June 5 Trivia Rankings

Another exceptional week of trivia, my Quizlings! We avoided the rain and even had a few pooches on the patio to celebrate the Dog Days of Trivia! Be sure to check indyweek.com next week because if we win Best in the Triangle then the Big 3 Prizes will be doubled by Sparky himself!

This week, we got sweaty at the Highland Games, let gravity do its work with a Cub Scout tradition and prepared for hurricane season with NOAA. Plus there was this Super Bowl ad flashback …

Now let’s check out team rankings for this week…

Proud To Be UMBL 70
Our Captain is Traveling Tonight On A Plane 69
Don’t Tariff My Tacos 63
Bored Of Education 62
I Love My iPod Paperweight 60
Brian Got A Haircut 59
God Save The Queen 56
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 52
Guess Who Booked A Cruise To Cuba? 51
We Are Not Amused 50
Cody’s 1% 49
The Nameless Ones 48
Our Team Betrayed Us 47
It’s A Good Day To Get Last Place 42
Sponsored By Plato’s Closet 41
I Forget 41
Team Horse 41
Godzilla With The Infinity Gauntlet 39
Clean Juice Is Overpriced 27

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