ? Nope, definitely not. Well, weather analogies aside, I think we felt a little better about this week’s scores than last week. Pixar and Marvel helped (BTW both owned by Disney – soon to own your soul).

What’s what up this time out? We got a B with Jacko, floated some rocks and paid more for a stamp. Plus there was this distant Gen X childhood memory that would have been so much sweeter with Deadpool…

Now check out the ranking for this week. How’d your team do?

Intelligence Isn’t Intelligence 68
We’re Only Here To Establish An Alibi 67
Clean-up Hitters 67
Brrrrr! 65
How Much Does A Box Of Cheerios Cost? Ten Dollars? 64
Patriot Fatique 64
The State Of The Onion Makes Us Cry 62
Someone Made Elsa Mad Again 61
Build The Wall And Get Over It 58
Why TF Is Glen Wearing Shorts? 57
6 Rings 56
The Night Court 52
Swipe Right For Glen 51
One Wheel Short Of A Unicycle 51
Chicken Cheetoh Sandies 50
Show Me Your Kitties 49
It’s Too Cold To Play Trivia 44

January 23 Trivia Rankings

January 24, 2019

Another week, another game, even more Girl Scout Cookies. Thanks to all the Quizlings who came out to play (the rest of you, come back soon – you are missed!) in a contentious round of TJWN Trivia!

FYI – Mega apologies for the wonky question. If it helps (and it should), throwing out the said question had zero effect on the rankings.

What did we do this week? Well, we didn’t stop believin’ for a start (thanks, Journey) and we headlined Coachella with Tame Impala and we made some rather juvenile Uranus jokes (aren’t they all?). Plus there was this completely-not-just-made-up television show…

Now let’s check out the team rankings. Interesting note: not a single tie this week!

So Many Girl Scout Cookies 69
It Should Be Saints vs. Chiefs 62
Trivia Trivia Bo-Bivia 61
Katy + Jazz Hands = Team Name 58
Super Wolf Blood Moon Pie 55
Bloodshot Moon Wolves 50
Thank You Lov You 49
Saints Officials Were Doing The Bird Box Challenge 47
Would Anyone Here Like To Announce Their Candidacy For 2020? 46
Still Moist 45
Overeducated And Underperforming 39
Tonight’s Prize: Tickets To Fyre Festival 2019 38
Can’t Wait For Fyre Fest 2019 35
Dirty Mike And The Boys 31
Bonnett Gang 27

January 16 Trivia Rankings

January 17, 2019

A tough week of trivia, Quizlings! Do not kick yourself over your scores because everyone had a down night. Interesting note: this week’s average score was 44.6875 compared to 58.26 last week and 52 for the week before. The pendulum swings back and forth and what seems hard one week may appear to be a cake walk the next. Be back next week for more triviawesomeness!

And remember: When (if) we top last year’s attendance record of 136 I will personally double the first prize that week! Also, when we hit our 500th game sometime this year, I will also double the top three prizes! Don’t miss a week of the fun.

This week, we flew Sandpiper Air, reintroduced iguanas to the Galapagos and got a new tattoo with Ariana Grande. And we got Girl Scout cookies. Plus there was this cinematic memory:

Now, check out this week’s team rankings. BONUS – I’ve ranked them the usual method and per capita, just for giggles. Very interesting results that way.

Theresa, May I Leave Yet? 63
Samoas For Life 58
Only 343 Shopping Days Until Christmas 56
Space Force Cadets 51
Hamberders: The New Covfefe 50
Talk About Lowering The Barr 48
Let Clemson Eat Jake’s 45
The Next White House Dinner: Tomato Jake’s 45
Orange Is Better Than Blue 44
Show Me Your Kitties 42
Who Killed JonBenet? 42
Everyone Thinks We Suck And We Can’t Win Trivia 4
The Super Blood Wolf Moon Sounds Like It’s Compensating For Something 38
Ali J 33
Cam’s Bleached Chin Hairs 32
We Thought this Was A Super Bowl Party 28

And per capita…

Orange Is Better Than Blue 44
Ali J 16.5
Cam’s Bleached Chin Hairs 16
Hamberders: The New Covfefe 12.5
Everyone Thinks We Suck And We Can’t Win Trivia 10
Theresa, May I Leave Yet? 9
Show Me Your Kitties 8.4
Who Killed JonBenet? 8.4
Samoas For Life 8.28
Talk About Lowering The Barr 8
Only 343 Shopping Days Until Christmas 8
The Super Blood Wolf Moon Sounds Like It’s Compensating For Something 7.6
The Next White House Dinner: Tomato Jake’s 7.5
We Thought this Was A Super Bowl Party 7
Let Clemson Eat Jake’s 6.42
Space Force Cadets 6.375

January 9 Trivia Rankings

January 10, 2019

Wow, what a night! A close game, to be sure, and next week there’s Girl Scout Cookies!

This week, we dug up history in 1924, hosted the Golden Globes and slowed down with Tricky Dick. Plus there was this mega-rad lowrider…

Now check out the team rankings for this week. And we’ll see you Quizlings next Wednesday!

Pants Fire Engulfs White House 72
Short Witty Team Name 71
We’ll Take Our Back Pay In Pizza, Please 68
The Shovel Was A Groundbreaking Invention 68
If You Suck At Trumpet, That’s Probably Why 62
Not Allowed To Work But Still Couldn’t Think Of a Good Name 62
Tap Water Girl In The Streets, Fiji Water Girl In the Sheets 61
Chicken Tender Fender Bender 60
Girl Scout Cookies Next Week! 60
That’s Snow Way To Run The Government 58
The Village Chicken 52
Wall-e World 49
A Team Has No Name 49
2 Spicy Meatballs 44
Haylee’s First Time 38

January 2 Trivia Rankings

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year, Quizlings! If you made it out to play this week, you may have walked away with one of our Ring-In-The-New-Year Raffle prizes. It’s our way of saying “thanks” and hoping you’ll spread the word about our brand of triviawesomeness.

This week? I learned that no one cares about baseball, Sour Patch Kids are less desirable than Starbucks and I apparently have the power over life and death (RIP Daryl “The Captain” Dragon). And then there was this slice of ’90s music gold…

Now let’s see how all the teams ranked this week. See you next time, Quizlings!

This Mitt-en’s Got Claws 66
Doing Trivia Tonight Blindfolded 65
Resolution: Eat More Pizza 62
Kuriboh Is The Most Powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! Card 60
No Deal Without Pizza Funding 59
New Year, Same Old Team 59
Park Toilet Surprise 59
Undefeated In 2018 2019 59
Is The Sicilian Pizza Greece-y? 58
Only 357 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas 58
Snowman Planet 57
Queen Of Hearts, Your Order Is Ready 54
Full Frontal Nerdity 53
New Year, New Meatball 52
8 Years, 1 Win 52
The Jolly Llamas 47
You Wanna Pizza Me? 35

December 26 Trivia Rankings

December 27, 2018

It was a diminished crowd that came to play that Second Day of Christmas in 2018 but a lively gaggle of Quizlings nonetheless. Thanks to each and everyone who made it out for the festivities. (Regulars – missing you like candy so please come back in the New Year.)

Remember: Next week (January 2nd) is our End-Of-The-Year Raffle so you have one more week to getcher raffle tix. Bring a newbie, post a flier (email me and I’ll send you some) or spread the word about our brand our triviawesomeness. We’ll see you next week.

This week, we chatted about dwarf planets, Ivy League geography, the cost of Christmas and a popstar’s pooch. And we set the WABAC machine to the 1970s for a taste of (among other things) some rodential romping…

Now let’s see the team rankings for the week. How’d you do?

We’ll Trade Trivia Names For Pizza 64
Only 364 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas 63
Meatball Of Sadness 62
We Prefer The Aquaman Prequel, Waterboy 62
Carrboro Clams 61
The Fab Four 60
Upgraded 60
We’ve Got A Table This Time 57
I Didn’t Wanna Cook 57
Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name 43
Ashley’s Golden Girls And Two Stans 32

December 19 Trivia Rankings

December 20, 2018

A lovely pre-yule crowd came out to play this week and I sure hope you were one of them. It was lovely to see some returning faces – and some new ones. Thanks for putting up with some math kerfuffles but we got it right in the end.

This week? We said goodbye to some familiar faces, hello to some rock inductees and “gimme a pint” to some awesome ice cream. And then there was this musical gem from the early aughts…

Now check out this week’s rankings and we’ll see you next week, Quizlings!

One Nation, Under Investigation 67
There’s No Crying in Trivia 65
Speaking Of Orcs 63
The Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins 61
In Like Flynn 60
The Rest Of Our Team Is at Disney World. Dammit. 60
Merry Crust-mas 59
There’s Plenty Of Seating Outside 54
Paul Ryan’s Squat Count 52
The Inevitable Complaints 52
How Do You Know What Angle To Flick It At? 51
Trivia Newton-John 51
When I Think About You I Touch My Elf 50
Stephen Miller: Looking Sharpie 48
Grandma Got Run Over By A Tesla 48
12 Days Of Pizzamas 46
We Call Them Snowpersons Now 46
Laverne & Shirley 44
Jake’s Has No Seats 38

December 12 Trivia Rankings

December 13, 2018

A great big ole post-Chankah, pre-Yule howdy to all the Quizlings who came out to compete in this week’s triviafest. We’ll be doing it every Wednesday on into the New Year so don’t miss a single week! Plus, keep bringing those newbies and spreading the word about TJWNT (there’s an extra raffle ticket in it for ya, if ya do).

This week, we left the solar system with Voyager, shared a Nobel with Karl Ferdinand Braun and spoiled Deadpool 2 for you (sorry about that). And then there was this kitschy callback…

Now check out this week’s team rankings. How’d yours do?

Ho³ 62
Cohen To Jail 62
Oxford Comma Forever 58
Despite the News, Don’t Google Hershey Highway 58
Three’s Company 58
Trump Mansplains Democracy 54  (tie)
The Holiday Sledders 54  (tie)
Batson Who? 54
Baby It’s Cold Outside 54
Dirty Deeds Done Trump Cheap 53
The Good Looking Ones 53
The Table By The Trash 51
Jessie’s Pulling A Katy 47
Fans of Gordon Schumway 41
Another Bites The Crust 39