March Madness

Who am I pulling for in the NCAA tournament? Easy: Gonzaga.

Oh, yeah, sure. I know the team got knocked out by Texas Tech but I don’t care.  I like Gonzaga. Every year I pull for them.

It’s not that I’m an alum or even that I know anything about the school. Where is it? What’s the mascot? Isn’t it even worth rooting for? I couldn’t tell ya. I just like the sound of it. Gonzaga. Gon-za-ga! GON-ZAH-GUH!!!!!! Sounds like a cool cheese or a type of skin rash or a Shazam villain, which is awesome. And I’ll never bother to learn any more about the team, the school or the name other than that.

Gonzaga! Gonzaga! Gonzaga! Long may you have a kick-ass name and long may I have zero curiosity about your true nature or value!

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