Nuts To You

If you think your life sucks, just think how much suckier it would be if you were Shermy.

Yeah, Shermy – one of the original four characters in Charles Schulz’s funny page staple, Peanuts. Don’t remember him? Of course you don’t. For him, it was all straight lines and full-feature focus. Hell, he had the very first line when the comic made its debut on October 2, 1950. He was a cool, sarcastic li’l SOB until Schulz systematically phased the sucker out of his very own strip! Oh, sure, some would say that it was always Charlie Brown’s sandbox and that everyone else was just an extra, but if you asked old Shermy I’m sure he’d have a different opinion. One day, he’s sittin’ pretty and, the next day, he’s Barney Googled out of his own series! I mean, dammit all, even Zeppo got more respect

So, if you’re having a bad day and think your life is crap, just take heart in knowing it could only be worse if you were poor, poor, pathetic ol’ Shermy.

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