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Next, Please

March 28, 2016

Why are we still talking about it? Who the hell cares? I was bored with them before they started sucking up all that unnecessary media time.

Basically, here’s ten people, places & things I’m completely sick of…


Sad Papaw

American Idol Finale (quit the nostalgic promotion, Fox, and put a stake in it already!)

Oculus Rift

Budget Shave Clubs

Planet Nine

Bearded Letterman Backlash (leave the man alone. he’s retired – and apparently channeling Snuffy Smith)

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Delegate counts

What that movie or TV show cast looks like now (it’s the worst type of clikcbait and I’m not falling for it again … today!)

Yes, please, I’ve had up to here with the whole lot of you.  Please deposit your 15 minutes at the same door you should not let you hit you on the ass as you leave through it.