April 3 Trivia Rankings

Another week of wild and wonderful triviawesomeness to get us through the Hump Day, eh? We had our annual visitors from the mountains and Sparky nearly gave himself a heart attack-ack-ack-ack. Nonetheless we persisted.

What were the topics this time out? We went right round in the Sunshine State, went nuclear in the Keystone State and went en Español in the Lone Star State. And there was this retro cinematic memory…

Now check out the team rankings for this week. How’d yours do?

Stop Touching Me! 72
Welcome Back Ashley And Her Calculator 66
I Guess It’s Just Me Tonight 64
Bored Of Education 63
Puero Rico Is Our Favorite Country 60
March Madness Brings April Sadness 60
We’re Sick And/Or Tired Of Being Indecisive 58
Team Name (We’re Not Very Creative) 58
The Road To Zion Skips Minneapolis 58
Is This Graded On A Curve? 56
The Wrinkled Shirts 56
Ladies … It’s Ya Boi’s Last Trivia 56
The Pollening: It Has Come 55
Today’s Bonus Question: Name 3 Mexican Countries 55
So Germany’s In New York Now? 52
We Know Nothing, Jon Snow 52
None And Done 40
3 Blonde Mice & Cheeseman 34
Scavenge The Fallen 32
Team CLT 27

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