May 22 Trivia Rankings

What a sweet night of trivia for all who came to play. We had several pooches on the patio, heralding the advent of the Dog Days of Trivia (beginning next week). Some lovely new faces (don’t miss a week) were seen and there was a slight hint of frozen dairy goodness in the air (a-hem, be here next week for the full force of that deliciousness).

This week? It was all about awards (the Emmy and Oscar kind), mascots (the NCAA and advertising type) and border states (those that are quite as wet). Plus there was this dragonrific sketch …


Now check out the team rankings for the week…

Oreo Speedwagon 69
He Couldn’t Have Gotten Into the Throne Anyway 67
Better Late Than Nevers 65
One More Week Til Ice Cream 64
Grumpy Team 63
My Story Is Better Than  Bran’s 63
Pupperoni 60
Put A Python In Your Tank 59
Know-It-Owls 59
Try Me 57
Obsequious, Purple & Clairvoyant 55
63 Earths Can Fit inside Uranus 53
Geoff 52
The Fat Yams 51
Cody’s One Percenters 50
Jeff With A J 49
Jack of Diamonds, Your Food Is Ready 49
Would It Kill You to Smile, Grumpy Cat? 43
Somebody’s Gotta Lose 40
Ghidorah Is A Better Dragon Than Drogon 34
Chocolate Labs 32
R2 30
A Song Of Water Bottles And Starbucks Cups 26

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