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Ahhh… Geek Out!

October 20, 2013

Doctor Who + 50 years = nerdgasm.

SEE Is For Cats

July 7, 2013

 Patalano_02 Patalano_01

This is Patalano. He’s a pretty cool cat – sweet, easygoing and affectionate. Currently, he’s at Safe Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic, awaiting his forever home. And while I’d love to sell you on the positives of adopting Patalano (and dozens like him), this is more about what happened to this hepcat when he came to the no-kill shelter. (more…)

His Voice’s Master

November 1, 2011

I just read of the passing of a person with a rare talent, a man of whom I was an immense fan, a guy whose job I would desperately have loved to have: Tom Keith.

The name may not mean much at first but if you’re a Prairie Home Companion listener, you’ve no doubt heard his work over the years. He is, was, will always be the most amazing sound effects man I’ve ever seen/heard. Sadly, he’s gone now, dead at 64. But his almost preternatural ability to mimic and, thus, entertain will be remembered by PHC fans for years.

Click HERE to see what Garrison Keillor had to say about the longtime voice maestro on the PHC site.


Vote Early And Often!

October 7, 2011

Yes, VOTE!!!  It may be an off election year but your vote couldn’t be more important!

Seriously, this is a legitimate and personal plea.  The Animal Rescue Site (a marvelous web page for helping feed animals in need) is offering a $300,000 shelter challenge, which could mean a $5,000 grant for some lucky animal shelter out there.

As you may know, I volunteer at SAFE Haven For Cats, a fantastic no-kill shelter for cats and kittens in Raleigh, NC.  For those folks who want to make a difference, this shelter is the real deal. Caring people who are determined to finds homes for homeless felines plus lifelong support and education for adopters and a low-cost spay/neuter clinic that’s making real humane progress to help end pet overpopulation.

Personally, I’d love to see SAFE Haven get this $5,000 grant (or even the $1,000 for winning the state) and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

All you have to do is go to The Animal Rescue Site at (worth doing even if you don’t vote for my shelter) and follow these instructions:

1. Click on the purple box to give free food

2. Click the “Vote Now” button (upper area of screen)

3. Scroll down to SEARCH AND VOTE FOR A SHELTER, type in SAFE Haven for Cats, select NC  or 27616 and click search

4. Click “vote” next to the shelter name

5. Confirm your vote by enterting the verification code and click the “confirm vote” button

It’s really easy; you don’t have to register or sign in.  You can even vote every day (the contest ends December 18) and encourage your friends and family and coworkers to do the same!

So please, help out a deserving shelter and vote in the ANIMAL RESCUE SITE $300,000 SHELTER+ CHALLENGE (together with Petfinder).  I would really appreciate it.  The cats would really appreciate it, too.  (They would also appreciate some Pounce treats and a scratch under the chin – but you can’t do that online.)  Thanks!

Please Vote For SAFE Haven For Cats

May 27, 2011

America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $15,000 - vote today!

Take a moment, please, and click on the above link to vote for SAFE Haven For Cats in the America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest sponsored by and ASPCA. Thanks so much!

Home For The Holidays

November 16, 2010

Oh No! Not Again!

April 1, 2008

I’m reminded of a line from Henry V when the king is at Agincourt and after the battle he discovers that French soldiers have attacked and looted the English camp and killed the young pages.  “I was not angry since I came to France until this instant,” Henry cries, for even though he has seen friends die and been waist-deep in the blood of combatants on both sides on a horribly muddy and bloody battlefield, it was this one ridiculous and insane act that has driven him to rage.

I know how he feels.  For today, I heard something that made me see red, truly red, a blood red that spurs me to action.

Listening to NPR’s Talk of the Nation today, I heard pundits talking about the upcoming election and the candidates and everything.  The usual “Clinton should drop out” rally and the “Al Gore could swan in at the convention and take the nomination” remarks.  But then they had a guest on who was with the Republican National Party and he said something that I still can’t believe.

Get this: George W. Bush is speaking with legal counsel and judicial experts about running for another term!  Yes!  Outrageous, isn’t it?  Of course, you say that he can’t do that because a president can only be elected to two terms.  Well, that’s why he’s pulling this Machiavellian scheme: Bush is going to claim that he wasn’t actually elected in 2000 and that he was installed by the Supreme Court and therefore he can run again to be elected for a second term!

I refuse to believe this can happen, but after eight years of lessening civil liberties and tacit torture approval and generally running roughshod over the Constitution, why is this so surprising?  Say “NO!” to this stupidity by contacting your elected representative now and asking him or her to put a stop to this duplicity and blatant disregard for executive precedent. 

TV Or Not TV?

April 1, 2008

As the deadline for digital TV conversion ticks down with all the seriousness of a 24 commercial break bumper, you can’t avoid the TV spots designed to make you panic into action.  Heck, there have been PSAs running on most channels for nearly a half a year now and, trust me, by the time next year rolls around the freakout over digital TV conversion will make Y2K look like a casual aside at a tea party.

So if, like me, you’re still rockin’ a 20” Zenith from 1985, then it is time to upgrade to a new set, my friend.  Sure all dish and cable subscribers will be fine and those folks still living in the twentieth century with an old unit can always get a (yawn!) converter box but who wants that?!  New, improved, sleek, built for speed, flat screen, wall-mounted, HD, that’s what you need!

And that’s why there’s good news in the air!  Today only, Best Buy is offering discounts of $50 to $100 off a new digital television if you bring your old analog set into one of their stores.   A great bargain by anyone’s measure.

So check out this Best Buy store locator, find the showroom nearest you, grab that old black & white boob tube that you’ve had since college and head on over to the electronic superstore for a new digital telly experience with beaucoup savings!

Tell ‘em Sparky Mac sent ya!

Amazingly Awesome!

March 31, 2008

Check out these amazing facts. Some are incredible and some are strange but all are true. 

Sporks were originally developed as weapons.

Although he wrote of the mighty Mississippi with great affection, Mark Twain never learned to swim.

Baseball was originally played with only three bases, making it a triangle shaped field rather than the modern baseball diamond.

The oldest standing castle in Europe is in Baldernock, Scotland.

In early Disney animated short films, Pluto the dog spoke and wore clothes like Goofy.  However he was quickly changed to a nonspeaking character and demoted to Mickey’s pet.

Although he played a country bumpkin on “Hee Haw,” Junior Samples held a Ph.D. in anthropology.

Deer have perfect pitch.

A mockery is a unit of apothecary weight equivalent to a twenty-fourth part of an ounce, 1.3 grams or 20 grains.

Voice actor Mel Blanc hated recording the voice of Porky Pig because Blanc’s son had a slight stuttering problem and he felt the voice was insensitive.

The type of facial hair known as muttonchops got its name from a British pantomime character, Colonel Muttonchops, often portrayed as pompous and foolish.

In Singapore cousins can’t marry but siblings can.

One of the most dangerous of all fish is the Tyrannochromis nigriventer which is found in some African lakes. Its jaws feature a series of serrated teeth capable of

stripping the flesh from a zebu’s bones in less than a minute.

The most popular TV show in Papua New Guinea is the US sitcom “Webster.”

The food additive xanthan gum can be addictive.

Jerry Lee Lewis wrote his hit “Great Balls of Fire” after suffering from jock itch.

The Ouija board is banned in Cuba not because it is an American product but because Castro is severely superstitious.

Will Eisner, creator of the comic strip “The Spirit,” designed the Jolly Green Giant mascot.

Queen Elizabeth II is allergic to onions as is most of the royal family.

Dour is the collective noun for a group of penguins.

Actor Fred Gwynne, who played Herman Munster on TV, won a silver medal in swimming at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Oregano was used in ancient Roman times as the crucial ingredient to a healing salve during childbirth.

The pop song “Rockin’ Robin” contains multiple references to drug abuse and underground drug culture.

The Hochstetter's frog of New Zealand does not croak but instead makes a quacking sound like a duck due to a hardened nasal protuberance that acts like a bill.

In addition to being a successful singer and songwriter, Bono of U2 is also a chess grand master.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs were good friends and often discussed co-authoring a story where Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes met Burrough’s Tarzan.  A manuscript was rumored to exist, although it has never been published.

Lobsters have no sense of fear.

A. A. Milne first conceived Winnie the Pooh as a stuffed panda.

Ryan Seacrest was home schooled by Mormon parents and did not listen to pop music until his mid-20s.

Tinkertoys were first made by the Amish.

Liquorice is closely related to the belladonna plant also known as deadly nightshade.

Gary Gygax always claimed he invented Dungeons & Dragons as a game of mental stimulation for his Mensa friends and lamented its appeal to dorky college students.

Mr. Clean’s full name is Will I. Clean.  

A camel’s fur is so thick it actually makes it somewhat fireproof.

At Least It’s Not O.J.

November 12, 2007

This has got to be the weirdest celebrity appearance/endorsement in a commercial EVER.