July 17 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the loyal Quizlings who came out to play this week. We avoided the wet stuff and had some frozen dairy goodness courtesy of Oliver’s Collar, this week’s ice cream sponsor. The Dog Days of Trivia continue all summer long – bring your pooches out to the patio for treats and raffle tickets!

What’d we chat about this week? Moon stuff, obviously. Plus there was a canine question or two and loads of monkeys and pigs and eagles. Then there was this musical parody…

Now check out the team rankings. We’ll see you next week!

6 Out Of 7 Dwarfs Are Not Happy 65
Hot3 63
Next Stop Area 51 62
Six Friends None the Richer 62
Trump Says Something Incendiary 61
Inoffensive Team Name 60
Apollo 18: The Revenge 59
MAGA: Meth-Addled Gators, AAAhhh!! 58
Rosie Made Us Move Outside 58
Matthew McConaughey Sucks – Prove Me Wrong 58
A Girl Has No Name 54
Night Cheese 52
Meatballs: A Memoir 44
Grab ‘Em By The Pizza 44
No One Beats Us 264 Weeks In A Row 44
Where’s The ice Cream? 39
Do You Think Aliens Like Pizza? 38
Chungus 36
Norfolk En Chance 33
Someone Has To Be Last 28

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