May 1 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play this week – and also to watch a Canes game. We’ll do more trivia next week, shall we?

Note: It’s the last few days to vote for Tomato Jake’s for best Trivia Night in Durham County. Head over to and click on Best of the Triangle then the 2019 ballot and go to Out & About. The category is third from the bottom.

This week, we played British Bulldogs, got sexy with People and had it out with a little French girl. These these ladies told us what they don’t want…

Now let’s see how your team did this week…

Does Anyone Else Miss The Humpty Dance? 71
Dangerously Close To A Team Of 9 66
The Outsiders 65
Duh. It Is May 64
Canes Fever 63
Baking Tip: Add Stale Peeps To Your Brownies  For Extra Gooeyness 62
Endgame Spoiler: It Ends With Credits 62
America’s Ass 61
Podrick’s Next 61
Katy’s Here. Ice Cream? 59
Yes, Virginia, There IS An NC Hockey Team! 58
Keep the Earth Clean. It Isn’t Uranus. 58
Arya Stark Fan Club 57
It’s Gonna Be May 56
What Do We Say To Trivia Defeat? “Not Today” 56
You Wanna Pizza Me? 47

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