March 27 Trivia Rankings

Mega donkeyshins to all those who came to play this week. Some regulars were definitely missed but oh so many wonderful new faces! Keep coming back, Quizlings! It only stays great if you’re there to make it great!

This week, we got slimed at the Kids Choice Awards, got happy in Scandinavia and got crabby down in Bikini Bottom. Plus there was this musical memory from Dave Grohl and company …

Now check out this week’s trivia team rankings. We’ll see you next Wednesday, folks!

Lame Duck First Place 67
373 Women Are Named ABCDE. Let That Sink In… 67
St Louis Commits Crimes Against Bagels 65
Light Rail Fail 63
Freedom Avengers 61
*Batteries Not Included* 60
Brexit Delayed Is Brexit Denied 60
Cody’s One Percent 60
Kidless Clique 57
Bored Of Education 57
This Is Scored Like Golf, Right? 56
You Are All Under Arrest. Report to Your Cages. 56
He Can’t Keep Getting Way With This 55
Indyweek Best Trivia Team 2019 54
Raptors and Dragons And Babies, Oh My! 51
E = MC Hammered 50
March Rain Brings Trivia Pain 50
Red Hot Trivia Peppers 46
Gunfire Or Fireworks 45
I Can’t Believe We Got Seats 45

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